Best cheap car insurance in Broken Arrow

In 2019, there were 13,388 car accidents reported in Tulsa County, home to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Broken Arrow drivers must have car insurance to protect themselves in case of an at-fault collision. According to Bankrate’s 2021 study on annual premiums, the average cost of car insurance Broken Arrow is $530 for a minimal coverage policy and $2007 for a complete coverage policy.

There are dozens of car insurance companies in Oklahoma that serve drivers in Broken Arrow. It can be hard to choose the right company if you’re looking for car insurance. We conducted extensive research to determine the best Broken Arrow car insurance. This included criteria such as price, coverage options and third-party ratings.

Broken Arrow’s best car insurance companies

According to our analysis, Geico, USAA and Progressive are the top car insurance companies in Broken Arrow. These companies provide comprehensive coverage, great customer satisfaction scores and financial strength. They also offer affordable rates and fantastic discounts.


Geico offers some of the most affordable car insurance in Broken Arrow. This makes it a popular choice for drivers looking to save money. Geico offers many generous discounts. These include savings for military personnel who are deployed in an emergency and federal employees. Geico’s coverage options and endorsements can be very limited in comparison to other companies.


You must be a military veteran, active duty, or retired (or a relative) to qualify for USAA car insurance. USAA is widely regarded as one of the top car insurance companies, offering excellent customer service, low rates, and great discounts. USAA offers discounts to good students, legacy customers, garaging your car on base, taking defensive driving courses, and driving less than a certain amount of miles each year.


Progressive is one the most popular car insurance providers in Broken Arrow. It is an excellent option for those who are purchasing their first insurance policy. Progressive’s Name Your price tool allows you to create a policy that fits your budget and to compare Progressive’s rates with other companies right from its website. Progresive also offers a wide range of discounts, such as its Snapshot safe driver rewards program, which is telematics-based.

Oklahoma Farm Bureau

Broken Arrow residents with Oklahoma Farm Bureau memberships can purchase auto insurance through Farm Bureau Insurance. This is one of the most trusted providers. Farm Bureau is well-known for its outstanding customer service and affordable rates. Although the coverage options are limited by Farm Bureau, there are a few discounts available and payment plans. Farm Bureau members have access to a variety of non-insurance perks.


Shelter is a higher-priced car insurance company but is still one of the most reliable in Broken Arrow. J.D. rated Shelter above average in customer satisfaction. Shelter is rated above average for overall customer satisfaction by J.D. You can add endorsements to your policy, such as accidental death coverage, disability income coverage or gap insurance.

Broken Arrow has the lowest car insurance

The average cost of car insurance in Broken Arrow is $2,007 per year for a full coverage policy which is more expensive than the average rate in Oklahoma, which is $1,873 per year for a full coverage policy. Broken Arrow residents pay higher rates than the average American for car insurance. For a full coverage policy, the average U.S. rate is $1,674 per annum.

Broken Arrow drivers will pay different rates for car insurance depending on their age and credit scores. It is a smart idea to obtain multiple quotes to determine the type of coverage and the best rate before you buy a policy.

We received samples of quotes from several carriers and included their average Broken Arrow car insurance rates per year.

As you can see, cheap car insurance companies charge very different rates for coverage. Farmers is the most expensive car insurance in Broken Arrow. Geico is second. State Farm’s full coverage policy has the highest premium, while Progressive’s policy has the lowest premium.

These providers vary not only in price but also in their coverage options. Geico, State Farm, and USAA offer very limited policy options. Progressive or Farmers are the best options if you’re looking for endorsements.

Although all of these providers offer discounts, the savings offered are not always equal. Geico, for example, offers a discount to military drivers who are deployed for an emergency, while Farmers has savings for retired personnel.

Insurance requirements for Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow car insurance is required if your vehicle is registered in Oklahoma. Car insurance must be at least 25/50/25. This includes personal liability coverages.

  • $25,000 bodily injury coverage per individual
  • $50,000 per accident bodily injury coverage
  • $25,000 in property damage coverage per accident

Drivers who want the cheapest car insurance in Oklahoma should not focus on the least amount of coverage to get the best rate. You can’t guarantee Oklahoma minimum coverage insurance will cover all costs of an at-fault car accident. This means that you may have to pay extra for losses not covered by your policy.

Keep in mind, too, that all drivers who lease or finance a vehicle must have a comprehensive coverage policy until the loan is paid off.

Broken Arrow: Car insurance discounts

Many Broken Arrow car insurance companies offer discounts that can help drivers save money. These are the most popular ones you might be able to benefit from:

  • Student discount: Young drivers who are in high school or college may be eligible for a reduced rate if they have a minimum GPA.
  • Discount on defensive driving courses: Drivers who successfully complete a approved defensive driving or another type of safe driving training course could be eligible to get a discount on their car insurance.
  • Full discount if you pay your annual premium in full: Drivers who choose not to pay the premium in one lump sum upfront may receive a slightly lower rate.
  • Multi-policy discount: This is one of the easiest ways to save money when you insure both your car and your home with the exact same company.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company?

The best car insurance company is different for every driver. Bankrate recommends Amica, USAA State Farm, MetLife, and Geico.

Broken Arrow: How much do I need to insure my car?

Broken Arrow drivers must have at least 25/50/25 personal liability coverage. Keep in mind, however, that insurance companies often encourage drivers to buy more coverage than is necessary for additional protection.