Avoid Christmas Car Park Bingles

Christmas is the holiday to give gifts to those you love and care about, eat delicious meals and spend time with family and friends. Preparation is the key to all the joy and happiness. For some, it can be a tedious task. Navigating Christmas traffic through carparks can be stressful. But, we have some great tips to help you avoid frustrations, scratches and dents when shopping for gifts.

Slow down!

Everyone seems to be racing to get into and out of shopping centres at lightning speed. It’s not possible to do that at Christmas. Be patient and allow yourself enough time to move around the parking lot. Stressing about someone taking your spot is a waste of time. It’s more likely to see someone leave a space if you follow the designated car park speed limit.

Be strategic!

It is best to park at least 10 kilometres from the entrance of the shopping centre. Although it may seem like it takes 10 kilometres to get to your car, it will take you twice as long to find a parking spot close to the entrance. It might be difficult to find a parking spot close to the entrance if you have heavy items, but that’s what shopping trolleys are there for. You will also find fewer cars parking closer to the entrance. This means that there is less chance of dents or scratches.

Be clear about your intentions

You’ve found a space you like, but your family is slow loading their stuff into the car. What’s the proper manner to wait? First, you should use your indicator to indicate that you intend to take over the space once it has been vacated. You should also be aware of traffic around you. Pull over as far as you can to allow other cars to pass you, and so that the person who is pulling out of your car space can get out. To avoid hitting cars on the sides, you should slow down and be careful when you pull into the parking space. It’s quite common to have an audience at Christmas, and it can be embarrassing to make a prang.

To be extra safe, here are some simple tips for keeping your car in top shape during the Christmas shopping season.

Respect traffic rules and parking regulations and be aware of other drivers who do not.
Reverse in and out of a parking space slowly. Don’t rely on your mirrors. Look over your shoulder.
While reversing cameras and sensors are helpful, drivers must still be aware of what’s around them.
Reverse into a parking space if possible so you can see both directions when pulling out.
Return shopping trolleys to the store and do your part.
Do not pull over cars waiting to park in a space. Be patient and allow them to move.
Do the right thing and leave your details in a note if you are hit by a parked vehicle.
If you are a witness to a collision, please pass any information you have on the innocent party.
Check that your car insurance is current! There is no need to spend extra money on car repairs during Christmas.
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