Auto Insurance Company – The Dirty Little Secret Your Broker is Hiding From You

Your broker knows that you’re paying too much auto insurance. There is a simple way to lower your monthly premium. Your broker doesn’t know it, but he’s afraid that you will. It’s time to put your broker out of his/her misery. You should also learn how easy it is to save 30% each month on your auto insurance policy.

Before we dive into the Big Secret that will instantly cut your monthly premium by 30% or more, let’s discuss some other important but simple things you can do.

Is it possible to estimate the cost of your company printing, mailing and mailing a bill each month? It’s a costly process and your company will gladly save money by not mailing you bills every month. You can set up an auto-pay plan to have your premium paid monthly directly from your bank account.

Are you married? Did you know that women spend less on auto insurance than men? It’s true. It’s possible to save quite a lot of money if the wife is listed as the primary driver for all vehicles in the household and the husband as the second driver.

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Your monthly premium will also be affected by how many miles you drive in rush hour to get to work each month. You can cut down on your monthly premium by joining a carpool or starting one.

Your premium will drop instantly if you increase your deductible. Be careful not to overdo it or promise to pay more than you can afford.

What is the Deep Dark Secret to saving 30% each month on your premium? The secret to saving money every month is really quite simple. You can buy your auto policy online.

That’s it. How is it possible to save so much money with something so simple? There are two reasons. Online brokers don’t have any overhead costs that you need to pay. Online brokers don’t have to pay overhead so they can sell policies wholesale every day and still make a profit.

Online brokers face a lot of competition. The only way to remain competitive in such conditions is to lower prices as much as possible.

You win once in your entire life! The right time is right for you to save a lot of money.

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You’ll also save money if you purchase from your home. You won’t have to listen to a live agent trying to convince you into purchasing more coverage than you need or can afford. This alone should be enough to convince most people to switch over to an online broker.

I spent hours searching for the best online insurance deals and have managed to get the lowest possible prices. Don’t believe me? You can see the benefits yourself by going online and seeing for yourself.