A Fresh Approach To Finding Love-Part Two


You have already read Part One of this article. The Law of Attraction is one of most powerful laws in the Universe. Like a magnet, our thoughts attract people who match what we are thinking or feeling on a conscious and unconscious level.

Attracting the same type of person as you don’t like is a sign that you are more focused on what you don’t want than what you want. This is often unconsciously. It’s not something you even realize is happening. You can be sure that you are changing your mind if you attract the wrong person repeatedly.

How can you make your mind more positive and attract the perfect partner? These are the basics:

Set a written goal

“C/ Establish the goal or intention. It is important to write it down.

“C/ Write down your ideal partner’s characteristics (age, education, wealth, height, hobbies, etc.

“C/ Read your list every day. To change your neural connections, your mind must be able to repeat the task.

“C/ Believe that you can have it, and that it is your right.

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Imagine Yourself with Your New Partner

“C/ Your brain thinks in images so create a mental movie.

“C/ Put yourself in the movie.

“C/ Imagine what it is like to be with your partner.

“C/ Imagine yourself in a handshake, making love, or cuddling with someone you like.

“C/ Visualize every morning and evening, when your mind is most open to it.

Create A Vision Board

“C/ See photo images of happy couples who seem to be in the type of relationship that you desire.

“C/ Add photos of the house that you would like to live in, and do things together.

“C/ Put your vision board wherever you can see it every single day.

“C/ Feng Shui can be used to spice up your vision board. Your photos should be placed in the relationship corner (upper right corner) of your vision board.

Make powerful affirmations

“C/ Be positive in your affirmations

“C/ State your affirmations using the present tense.

“C/ Repeat your affirmations multiple times per day, especially in morning and evening.

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“C/ Recite your affirmations whenever you find yourself thinking negatively about your relationships.

Infuse Your Passion

“C/ Your feelings attract things to your faster.

“C/ Feel it while you speak your affirmations and do your visualization.

“C/ What does it feel like to be with your partner?”

Be the Right Partner

“C/ What are the qualities you would like your partner to have in you?” Make a list.

“C/ What are you going to do to make your partner happy?

“C/ What can I do to love myself more?

“C/ What can I do to love my partner more?”

“C/ Practice being who you want to be.

Get involved

“C/ What passions are you passionate about?” Do what you love now.

“C/ Where can I meet people who share my passions?”

“C/ Keep a gratitude journal. You will be more grateful for the things you have.

“C/ Be grateful to all the relationships that you have now.

“C/ Get yourself to places where you can meet people.

“C/ Expect to meet the right person. Be clear of all doubts.

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It is important to believe that you are worthy of the type of person you desire. Many people struggle with self-worth. You can’t attract a certain type person if you believe you don’t deserve it, regardless of your physical attributes.

If you are looking for the perfect partner to match your needs, look within. You will find what you are looking for.