Best homeowners insurance in North Dakota


North Dakota’s 62.5% homeownership rate is slightly lower than that of the nation, which stands at 63.9%. The average cost for home insurance in North Dakota is $1,828 annually. This includes $250,000 of dwelling coverage.

North Dakota homeowners may wish to protect their investment by purchasing the right homeowners policy. There are many top-rated home insurance companies that sell policies in North Dakota. Bankrate has reviewed a variety of aspects to find the top home insurance companies in North Dakota.

North Dakota’s best home insurance companies

Quadrant Information Services was used by Bankrate’s editorial staff to obtain current premium information. J.D. We also reviewed J.D. We evaluated the providers we selected as the top North Dakota home insurance companies based on their average premiums, policy options and customer service scores.

Insurance company for homeownersA $250,000 dwelling is worth an average annual premiumJ.D. J.D.
Country Financial$1,441855/1,000
State Farm$2,653829/1,000


Allstate receives solid third-party ratings, with an A+ financial strength rating from AM Best and an above-industry-average rating from J.D. Power Allstate home insurance policies can have a variety of endorsements. These include identity theft coverage, yard coverage, and coverage for musical instruments.

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You can also save with Allstate’s discount options. Bundling home and auto insurance can save you money. You also get discounts when you pay on time, keep your claims-free record, and buy a new home.


North Dakota homeowners may find Auto-Owners a good option. They prefer to work with an agent to purchase and manage their insurance policies. Auto-Owners doesn’t offer online claims or quotes and instead sells policies through independent agents. J.D. ranked the company highly. The company received a high ranking from J.D. for overall customer satisfaction. This indicates that customers are generally satisfied with the Auto-Owners service.

Auto-Owners offers several add-on coverage options, in addition to standard home insurance coverages such as dwelling coverage and liability. As optional endorsements, you can get guaranteed home replacement coverage, equipment breakdown coverage, and water backup coverage. You may also be eligible for discounts.

Country Financial

J.D. ranked Country Financial as the best for customer satisfaction overall. Power. It also holds an A+ financial strength rating by AM Best, which indicates that it is financially sound. Country Financial’s outstanding reviews and unique coverage options make it a great choice for North Dakota home insurance.

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Country Financial provides coverage options that go beyond the basic. To help you customize your policy, the company offers three coverage level. If you need additional protections, you can add water backup and identity theft coverage. Country Financial offers policyholders discounts, even though the average North Dakota premium is much lower than that of other states.


MetLife is well-known for its life insurance policies. However, the company also offers homeowners insurance in North Dakota. MetLife often partners with certain employers to offer special rates. You can either check with your employer, or contact MetLife directly to find out if you are eligible.

MetLife policies provide replacement cost coverage for your home and possessions. If they are damaged or destroyed, you will receive the full amount of the replacement cost. MetLife offers 24 hour customer service. This is a great option if you prefer to speak to an agent than handle your policy yourself.

State Farm

State Farm offers many resources and tools for those who are new to home insurance. State Farm offers a range of tools and guides to help customers decide how much coverage is necessary and what policy options are best.

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State Farm’s home coverage is quite basic. There are only a few endorsement options that can be customized to your policy. State Farm offers very few discounts. Bundling policies, having a security system, and having an impact-resistant roofing can help policyholders save money.

What is the cost of homeowners insurance in North Dakota

In North Dakota, the lower rates than those in South Dakota, who average $1,958 per annum.

Rating factors are used to determine home insurance premiums. When calculating your rate, factors such as your ZIP code, age and credit score, claims history, marital status, and specific details about your home are taken into account. The state’s most common causes of loss could explain North Dakota’s higher than average insurance premiums.

North Dakota Home Insurance Considerations

Residents in North Dakota may be subject to severe winters, which can cause damage to their homes, and other weather-related disasters like tornadoes or floods. You can protect your home by being prepared for common disasters in North Dakota.

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Common Loss Causes in North Dakota

North Dakota is prone to severe weather such as tornadoes and windstorms. In 2019, 15 tornadoes damaged the state. Floods are quite common in certain areas, as well as major thunderstorms and hailstorms that often occur during the warmer months. The following are common causes of death in North Dakota:

  • Windstorms: Wind may cause damage to your roof and siding. Windstorms can also bring debris into your home, which can further damage it. Many homeowners insurance policies cover wind damage. However, you should verify the coverage and deductible with an agent or insurance company.
  • Extreme weather and storms. North Dakota is subject to severe thunderstorms, hail, and tornadoes at times of the year. These perils, like wind damage are usually covered by homeowners insurance policies. However, it is a good idea to verify with your agent.
  • Floods Eastern North Dakota has a high probability of flooding compared to other parts of the state. However, flood events have been reported across all counties in the state. Homeowners insurance does not usually cover flood damage. You will need to buy a separate flood policy in order to get flood protection. Flood insurance can be purchased through the National Flood Insurance Program or from a private insurer who provides the coverage.
  • Winter weather: North Dakota experiences its highest amount of snowfall in January. The state also sees an average of 50 days below zero each winter. Water damage can be caused by heavy snowfall, and freezing temperatures may lead to pipes freezing and burst.
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An insurance agent can help you evaluate the risks in your area and help you choose the right homeowners insurance coverages.

North Dakota home insurance policies

North Dakota homeowners may be eligible for different coverages under a standard policy. The following coverages are typically included in North Dakota home insurance policies:

  • Dwelling: This coverage covers your home’s structure and any attached structures like a garage, porch, or other similar structures.
  • Personal Property: This coverage covers personal property such as furniture, clothing, and electronics in the event that they are stolen or damaged.
  • Liability – Liability covers medical bills and legal costs resulting from property damage or bodily injury that you are liable for.
  • Insurance for medical expenses: No matter who is at fault, your medical payments coverage will cover the medical expenses of guests who are injured in your home.
  • Loss in use: In the event that your home is destroyed or becomes uninhabitable due to fire, loss of use will cover you for replacement housing and any other expenses.
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Depending on where they live, flood insurance may be an option for North Dakota homeowners. It is worth checking whether your policy covers hail, wind, and water damage, as severe weather can be common.

Questions frequently asked

Is North Dakota required to have home insurance?

In North Dakota, home insurance is not required. Most mortgage lenders require homeowners purchase home insurance to be eligible for a loan. You may be eligible to skip home insurance if you don’t have a mortgage, or another type of home loan. You should still consider the costs of rebuilding or repairing your home in case it is destroyed or damaged and plan accordingly. Insurance for homeowners can protect you against financial ruin and is an essential part of your financial plan.

What are the steps to get North Dakota home insurance?

First, determine the coverage you require from your North Dakota home insurance policy. After you have determined what you want, you can search for companies that provide the coverage you require and request quotes. Talk to a licensed agent if you’re not sure which coverage you should purchase.