AIG American General Auto Insurance Company Review

AIG Auto Insurance is a member of American International Group. It plays an important part in the automobile insurance market and is known for having the largest number of policyholders. They are a global leader in financial and insurance services, with offices in 130 countries and all continents. Their outstanding customer service skills, great technology, and large number of employees serve individual, commercial, and institutional customers. This is perhaps the only American Insurance company that was not founded and essentially established within the United States.

AIG/American General, a company founded in China, specifically Shanghai, by Edwin Cornelius Vander Starr. The company quickly grew across Latin America and Asia and Europe. The company was still struggling to make it big in the United States in 1962. Vander Starr took a gamble and let Hank Greenberg manage all the United States holdings. This proved to be a major risk as the company quickly expanded across the country. Its focus shifted from selling insurance through agents to independent workers. Notable is also the fact that the company is now the fourth-largest company in the world, according to the Global Forbes 2000 List 2006.

AIG is home to one of the most extensive networks in the world, with 97,000 employees as well as 714,000 agents. This is essential when a customer needs to settle claims or make changes to their policy. The company offers a variety of services to Americans, including auto insurance, accident and health insurance as well as life and travel insurance. It is easy to navigate the website and access all features. However, not enough attention is given to automobile insurance. They have many more services than they can provide, since they not only insure individuals but also financial professionals and insurance professionals.

AIG offers an auto insurance section on their website that allows you to select the state where you would like to get a quote. This is because prices and insurance minimums can vary by state. The customer also has the opportunity to review the most commonly asked questions regarding car insurance. You will also find tools like a glossary, an automobile insurance guide and a FAQ. This helps to ease the stress and make it easier for potential members to understand the industry.

AIG is a big company with global reach so it is important that potential members feel at ease. The insurance company offers a list of reasons to customers on their website that helps build their reputation and encourage customers to choose them. One reason they are so popular is their wide range of coverage and deductible options. This is a good thing, as the U.S. population is more diverse than ever before. They can also attract people of every race and nationality.

A variety of AIG car insurance discounts can be offered to policyholders. This is because they love the idea of saving money. AIG offers discounts on multiple-vehicle policies as well as airbags, antilock brakes and defensive driver courses, senior accident prevention courses, good students, and fully paid policies. There are many reasons to choose them over other insurance providers, including their privacy and security, speedy and accurate claims service in the event of an accident, and flexible payment options.