Car insurance for Nissan 370Z

Since its 2009 model, Nissan’s powerful and sporty model 370Z has impressed owners. However, this top sportscar comes with a steep price. This price could also impact insurance costs. Based on Bankrate’s 2021 study, the average cost of American car insurance is $1,674. The 370Z’s full coverage averages at $2,359 per year.

2020 was the end of production for the 370Z. However, there are still many 370Zs on the roads and at dealers across the country as pre-owned vehicles. It may be worth looking for the lowest priced car insurance if you are thinking of purchasing one.

This review includes models:
This article reviews insurance for a single vehicle: the Nissan 370Z.

What is the cost of Nissan insurance?

The average cost for car insurance in America is $1,674, or $139.50 per month. Rates are based on many factors, so they will be different from the average. Insurers may consider your car’s age and type, as well as your location and credit score (if it is legal). The following are other factors to consider:

  • Prices of parts: Nissan Nissan 370Zs were primarily assembled in Japan using Japanese parts. If you need parts, it may be more difficult to find them and more costly if you’re doing repairs in the U.S.
  • Safety features: The Nissan 370Z comes standard with safety features such as side- and front-impact air bags, stability control, and anti-whiplash heads restraints. It does not include the advanced safety features of newer cars, such as multiple cameras and blind spot warnings, or lane departure warnings.

Car insurance for Nissan models

Your Nissan 370Z insurance costs will likely differ from national and vehicle averages because there are many factors that your insurer will take into consideration that are specific to your case. It might be helpful to find out what the averages are before you begin your search for affordable Nissan 370Z insurance.

Car insurance starting at 370Z

The minimum coverage must include liability insurance. Other requirements may apply depending on where you live. Full coverage includes all state-mandated coverage as well as optional collision or comprehensive coverage.

The full coverage 370Z insurance cost is more expensive than standard cars because it covers the cost of repairing sports cars, such as if they are damaged by falling trees or other serious accidents. Insurers charge significantly more for Nissan 370Z car coverage with full coverage.

Nissan 370Z: The cheapest car insurance

Nobody wants to pay more than necessary for their car insurance. These insurers are well-known for providing Nissan 370Z insurance at competitive rates. These providers are among the top car insurance companies in 2021. Nissan 370Z car insurance rates are lower than the average by up to $1,272 per annum, as in the case Erie insurance which has the lowest average premium. It may be worth getting quotes from multiple insurers, as each driver’s needs will vary.

Nissan features that can impact insurance costs

The 370Z was built by Nissan with features that can lower your insurance costs. There are also features that are not available on the 370Z, but are present in newer models. This could have reduced your rates even further. The Nissan 370Z features include:

  • Airbags: The 370Z has front- and side impact airbags as well as an overhead airbag to protect your head during a rollover.
  • Stability control: This feature detects when your car is traveling faster than you are able safely, and can reduce engine power or apply the brakes.
  • Security features: The 370Z has an ignition disable device that prevents theft and prevents startup if the manufacturer’s key isn’t used. It does not have the same technological anti-theft features as other cars.
  • Pretensioners: These devices tighten the seat belts to ensure that passengers and drivers are in the best possible position in case of an accident.
  • Anti-whiplash: These head restraints sense a rear collision, and then move to cradle an occupant’s head to prevent whiplash.

Additional car insurance coverages for a Nissan 370Z

In nearly every state in the U.S. you must have a minimum amount liability insurance. Some states also have other requirements, such as personal injury protection (PIP) or uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. These are the most popular optional coverages that you can add to your insurance policy.

  • Collision – This covers your 370Z in the event of an accident, or if the vehicle is totaled or damaged. Your insurer will set a deductible and you will be responsible for the remainder.
  • Comprehensive – Comprehensive coverage can be purchased along with collision. It covers any damage to your vehicle, as well as collisions. This could include hitting an animal, theft or vandalism, as well as falling objects such a tree.
  • Uninsured motorcyclist: This coverage is required in certain states but not in others. If you cause damage to your vehicle due to an accident with one the 12.6% motorists who are driving illegally and without insurance, it will cover the cost of repairs.
  • Gap insurance – If your car is less than a year old and you paid for its purchase, then gap insurance might be something you should consider. It will cover the difference between the car’s value after an accident and what you owe.
  • Roadside Assistance: This coverage was once only available to AAA-rated car groups, but it is now available as an option in your insurance. This coverage will protect you in the event that you are unable or unable to drive your vehicle due to a dead battery, lockout, or other reasons.
  • Rider coverage: Uber, Lyft or another rideshare service driver, rideshare coverage will cover the difference between your personal insurance and what your employer offers.