Cheapest car insurance in Iowa

It can be a pleasant experience to insure your car in Iowa. Iowa has many insurance companies that offer affordable car insurance. The average cost of Iowa car insurance is $252 for minimal coverage and $1,260 to cover full coverage. Iowa has the lowest average cost of car insurance in the country.

As with all states, Iowa residents should be aware of the dangers on the roads. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Association discovered that rural drivers are responsible for the majority of deaths and crashes in Iowa. It also has one the highest deer collision rates in the country. Full car insurance may offer coverage for your vehicle in the event that you are injured by an animal.

Iowa’s cheapest car insurance

Bankrate’s Insurance editorial team obtained the most current premium information from Quadrant Information Services. This includes data for Iowa’s largest insurance companies by market share. While finding the cheapest Iowa auto insurance may be a priority for many, we also considered coverages, discounts, and customer satisfaction ratings.

These companies might be able to provide you with quotes if you’re looking for the best car insurance in Iowa.


According to our research, USAA is the best auto insurance company in Iowa. It offers both minimum coverage and complete coverage. The company sells insurance only to current and former military personnel and their immediate families. USAA is not allowed to rank with J.D. because of its eligibility restrictions. The company earned the highest number points in 2020 J.D. Power’s auto insurance study. Power U.S. Auto Insurance Study, Central Region, Iowa.

USAA offers many ways to save, on top of the low average rates. A discount could be available if you have a new vehicle insured, are a safe driver, or drive low-mileage annually. You can also get discounts on garaging your vehicle at a military base, or even storing it while you’re deployed.

Iowa Farm Bureau

Iowa Farm Bureau may be an option if you’re looking for a provider that offers low average rates, but not eligible for USAA coverage. You might also be eligible for the Driveology telematics discount and Young Driver Safety program to save even more. Savings could also be possible if you are claims-free, drive low mileage annually, or bundle your auto and home insurance.

You might also consider modifying your coverage to include roadside assistance and replacement cost coverage. Farm Bureau also offers insurance options for motorcycles, farm vehicles, and recreational vehicles.


Geico’s Iowa average rates are slightly lower than the state average. However, the company offers many discounts to keep your premium low. There are some things you can do to save money: being a military member or federal employee, being a good student, wearing your seatbelt, and having your vehicle’s safety features installed.

Geico’s technology may be a good choice if you are looking to manage your insurance online. Geico’s online customer portal and mobile application are both robust and highly rated on Google Play and App Store. You can access your ID cards, make payments, call for roadside assistance and file a claim.


Auto-Owners, a regional carrier, may not be as familiar with our list as other companies. The company does offer a great car insurance product. The average full coverage rate for Auto-Owners is the highest among all carriers. However, the premium includes a variety of coverage options including Personal Automobile Plus, which offers identity theft coverage and coverage for cell phones.

Auto-Owners offers multiple discounts to lower policyholders’ premiums. You may save money by paying upfront, bundling home and auto policies and enrolling in paperless statements. Also, you can get a quote before the current policy expires.


Another affordable car insurance option in the Hawkeye State is Progressive. The Name your Price tool lets you enter the amount that you can afford and populates a range coverage options within your budget. Progressive collision coverage will also cover pets in the event of an accident. If pets are hurt in a car accident, the carrier will cover vet expenses.

Progressive offers many discounts that will help lower your premium. There are many ways to save money: You can get your quote online and purchase your policy online.

Iowa drivers must have minimum coverage

Iowa has the minimum insurance requirements for car owners, just like other states. Iowa requires all vehicle owners to have insurance that meets minimum liability requirements.

  • $20,000 per person for bodily injury
  • $40,000 per accident for bodily injury
  • $15,000 property damage per accident

Insurers are required to offer uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage at $20,000/$40,000, but individuals can reject this coverage in writing if they prefer.

The minimum coverage you need only covers injuries or damages that you cause others. You will need collision and comprehensive coverage if you want to be covered for damage to your vehicle. This is known as “full coverage.”

Although minimum coverage insurance is cheaper than full coverage, insurance professionals recommend that drivers purchase higher liability limits when they can. You will be responsible to pay the difference if the at-fault damage exceeds the liability coverage you have.

How to Get Cheap Iowa Car Insurance

Iowa’s auto insurance rates are lower than the national average. However, there are still ways you can save. There are several ways to save money on your car insurance

  • Multiple quotes are helpful: The price of car insurance can vary from one company to the next. Multiple quotes can help you compare prices and get the coverage you need.
  • Apply for discounts by searching for and applying for them: There are many auto insurance companies that offer discounts to students, professionals, military personnel, certain vehicles, safe drivers, and automatic payments. You might be able to reduce your car insurance bills by taking advantage of all the discounts you are eligible for.
  • You can choose a higher deductible if you have full coverage. If you need to file a claim for collision or comprehensive coverage, then you will need to pay the applicable tax out of pocket. The deductible you choose will affect how much your premium. This change can not always be a significant savings. Also, make sure that you have the funds to pay the higher deductible in case you are in an accident.
  • Your credit score can be improved: Car insurance companies will often assess your credit score in order to determine how likely you are to file a claim. Your car insurance might be more costly if you have unpaid bills or judgments on your credit. Your insurance premiums may be affected if you work to improve your credit score.

Maintaining a clean driving record is one of the best ways to lower your car insurance premiums. Avoiding tickets, accidents, and DUIs will help you avoid paying surcharges that could significantly increase your premium.

Questions frequently asked

Which Iowa insurance policy is best?

Your coverage requirements and your financial resources will determine the best Iowa car insurance. You should first identify your needs and desires in order to find the best car insurance. Next, you can compare quotes from different carriers to find the best fit for your needs.

What is the average cost for car insurance in the United States?

The average cost of car insurance in the U.S. for minimum coverage is $565 and full coverage is $1,674. Iowa rates are much lower than the national average at $252 per year for minimum coverage, and $1,260 for full coverage. Your individual rating factors will affect how much you pay for your insurance. This includes your gender, driving record, age, type of car, driving history, ZIP code and what coverages you select.

What type of insurance do I need for a car accident with a deer?

If you hit a deer or another wildlife while driving, the minimum insurance required by the state does not cover repairs to your vehicle. Comprehensive coverage is required to cover the costs of hitting an animal. Sometimes called “other than collision” coverage. Most full-car insurance policies include both. This protects you against accidents, weather damage, theft, vandalism, fire, and other hazards.