Best cheap car insurance in Sterling Heights

Sterling Heights’ overwhelming majority (86.7%) commutes alone for their 25-minute commute to work. The average driver in the city of 132,000 will pay $1,317 annually for liability coverage, and $2,935 for full coverage.

Sterling Heights has just under half the households that own two cars. This can make it expensive to insure and can lead to high insurance costs. Bankrate compared quotes, coverage, and ratings to find the best car insurance companies within the city.

Best car insurance in Sterling Heights

J.D. helped us choose the best five car insurance companies in Sterling Heights. The region’s customer satisfaction and the market share for auto insurance in Michigan are important factors. We also looked at coverage options, discounts, and financial strength of each company — which is a measure of its ability to pay claims.

Insurance companyJ.D. J.D.
(North Central)
Minimum coverage: Average annual premiumFor full coverage, the average annual premium
Allstate830 / 1000$1,670$3,293
Auto-Owners845 / 1000$998$2,379
Geico851 / 1000$1,035$1,865
Grange832 / 1000$2,324$3,001
Westfield836 / 1000$165$2,146


Allstate offers a variety of policy options, coverage options, and discounts to Sterling Heights residents. As the fifth largest auto insurer in Michigan, 7.7% of Allstate’s market share is held by the company. AM Best rated it as having superior financial strength. This indicates its ability to pay claims on time.

Allstate’s customer satisfaction score for the North Central region was 830. Power Auto Insurance Study. Allstate scores higher than average in customer satisfaction with 876 points, and two points lower with 858 points for purchase experience with large insurers in Insurance Shopping Study.


No surprise, a Michigan-based car insurance company may be one of the most preferred for Sterling Heights residents. Auto-Owners holds 10.7% of Michigan’s market share and is the fourth largest insurer. Auto-Owners shares the same financial strength as Allstate and has a low NAIC complaint index, which is lower than the national average.

Auto-Owners is well-respected in the North Central area with 845 points as well as on purchasing experience for mid-size insurances, scoring 869 point. Auto-Owners is third in the nation for overall auto claim satisfaction with 890 points.


Although Geico maintains its market share position in most states, Michigan is not among them. Geico has the lowest average rate for full-coverage car insurance, and offers several discounts to keep rates down.

Geico was awarded the North Central highest ranking with 851 points. It also earned 867 points for purchasing experience as an insurer. Geico scored one point lower than the national average for auto claim satisfaction with 871. Geico’s financial strength is also superior, so policyholders can be more secure knowing that payouts will be made promptly even if they are involved in a serious accident.


Grange , a smaller insurer that offers auto, home, and life insurance through independent agents in only 13 states is Grange . Grange is not among the top 10 Michigan insurers for market share but its North Central ranking is above-average in customer satisfaction with 832.

Grange, a small insurance company, did not rank in the 2020 J.D. rankings for purchase experience. Grange did not make the ranking for purchase experience on the 2020 J.D. Power Insurance Shopping Study and National Auto Claims Satisfaction Study. Grange is on our “best-of” list due to its A- (Excellent), financial strength rating by AM Best, BBB rating, and 4.4-star average rating on the BBB website.


Grange reminds us that just because an auto insurance company is small does not mean they cannot be considered among the best. Westfield insurance provides personal car and home insurance in only 10 states. This excludes it from the top Michigan auto insurance companies by market share. However, Westfield’s limited availability in certain states does not affect its customer satisfaction ratings for the North Central region. Westfield scored 836 points.

Like Grange, Westfield didn’t make the 2020 J.D. It has great power studies for claims satisfaction, insurance shopping, and it is also a great insurer because of its A (Excellent), financial strength rating. Westfield has the highest rate of liability coverage, compared to other top car insurance companies.

Sterling Heights: The cheapest car insurance

Sterling Heights rates are more expensive than the average car insurance cost in Michigan and the U.S. An average American driver pays $1674 annually for full coverage, and $565 for minimum coverage. The average liability coverage rate in Michigan is $948, while Sterling Heights’ is $1,317. Similar to Sterling Heights, Michigan has a higher average annual full coverage rate of $2,309 than Michigan.

We compared rates from the most reputable carriers in Sterling Heights, Michigan to find the lowest car insurance quotes. This was based on market share. Below is a table that shows the lowest annual premiums for car coverage from the top auto insurance companies in the city.

Insurance companyMinimum coverage: Average annual premiumFor full coverage, the average annual premium

USAA is the most affordable auto provider, offering the best rates for full and minimal coverage. However, it is not available to veterans, active-duty military personnel, and their families. Travelers is the best option for affordable coverage. All of the listed companies offer safe-driving apps that allow drivers to earn more on their premiums.

Insurance requirements for Sterling Heights

Michigan is one of the few states that requires minimum car insurance coverage. The minimum coverage options for PIP in Michigan are the following:

  • Unlimited medical coverage
  • Medical coverage up to $500,000 per individual
  • Medical coverage up to $250,000 per individual
  • If you are enrolled in Medicaid, up to $50,000 per person
  • Opt-out for PIP

Michigan’s requirements for residual bodily injury (BI/PD), are:

  • $50,000. Per person for bodily injury
  • $100,00 for bodily injury accident
  • $10,000 for property damage outside-of-state

Although residents are only required to meet the minimum requirements, Sterling Heights residents can enjoy higher financial protection by having greater limits. full coverage may be required or strongly recommended if you have a car that is financed or leased. Comprehensive and collision coverage will pay for the repair or replacement of your car if it is in an accident. You don’t have to take out insurance.

Sterling Heights: Car insurance discounts

Sterling Heights residents can take advantage of discounts even if they have higher than average car insurance rates. These discounts can help you save significant amounts on your insurance premiums.

  • Anti-theft systems – For those with full coverage, people who have anti-theft equipment like car alarms and theft-recovery system, VIN-etched windows, and other anti-theft methods may be eligible for a discount on their premiums.
  • A good driver is a plus: Being a driver in Sterling Heights could be financially rewarding. This discount is available to drivers who have a clean driving record, without any tickets or at-fault incidents (depending on the company).
  • Safety features: Daytime running lights, antilock brakes, multiple airbags, and other safety features can increase your chances of getting a discount on your car insurance.
  • Usage-based: Don’t pay more for a car that isn’t being used. You may qualify for usage-based discounts if you don’t drive a lot. These discounts track your driving habits and allow you to get discounts.

There are many discounts that can be applied depending on your qualifications. However, discounts for good drivers or low mileage might be a good place where to start if these are the categories you fall into.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company?

To keep your rates affordable and affordable, the best car insurance company will offer you all you need. Every household has its own requirements so the best car insurance company for you will be different.

What is the cost of car insurance in Sterling Heights?

Sterling Heights’s average annual premium for car insurance is $1,317. Full coverage costs $2,935. The amount you pay will depend on your driving record, age and the type of coverage required.

What amount of car insurance do you need in Sterling Heights

While some people may only need the minimum coverage, most Sterling Heights residents will want more to protect their finances in the event that they are ever required. An insurance agent can help you decide how much coverage is necessary.

Which Michigan city has the lowest car insurance?

Based on your location, market share, and personal information, companies will offer different rates for minimum and full coverage. After you request a quote, another company may offer the best car insurance rates for your household. Multiple quotes from different companies can help you to find the best car insurance rate.