Veterans’ Group Life Insurance (VGLI)

The Veterans’ Group Insurance (VGLI), which allows former service members to continue their insurance coverage even after they leave the military, may allow them to do so. These policies offer death benefits to veterans to cover expenses such as funeral costs or decedent taxes. VGLI policies can be a cost-friendly option for veterans who have pre-existing medical conditions.

What is Veterans’ Group Insurance?

Veterans’ Group Life Insurance provides life insurance coverage to ex-service members of the United States Military. VGLI, like other life insurance policies pays a cash benefit for designated beneficiaries to help with any outstanding expenses. This policy converts Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance coverage (SGLI) into a renewable term insurance policy. It is available to former servicemembers.

VGLI policies have a maximum coverage limit at $400,000 and are issued in 10,000 increments equal to the amount of SGLI coverage that the policyholder had when they were separated from service. You can convert policies to individual commercial life insurance policies from participating commercial insurance companies at any time.

Who is eligible for VGLI Insurance

must meet at minimum one of these criteria to be eligible for VGLI insurance.

  • As a National Guard or Reserves member, you may have held a part-time policy with SGLI. If you are injured or disabled while serving, this will prevent your ability to secure standard insurance rates. This could include any injuries or disabilities sustained while traveling to and fro duty.
  • You have an SGLI policy, and you are within one year and 120 day of being relieved from active duty.
  • Within a year and four month of retirement or being released from National Guard or Ready Reserves.
  • Within a year and four month of being assigned to the Individual Ready Reserves or the Inactive Guard (ING), which includes members of the United States Public Health Service Inactive Reserve Corps, (IRC).
  • Within one year and four months of being added to the Temporary Disability Retirement List.

Important to remember that only veterans and ex-service members are eligible for VGLI coverage.

Cost of VGLI Insurance

VGLI premiums are determined primarily on the member’s age and the level of coverage they want. Rates are not affected by gender, age, occupation, and recreational activities, which is the case with most life insurance carriers. Below is a table that shows some examples of VGLI rates policyholders can expect to pay based on their age group.

Maximum coverageAgeAge 40-44Age 60-64Age 75

How to apply for Veterans’ Group Insurance

Service members must apply for VGLI within one-year and 120 days (or approximately four months) after leaving the military to be eligible to receive VGLI benefits. A service member who signs up within 240 calendar days of leaving the military will not need to show proof that they are healthy. For coverage to be available, members who sign up after the 240 day period must show proof of good health. Service members have three options for applying for coverage.

  • Send an application through the Prudential Website to the Office for Servicemembers’ Life Insurance (OSGLI).
  • Send an online application through eBenefits.
  • Send an Application by fax to 800-236-6142, or OSGLI PO BO Box 41618 Philadelphia, PA 1776-9913

Service members may request to reinstate an expiring policy by filling out the Application for Reinstatement VGLI Coverage. This can be mailed or faxed to the above address or fax number.

Is VGLI worth it?

VGLI is an affordable option for military personnel who have been discharged. This insurance option is especially for service members who have been injured or disabled while in the armed forces. It provides affordable coverage that may not be available in the civilian market.

Although the VGLI package that you get through the military does not include cash value, policyholders have the option to convert to commercial coverage anytime through the list. They don’t need to prove their health. Service members who want to protect their family and themselves at a reasonable rate may find it worthwhile to use the VGLI policies available through the armed forces.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best life-insurance company?

Your individual preferences and needs will determine which life insurance company is best for you. For help in comparing insurance providers, see our Best Life Insurance Companies list.

What amount of life insurance do you need?

Before you can select a life insurance policy, it is important to assess your financial situation. This will help determine the amount of money that your beneficiaries need to live comfortably. To get a precise estimate, it is best to consult a financial advisor. You should evaluate your life insurance needs every year, since life events can change your coverage requirements.

How does my premium for life insurance be determined?

VGLI allows you to choose your age and coverage amount as your life insurance premium. Insurance companies often consider gender, occupation, recreational activity, and general health when determining the cost of your premium in the standard market.