Best cheap homeowners insurance in Baton Rouge


According to Bankrate’s analysis of annual premiums, homeowners insurance in Baton Rouge is less expensive than in other parts of the state. The average Baton Rouge home insurance cost is $1,599 for $250K of dwelling coverage. This compares with the $1,803 per year cost of an average Louisiana home insurance policy. Extreme weather is a frequent threat in Louisiana, such as tornadoes or hurricanes. Louisiana has been hit hard by some of the most severe storms in history. This is why Baton Rouge residents are strongly advised to have adequate home insurance for financial protection.

We compared home insurance providers in Baton Rouge based on average rates, coverage, and customer satisfaction ratings. Power’s 2020 U.S. Home Insurance Study. Based on the latest available data, these are the best cheap home insurance companies for your Baton Rouge homeowners insurance policy.

Baton Rouge’s best home insurance company

We used the most recent data and figures to determine which providers in Louisiana have the lowest prices. These are the average rates as well as J.D. These are the ratings of the top Baton Rouge home insurance companies.

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State Farm

State Farm is a great option for homeowners who are looking to have the ability to tailor their coverage. In addition to standard coverage of an HO-3 policy, homeowners could choose from personal articles insurance, manufactured home insurance, coverage for farms and ranches and even pet insurance. State Farm offers additional liability coverage via a personal liability umbrella, business and professional liability insurance. State Farm offers several line discounts and home security and roofing discounts to help you save money on already competitive rates. You also have the option of higher deductibles.


USAA is the only provider of active duty military and veteran insurance. This also extends to homeowners insurance. Homeowners can choose from loss of use, home sharing, personal liability, separate structures and earthquake insurance to supplement your standard home insurance policy. USAA offers many discounts that can help you save like bundle and save and home security, as well as the option of a higher or lower deductible. J.D. also gives the company the highest score. The company has the highest customer satisfaction score, even though it is technically not eligible.

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The Hanover

J.D. has not rated Hanover. Power, as the study only considered larger insurance companies. The Hartford is still a good choice for homeowners looking to get comprehensive coverage. You can get high-value coverage, as well as service line, water backup, and guaranteed replacement cost coverage, to complete your home insurance coverage. The Hanover also offers special bundle discounts and a deductible dividend program to help you save up to $500 on your premiums over the course of a few years.


With its welcome and new homebuyer discounts, Allstate can be a great choice to explore for inexperienced homebuyers. Allstate offers the option to add extra protections like personal umbrella, flood (through the National Flood Insurance Program or NFIP), and manufactured/mobile home insurance. Allstate offers Airbnb and home-sharing insurance through its HostAdvantage (r) program. An Easy Pay Plan(r), which simplifies the payment process, offers additional savings, including multi-policy, claim-free and early signing discounts.

Options for home insurance in Baton Rouge

Louisiana homeowners are at particular risk from a host of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes and extreme flooding. Consider the following coverage options to help you be financially prepared for these types of events.

  • Hurricane insurance: The average home insurance policy does not provide all of the coverage you need for a hurricane, but you may be able to add a separate hurricane insurance deductible, or you can purchase a separate flood policy.
  • Tornado coverage: The average home insurance policy typically covers tornado damage under dwelling and personal property coverage. If you are temporarily relocated, you might need to purchase loss of use coverage.
  • Flood insurance: Flood insurance is typically sold as a separate form of protection. Private companies may offer this coverage. Others may require that you purchase a separate policy from NFIP.
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Baton Rouge: Home insurance discounts

Discounts can be a great way to lower your homeowners insurance premium, considering all the additional coverage you may need. These are the best discounts available from Baton Rouge insurance companies to help you reduce your premiums.

  • Customer discounts: You could receive extra savings when you have a good credit score, are a new homebuyer, a senior citizen or a member of the military.
  • Discounts on payments: Insurance companies often offer discount payment options if you pay in full, renew your policy early or go paperless.
  • Bundle discounts: You can save extra money when you bundle your home and auto insurance with the same provider, but there are other bundle discounts for condo, renters, life or health insurance that you may also qualify for.

Baton Rouge is a great place to get discounts. Ask your insurance provider to discuss the homeowner insurance discounts that may be available to you to offset additional insurance costs. You can reduce your premium with the right discounts, including new roof discounts and exclusive savings for homebuyers.

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Questions frequently asked

Which Baton Rouge insurance company is best?

The most affordable homeowners insurance in Baton Rouge is different for each person based on the very personal rate factors that are used to determine cost. These include your home type, ZIP code, claims history, credit score, and credit score.

What is the cost of Baton Rouge home insurance?

For $250K coverage, the average Baton Rouge homeowner insurance policy will cost $1,599 annually

What amount of home insurance do you need in Baton Rouge

There is no minimum amount of homeowners insurance required in Baton Rouge, but you may be required by a lender to purchase a policy that meets specific limits, if you have a mortgage. It is always recommended that you protect your investment by purchasing coverages to prevent a catastrophic financial loss.