Auto Insurance Rate Has Changed – Why?


You will receive the cost of your premium for the next term when a policy period starts. Most people are familiar with the cost of auto insurance. However, it can be quite distressing to see a sudden increase. You will be curious and possibly even angry about it. You would probably be jumping for joy if your premium went down. However, seeing your premium rise is not something you want to feel. There could be many reasons why your premium for auto insurance has gone up.

You Were Part Of An Accident

Your rates will rise if you have an accident and file a claim. Your auto insurance premium is determined by many factors. One of the most important ones is how often the driver or policyholder has filed a claim. The insurer will pay more if there are more claims. This will result in a higher premium.

One thing to remember is that some insurance companies may offer an “accident forgiveness” plan. This basically means that you will be forgiven for any traffic violations or accidents, and your premium will not go up.

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A Traffic Ticket Was Given To You

Although a traffic ticket will not result in any insurance company losing money, it will still increase your rates. You are committing recklessness by getting a ticket for speeding or not stopping at a stop signal. Insurers see this as a sign of recklessness. Insurers will assume you are more likely to be in an accident and file a claim. This is why you will notice an increase in the rate.

Your Insurance Company has Had Many Claims Recently

This is true, even though it may seem unfair. If there have been many claims filed recently, your insurer will lose money unless they raise their customers’ premium costs. If they realize that they aren’t making profits, and then actually lose money due to many claims filed recently, they may raise your premium. It is possible to feel angry or upset that your premium is being raised for reasons that are not yours. However, that is just part of life. You will return to your regular premium after they make profit.

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State Laws Have Changed

This is a decision that neither insurance companies nor policyholders can make. Rates will rise if the laws in your state change.

You have added another car to your policy

Your rate will increase if you add a vehicle to your policy. Why? Because adding another vehicle increases the chance of being in an auto accident. In turn, you will need to file a claim with your insurer. You should only add cars with proper safety features and that are affordable to repair. Expect a substantial increase in your premium if you add new cars or sports cars to your policy.

Have You Added Another Driver?

Your rate will rise if you add a driver to your policy. The rate you pay for a new driver will increase, just like adding another vehicle to your policy. You can expect to see a significant increase in your rates if you add a teenager to the policy, particularly if it’s a male. This is a fact that you cannot avoid. The only thing you can do is make sure the new driver follows the rules and drives safely.

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Increased Coverage

Because it’s all they can afford, many people start with the minimum coverage required by their state. They may now be able afford a higher-quality policy that offers greater coverage. Your rate will increase if you have more coverage.