Best homeowners insurance in New York

You may be concerned about unexpected repair costs if you have a New York home. Homeowners insurance can help you relax your mind and protect your finances. Your finances will be protected in the event that there is a natural disaster.According to Bankrate’s 2021 study on quoted annual premiums, the average New York homeowner insurance cost for a $250,000 home is $987 per annum.

New York ranks last in the nation in homeownership rates as of 2021, with only 54% of New Yorkers owning their homes.The state’s high housing costs may explain why homeownership rates are so low. Your insurance premium does not have to be high. Housing is expensive. New Yorkers spend over $300 less per year on average than the $1,312 annual national average home insurance premium. The Bankrate insurance editorial team has compiled the following information about New York’s best home insurance.

New York’s best home insurance companies

You may not find the right insurance option for you. This is why it’s important to shop around for homeowners insurance quotes from New York from different carriers. We weighed the following factors when evaluating New York’s best home insurance companies: price, policy options and customer service ranking.

These are the top New York insurance companies for homeowners. J.D. Power ranked these companies based on customer satisfaction. These companies have the highest customer satisfaction ratings according to J.D. Power.


Allstate is ranked highly in 2020 J.D. The Power Home Insurance Study demonstrates the company’s commitment to client relationships. Allstate offers discounts and has an A+ rating from AM Best. Switching to Allstate could help you reduce your premium up to 10%.

All over the country

Nationwide provides homeowners with a variety of coverage options. Although it is not the most affordable provider on our list its average premium is well below New York’s. Nationwide offers many competitive discounts, including home renovation credits or gated community deals.

New York Central Mutual Insurance (NYCM).

New York Central Mutual, as the name implies, is a mutual insurer company. This means that policyholders are the owners of the company. This comes with many benefits, including the focus on customer service. NYCM offers a variety of coverage options and excellent discounts, including senior citizen and at-home worker deals.

State Farm

State Farm was a top performer in the 2020 J.D. High customer satisfaction is the reason State Farm scored highly in the 2020 J.D. Home Insurance Study. AM Best’s A++ rating for financial strength could provide you with peace of mind knowing that the company is capable of handling any claims. State Farm offers numerous online resources and tools for first-time homebuyers.


USAA is the best when it comes to customer service, coverage, claims, pricing, discounts, and price. USAA offers up to $5,000 identity theft coverage in many states with its home insurance policies. USAA is not available to all, but it is available only to veterans, active duty military personnel, and their immediate family.

What is the cost of homeowners insurance in New York City?

The average annual cost for New York homeowners insurance in 2021 is $987 per year for $250,000 in dwelling coverage. New Yorkers pay $300 more per year than the national average for home insurance, which is $1,312 annually. For the same coverage, residents in Connecticut and Massachusetts pay an average of $1,307 annually. New York’s home insurance premiums are lower because there are fewer homeowners competing for policies. New York has the lowest homeownership rate in the country, at 54%.

New York Home Insurance

There are many coverage options when shopping for New York home insurance. You may need to research the most common causes of loss in your state to determine what type of home insurance you need.

Loss in New York: Common Causes

Just over 97% of home insurance claims in 2019 were filed due to property damage, although that is not the only cause of damage in the state. New York is vast, and the causes of damage could vary from one location to another. There are some common causes of damage that affect most of New York.

  • VandalismVandalism refers to a form of human-caused damage done to property or personal belongings. Vandalism is more common among cities, of which New York has many.
  • Natural disasters:New York is susceptible to natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards. These weather events can cause serious damage to your home or personal property.
  • Burglary:Like vandalism and burglary, it may be more common to commit crimes in larger cities. You may be eligible for extended coverage if your neighborhood has high burglary rates. This is especially true if you have expensive or luxurious items.
  • FireMassive damage is often caused by fires. Fires can occur anywhere, but they are more likely to strike older buildings and homes that are surrounded by dense foliage.

New York home insurance options

The most common type of homeowners insurance policy is an HO-3 policy. The following coverages are typically included in a standard homeowners insurance policy:

  • Dwelling coverageYour home will be protected against fire, hail, wind, or other covered perils. However, it does not cover damage from flooding or earthquakes.
  • Personal propertyYour personal belongings, including clothing and furniture, are covered if they are damaged by a covered loss.
  • Liability protectionProtects you in the event you or a family member injures or damages someone else’s property.
  • Additional living expensesYou must pay for the costs of a home that is uninhabitable because of a covered loss.

You might be tempted to look into endorsements or separate policies because of the common losses in New York. Endorsements can be used to make changes to your policy, such as increasing coverage. No matter what your needs are, a local agent will help you choose the right policy for you.

  • VandalismYour home could be more vulnerable to vandalism if you live in an urban environment. You may want to make sure you have insurance for this type of damage in order to protect your finances.
  • Weighing of ice, snow, or sleetNew York is well-known for its snowy winters. Talk to a local agent to learn more about your insurance policy to cover snow and ice damage.
  • Lightning, smoke, and fire:Your policy will likely cover fire damage. However, it is worth checking to make sure your coverage is sufficient.Protect your home from fires.
  • FloodingYou may live near the coast and be considered a flood zone. To protect your financials, you might want to add coverage.Flood insuranceThis policy is usually sold separately.

Questions frequently asked

Which New York city has the lowest homeowners insurance?

The cheapest homeowners insurance in New York will vary based on individual factors like where you live, your insurance history, what coverage options you need and what discounts you can get. You might find the best policy at a lower price by getting quotes from multiple providers.

How can I obtain New York homeowners insurance?

Many companies offer online quotes. However, you might need to call or go in person to get one. Information such as your name, address, home value, required coverage, and the types of coverage you need will be needed.

What are the requirements to add hazard coverage to my policy?

Hazard insurance is already included in most standard homeowners insurance policies. You may consider adding additional coverage if your area is at high risk of natural disasters.

What natural disasters can my homeowners policy cover?

It depends on what type of policy you have. Most policies cover fire, wind and rain damage. However, you may want to review your specific policy with an agent to discuss what perils are covered. You might be able to purchase separate policies or endorsements for flood and earthquake coverages.