Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Insurance Leads

Your financial health can be affected by reading articles about internet-based insurance leads. This is because 90% of the articles are written by people who sell internet leads. This report was written by someone who has over 26 years of experience in marketing and likes to weigh the advantages and drawbacks.

Recent articles on buying internet leads for insurance sales were a dozen I came across. Although I was able to agree with some of their material, I found the articles highly biased. Many articles appeared to be advertisements, and were so slanted that they almost seemed like ads. I was surprised to see that the author had been a leader of a company selling online insurance leads. These authors have never sold insurance, or faced the financial hardships that most agents face.


This is how it works: If you spend $300 to target a list of thousands of prospects for an insurance policy, the list broker could make $150.00. A lot depends on the honesty and integrity of the lead provider. He could easily make $1,500 more by reselling leads to others after selling $300 worth of leads. This opportunity can lead to greed. The most well-known sources of information are often the most unreliable and have huge advertising budgets to lure people in.

This is particularly true for internet companies that sell non-exclusive leads. These leads are commonly known as shared leads and can be resold as many times as possible. It is possible to be misled into believing that something is being done. Think about the quality of the leads you get. Are you sure that a lead you paid $10.00 or $15.00 will make you $400.00-$800.00 in commissions. If you only close one in eight leads, it is a small commission and a waste of time and gas. Was the telemarketer trying to convince the person to buy insurance? If this is the case, then the person is still suspect and not a prospect.

Don’t buy leads from prospects who aren’t interested in buying insurance. An “email response” or internet lead is often used to submit a “checkbox” lead. This allows a prospect to check off multiple insurance products. It is a waste of time to follow up on these leads. Although they might enjoy speaking with you, they may not be ready to buy. Be wary of the “free lead” offer or extremely low pricing. Why would they offer a loyalty client the same or better deal than a trial customer? This is not the honesty and integrity that other internet sources can offer. It is true that internet leads can often be expensive.


First, consider the similarities between obtaining leads via a well-planned direct mailing program and an experienced internet lead provider. You don’t even need to use your phone. How can you convince someone to buy insurance from you if you’re not a professional? Both require you to spend a lot of time prospecting, when you should be selling. One method may be preferred over another. While I don’t endorse any particular prospecting method, it is something I strongly recommend.

Are you ready to put money into making money? Direct mail and high quality internet leads for insurance can be expensive at the beginning. Don’t let the $40.00 or more cost scare you. Even if half the leads fail to convert, the other half can make up to $800.00 in sales commissions. You can’t expect every lead will result in a sale. If this were to happen, people would be selling insurance. It is important that the lead provider of internet leads is honest, truthful, and trustworthy. You can sign up for their highest quality leads at a low commitment. If you are unable to break even, this is not the right source for you. You can find internet leads for insurance that are highly refined by doing a little bit of research. This person is very interested in the exact same product that you are comfortable selling.

Internet leads will not disappear. They won’t replace direct mail prospecting but they can make an impact in other areas. This is the part of prospecting that doesn’t make sense. This is the reason why so many insurance agents waste so much time prospecting. No, internet leads don’t sell themselves. These leads are one of two best ways to provide you with prospects quickly so that you have more time to make qualified presentations. The closing ratio of your preferred insurance policy is determined by how many presentations you make. Your closing ratio could be doubled by purchasing the best internet leads for selling insurance. This could translate into double your income. This is something that new agents must do as soon as possible. You may find the right solution in quality internet leads for insurance.