Best car insurance in Washington


Washington residents pay lower car insurance premiums than the $1,674 annual national average for full coverage.According to Bankrate’s 2021 study on annual premiums, the average cost for full coverage car insurance in Washington amounts to $1,176 annually.Washington State presents drivers with unique challenges, including heavy snow and fog. ForThe state has 5.7 million driversSafety is an important consideration.According to the Insurance Institute for Highway SafetyWashingtonians drove over 62.5 million miles in 2019 Washington had 519 deaths from 494 motor vehicle accidents that resulted in fatalities.

Even with more affordable car insurance rates, choosing appropriate coverage could be a daunting task. While most people compare coverage by looking at premiums, policy options, and discounts, there are many factors that could impact your final decision. To aid your search, Bankrate researched multiple Washington auto insurance providers to narrow down 2021’s best options for car insurance.

Washington’s best car insurance companies

Based on 2021 J.D., we have identified the top five car insurance companies in Washington. Based on the 2021 J.D., we have identified the five best car insurance companies in Washington. Further evaluations were made of each company to determine its coverage options and savings potential for drivers.

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Geico is well-known for its affordable coverage. Geico offers some of the lowest rates this year with full coverage policies starting at $912 per annum. Geico offers additional coverage options beyond standard coverage. These include rental reimbursement, emergency roadside assistance, and mechanical breakdown insurance. There are more than 15 discounts available, ranging from simple checks such as wearing a seat belt to being accident-free for five years.


PEMCO is a good place to start if you are looking for coverage in Washington. PEMCO, based in Seattle, Washington, has the third highest customer satisfaction rating in the Northwest. PEMCO offers drivers only in Washington options such as key replacement, recoding, custom parts, camper, canopy, and tonneau coverage. You can also add $1,000 to your coverage if you have a pet. You can also rent a car or rideshare. PEMCO offers several discounts for University of Washington graduates.


Progressive also offers coverage for custom parts or equipment and gap insurance, in addition to affordable car insurance rates. If you are looking for policies that allow you to save in addition to discounts, Progressive has disappearing deductibles, where drivers can save $50 off their full coverage premium every six-month policy period.

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State Farm

State Farm was awarded the 2nd highest customer satisfaction score in 2021 J.D. Power Auto Insurance Study. It is possible to speak with local State Farm agents in Washington cities about your policy. There are many savings opportunities available, including discounts of at least 10-25% for teens who drive a car equipped with safety features. Although not available in every state, the Drive Safe & Save discount program by State Farm is available for Washington drivers. It can save you up to 30% on your premiums for safe driving.


USAA is a good choice for auto insurance because it has several bases across Washington. USAA offers affordable coverage to those who are eligible, even though it writes only policies for veterans and military personnel. It consistently receives high J.D. The company consistently earns high J.D. scores from its customers, but it is not eligible for rank due to membership restrictions. The discounts and coverage are tailored to military personnel, such as the 15% discount for storing a vehicle at base. USAA has also launched SafePilot this year, a safe-driving program that allows policyholders to get a 10% discount on signing up and up 30% off after renewing if they have safe driving habits.

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Washington’s minimum insurance requirements

Like many states, car insurance is required in Washington. A Washington driver must carry for a registered vehicle a minimum coverage of 25/50/10, which includes:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury/death of one person in an accident
  • $50,000 for bodily injury/death of two people in an accident
  • In an accident, $10,000 property damage coverage

Although comprehensive insurance coverage is not required, most insurance professionals recommend it as it can protect you against costly repairs and medical bills. A fine could be imposed if you fail to provide proof of insurance coverage in an accident.

How to get the best car coverage

Every driver will have their own personal criteria when looking for car insurance providers, whether they are brand new to coverage or looking to make a carrier switch. Washington drivers will likely want to consider factors in the state as a first step, including minimum requirements and average rates, and then begin submitting for quotes.

Assess your personal needs

Based on their personal circumstances, drivers can determine their car insurance requirements. Various factors go into the total cost of your annual car insurance premium such as gender, age, marital status, driving record and history, vehicle make and model, and more. When shopping for car insurance, drivers must be able to understand their situation and talk with their agent.

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Take into account state factors.

Washington has many environmental and geographical factors that can affect drivers. Drivers might consider adding-ons to suit their needs. Seattle receives on average 37 inches of rainfall throughout half of the year. Seattle residents may be interested in adding-ons such as engine protection and emergency roadside assistance.

According to the III, 21.7% of Washingtonian motorists are uninsured, ranking Washington as the fifth-highest state with uninsured motorists. Washington drivers might consider purchasing uninsured motorist coverage in order to protect themselves against charges arising from an accident with an unknown driver.

Washington Discounts on Car Insurance

Many car insurance companies offer discounts that can help drivers reduce their insurance premiums. You can get discounts for being a good student, a good driver, or multi-policy. Depending on which Washington car insurance company, you may be eligible for additional discounts:

  • Service in the military:You may also receive additional discountsActive military personnel and veterans. USAA is well-known for its military discounts.
  • Students:If you are looking for a job,teen driverYou could save money by getting extra discounts for good grades. You will often find these discounts.Discounts for students in collegeAlso,
  • For professionalsStudents and military personnel are not the only ones eligible for a discount. Special discounts are available for professionals such as teachers and first responders.
  • Bundling:You can often save money if you buy more than one policy with the same provider. Take into accountBundling auto and home insuranceOr purchasing another type insurance, such as homeowners, renters, condo insurance.
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Many Washington residents own two vehicles per household and have an best car insurance companies. You can choose a provider that offers more coverage in your area and discounts for residents, or you could opt to go with a national trusted provider. J.D. Power can help you review multiple providers quickly.

What is the best car insurance in Washington?

The cheapest car insurance in Washington will be different for every driver. Online quotes from top car insurance companies are a great way to find the best rate for you. Your premium can be significantly reduced by taking advantage of discounts. Progressive, State Farm and Geico offer discounts that can be applied to a range of situations. However, you will need to contact each auto company in order to determine if any discounts could affect your rates.

What factors influence the premiums for car insurance?

Your insurance premiums could be affected by several factors, including your zip code, age of the drivers and your credit score. You may need more coverage than what a standard policy provides, such as mechanical breakdown coverage, depending on your needs. Upon renewal, rates may increase or decrease based on any changes to those variables, namely your driving history.

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Is it possible to get car insurance in Washington without having to purchase it?

An individual can opt to self-insure if there are 26 vehicles or more. Drivers of vehicles must have proof of self-insurance. Drivers can choose to obtain a liability bond for at least $60,000 from a Washington-authorized surety company or a certificate deposit to cover their liability insurance. Mopeds and motor scooters don’t require auto insurance. Motorcycles do.