Best cheap car insurance in Jersey City

According to the New Jersey Department of Transportation Hudson County drivers are involved in more than 19,000 car accidents per year. Jersey City residents will pay $1,109 per year for liability-only coverage and $2,304 annually for full coverage.

Jersey City is the second-largest city in New Jersey. With a high density of residents, Jersey City drivers can get affordable insurance coverage through some of the most reputable car insurance companies. We compared quotes from multiple companies to determine the most affordable and best car insurance company in Jersey City.

Jersey City’s best car insurance companies

To find the best Jersey City car insurance companies, we looked at financial strength, customer service and claims satisfaction. We also considered market share, coverage options, discounts, and market share. These companies were praised in many areas and are considered to be among the best in Jersey City.

Insurance companyJ.D. J.D.Minimum coverage: Average annual premiumFor full coverage, the average annual premium
Allstate876 / 1000$1,254$2,278
Amica907 / 1000$545$1,994
NJM909 / 1000$420$1,402
State Farm881 / 1000$1,010$1,628


Allstate is the fourth-largest insurer in the Garden state. This gives you a wide range of coverage options and discounts. Allstate’s 876 points on J.D. support its excellent financial strength ratings. This means it can pay out claims quickly and fully. Power 2020 U.S. Auto Claims Survey Satisfaction.

Allstate’s average rating in the J.D. is a good one for customer experience. With 858 points, Power study Allstate was not able to score as high in the Mid-Atlantic area’s auto insurance satisfaction survey with only 812 points. However, it is rated higher in the Southwest, North Central, and Florida regions. The Allstate complaint index with NAIC is slightly higher in New Jersey, at 1.48, than the national average of 1.00.


Amica offers coverages that are not available elsewhere in auto insurance. This includes free airbag repair following an accident and free lock replacement for keys lost. There is also $1,000 bail bond for policyholders who are eligible. Amica is a well-respected and financially strong car insurance company.

Amica is the third-highest scorer in Auto Claims Satisfaction, scoring 907 points. This is slightly below the average score for mid-size insurances in the J.D. Power’s study. Amica was not among the top auto insurers in the regional rankings of Auto Insurance Satisfaction.

NJM Insurance

NJM is also known as New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company. It offers coverage in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It covers 13.2% of New Jersey’s drivers and is the 2nd largest insurer in New Jersey by market share.

NJM was part of the Mid-Atlantic area on the auto insurance satisfaction survey and received an above-average rating totalling 847 point. NJM is second in satisfaction in auto claims with 909 points. NJM was not included in the insurance shopping study because it is a regional insurer. NJM’s average car insurance price makes it the best-of choice, but its prices are high.

State Farm

State Farm doesn’t just make a good neighbor. It offers affordable car insurance rates to Jersey City residents with high scores in the Mid-Atlantic region (855), which places it second behind USAA (which can’t be eligible because it’s not available to military families).

State Farm has also received an average rating in the auto claim satisfaction study, totaling 881 points. State Farm ranks as average in the Insurance Shopping Study. However, Consumer Affairs reviewers give State Farm positive reviews. They praise its easy claims filing process and excellent service from local agents.

Jersey City has the lowest car insurance

We reviewed the same criteria, but we also considered price, coverage, and discounts when determining the most affordable car insurance company in Jersey City. Jersey City drivers pay more annually for car insurance. They pay an average $1,109 per year for minimum coverage and $2,304 per year for full coverage. New Jersey’s average car insurance cost is $847 and $1757, respectively. Nationally, the average cost of car insurance is $565 for liability-only coverage and $1,674 annually for full coverage.

Amica’s rates for minimum liability are the most affordable, but Geico’s rates for full coverage car insurance are the highest. Geico Explore is part of the mobile application that sets it apart in terms of usability with augmented reality. Amica provides unique coverages with some of the top carriers based upon market share. Travelers round out the top three, offering a variety of insurance products and discounts to help you save money while keeping your policies together.

Insurance companyMinimum coverage: Average annual premiumFor full coverage, the average annual premium
State Farm$1,010$1,628

Jersey City insurance requirements

Because of the high number of car accidents each year and dense population, New Jersey drivers are required to have minimal liability coverage in order to register a vehicle.

  • Bodily Injury: $15,000 per Person, $30,000 per Accident
  • Property damage: $5,000 per accident
  • Personal injury coverage: $15,000 per incident

PIP coverage, which is a no-fault insurance state, covers your medical bills and lost wages. Low minimum requirements mean that many drivers will choose higher liability limits over choosing the lowest rates. Full coverage may not be required by law. However, lenders who finance or lease vehicles may require it.

Jersey City offers car insurance discounts

Jersey City drivers can get low rates on car insurance by including as many discounts as they are eligible. These discounts can have a significant impact on your insurance rates.

  • Good driving discounts: Keeping tickets and accidents free can lower rates and make it possible to get discounts such as accident forgiveness or good driver.
  • Multi-policy Discount: This discount is great if you want to keep all your insurance products under one company.
  • Discounts based on usage: Allowing an insurance company track your mileage using telematics could save you a lot on your car insurance premiums.
  • Young driver discounts: Insuring a young driver can cause skyrocketing insurance premiums. Savings such as driver training and good student discounts may help to keep costs down.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best Jersey City car insurance company?

The top car insurance companies are Amica, NJM and Allstate. You may find a company that best suits your needs, based on financial strength, claims experience, coverages and discounts.

What is the cost of Jersey City car insurance?

Jersey City car insurance rates tend to be higher than New Jersey or national average rates. We found that the average rate in Jersey City was $1,109 for minimum coverage and $2,304 for full coverage.