Is Knights of Columbus Insurance Good?

The Knights of Columbus offers an extensive selection of life, retirement and long-term care policies through its network of insurance agents.

This company holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, offering competitive life insurance policies at very reasonable rates to men who belong to Catholic fraternal organizations. Unfortunately, their policies are only available to them.


The Knights of Columbus is one of the largest life insurers in North America and Catholic life insurers worldwide, boasting $116 billion of life insurance in force – meaning they’ve promised this amount to policyholders! Offering term life, whole life and retirement annuity policies as well as long-term care and disability income policies; membership requirements apply and their insurance is only open to Catholic males.

Organization is known for offering affordable and competitive life insurance coverage at an attractive rate. Their term life policies can be purchased for 5, 10, or 15 years with several riders that enable you to increase death benefits at low cost. They also offer an annual renewable term option similar to whole life policies but with the flexibility to renew or adjust benefits each year.

Knights of Columbus provides various whole life insurance plans that can be paid for in either an upfront lump sum payment or over 10-20 years, providing single premium plans with guaranteed death benefit coverage as well as cash value components and survivorship Universal Life plans for two people with lifelong coverage.

As is common among life insurance providers, Knights of Columbus does not provide an online quote tool or public rate information about their policies, making price comparison difficult. They do however offer new applicants a ten day free look period in which they may cancel their policy without incurring penalties or additional premiums.

The Knights of Columbus can also be an ideal partner for business owners, as they provide numerous insurance programs designed to safeguard your enterprise. For instance, they provide Buy/Sell Agreements which ensure the sale of any business interests should the unfortunate occur such as death or disability and can assist with finding an appropriate life policy through professional agent matching services.


The Knights of Columbus offer life insurance plans designed to provide financial security for family members, while also turning premiums into charitable donations. Before purchasing one of their policies, however, it’s essential that you carefully evaluate both its reputation and history of processing claims; read reviews online in order to help make an informed decision regarding which policy best meets your needs.

The Knight’s of Columbus offers a range of policies from whole life and universal to term and accelerated death benefit, each offering specific advantages and stipulations; for instance, whole life coverage extends for one’s entire lifetime while an accelerated death benefit gives a lump sum payment over time. There are also riders available to add additional coverage.

Add a disability rider to your policy so it covers medical expenses if you become injured or disabled, or purchase an accidental death policy to protect yourself in case of unexpected events. Furthermore, Knights of Columbus provides survivorship universal life insurance plans which cover two people at once and pay out after both pass away.

Knight’s of Columbus insurance stands out thanks to its impressively high ratings from independent evaluators, regularly receiving an A++ ranking that indicates its exceptional stability and dependability.

But the Knights of Columbus do not provide an exhaustive selection of life insurance policies on its website; those looking to buy through them should work directly with an agent; as this organization does not have a quote tool on its site, it is wise to compare quotes from multiple insurance providers before purchasing any policy from this organization.

Knights of Columbus policies are exclusive to Catholic men who are members of its organization, meaning nonmembers cannot purchase its products. Luckily, there are plenty of other great life insurance providers with reasonable rates and multiple coverage options that offer affordable coverage solutions for everyone.


The Knights of Columbus has been around for more than 100 years and is well-known for their community service work and support of Catholic charities. Additionally, they’re one of the world’s largest fraternal organizations as well as one of the most influential Catholic groups in the US, contributing millions annually to conservative political causes – they even maintain an influential presence in Washington where they lobby Catholic issues and advocate for socially conservative policies.

But recently, this organization has come under scrutiny for its membership practices. A lawsuit filed in 2017 by UKnight, a Colorado IT firm, alleges that Knights of Columbus members are inflating membership numbers by around 30% in order to increase ratings by insurance companies and facilitate selling life insurance policies more easily. According to this lawsuit, UKnight alleges that membership numbers falsification is increasing rating scores as it helps sell policies faster – increasing ratings means easier sales of more life policies by Knights of Columbus agents.

BuzzFeed News spoke with seven current and former members of the Knights, two involved in the lawsuit, to learn their stories and to obtain email correspondence, membership spreadsheets, and contact lists that demonstrated that nonpaying members had remained on the books for years without paying dues – in some cases even up to over 10 years in some instances.

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic organization that offers life insurance and other financial products to Catholic families, such as term, whole and variable premium life policies with various benefits. Additionally, long-term care coverage is also offered as well as disability cover.

Life insurance is one of the most significant investments you can make for the future of your family, so it’s vital that you find a policy that fits both your needs and budget. When selecting an insurer, make sure they offer competitive rates as well as outstanding reputation – that will ensure a great investment experience!

Knights of Columbus offers various discounts on its life insurance products that may help reduce premium costs and get you started with your policy quickly and smoothly. Their customer service team can also answer questions or offer assistance as you begin this new chapter of life insurance coverage.

Customer service

Knights of Columbus Insurance can assist with all your car, life, or home owner policies needs at competitive rates and multiple coverage options – as well as providing exceptional customer service based on feedback from policyholders.

Knights of Columbus offers competitive rates while providing personalized customer service through its network of local agents. Each agent understands the needs of local communities, making them ideal to assist in selecting an insurance policy tailored specifically to you. Furthermore, many customers report finding Knights of Columbus’ claims department responsive and helpful.

Knights of Columbus offers several policy riders to customize your coverage, such as its terminal illness rider which allows you to accelerate a portion of your death benefit if diagnosed with terminal illness – providing valuable financial relief that may cover funeral costs, college education fees or provide for unexpected situations. Chronic illness riders and disability waiver of premium are also available options.

Knights of Columbus Insurance does not provide specific instructions for filing claims online, however their claims department strives to process them quickly and efficiently. Call them for more information regarding processing times or to speak directly with one of their agents.

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic fraternal organization that offers its members and their families a wide array of insurance products and financial services, such as car, home, life and other products. These services include auto and home policies as well as term and universal life plans to people eligible for membership; their auto policies can be found throughout all 50 states while term and universal life offers term life coverage with roadside assistance and rental car coverage as standard features; furthermore they provide liability and collision coverage, roadside assistance coverage plus rental car reimbursement while home policies offer flexible coverage options and payment plans to accommodate every need and expectation!