Cheapest car insurance in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. traffic is returning to normal after a decrease in road traffic due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, this means that roads are more congested and there is a greater chance of fatalities and collisions. D.C. has witnessed 17 traffic deaths so far in 2021, compared to the 10 total fatalities last year. Car insurance is essential for most residents of D.C. as they commute by their own cars.

Washington, D.C.’s average cost for car insurance is high, at $704 per year for minimum coverage, and $1,855 per year for full coverage. Residents should not be discouraged as there are many options for cheap auto insurance in Washington. Bankrate reviewed the annual quotes of several insurers using our sample profile to determine which ones were the most affordable.

Washington, D.C. has the cheapest car insurance

D.C. drivers may find it difficult to avoid long commutes, but affordable coverage is possible. Many of top providers are low-cost, offer good coverage, discounts and great claims handling. We narrowed down these five options to find the best auto insurance in Washington, D.C. based on the average annual rates of each company gathered through Quadrant Information Services.


USAA is the most affordable carrier in Washington, D.C., with an average minimum coverage premium of $321 below the capital average. There are ten military bases in the area, so USAA may be a good option for those who are active-duty military personnel, veterans, and their immediate families. Drivers can also take advantage of USAA’s new safe-driving program, which offers savings while they are deployed or keep their USAA coverage for a longer time. Policyholders can earn up to 10% when they sign up for SafePilot and as much as 30% when they renew their policy.

USAA is a standout company that consistently achieves the highest J.D. Power scores for customer satisfaction. The 2020 J.D. The 2020 J.D. USAA might still be a good choice for D.C. customers who qualify because of its exclusive coverage and affordable rates.


Erie RateLock is one of the most popular features. It offers drivers without membership requirements the lowest annual premiums and also provides the lowest annual premiums. Drivers can lock in their premium to prevent rate increases even in the case of a claim. The premium will not change as long as the drivers, registered address, and insured vehicles remain the same. This option could make it more attractive to purchase additional coverages like personal items. Premiums will not be affected by the addition.

D.C. policyholders might have greater confidence in the ability of the insurer to pay out claims on time thanks to an A+ (Superior AM Best) rating. This increases the chances of having a positive experience with insurance.


Geico offers options for all types of drivers. Geico is one of few insurance companies that offers military discounts. There are also a number of other benefits that are easy to get. Drivers who are members of one of Geico’s more 500 group partnerships can get a special discount. You can also get multiple discounts depending on your customer loyalty, driving history, and vehicle equipment.

Geico is able to offer cheap car insurance for drivers in D.C. Although coverage is usually basic, there are other options such as mechanical breakdown insurance.


Progressive, just like its name suggests, offers many useful online and digital tools to help you get car insurance. Progressive’s Name Your Price tool makes it easier for drivers to set a budget when choosing coverage. It allows customers to share their budget and receive coverage options that best suit their needs. The Progressive Snapshot could help drivers save an average $146 per a year on premiums that are based on safe driving habits and tracked.

Progressive offers riders insurance that includes rideshare coverage, a deductible savings account for policy periods without new claims, and drivers who are insured through Progressive can view their policy and make claims via its mobile app.

State Farm

State Farm, despite offering more expensive coverage than the capital’s average rate, is the second largest private passenger insurance company in the D.C. region. This could be due to the trust of D.C. drivers in State Farm to provide adequate coverage, possibly justifying the higher price. State Farm is also a top-rated provider in claims satisfaction according to the 2020 J.D. Power Auto Claims Satisfaction Study: 881 points out of 1,000

Drivers could take advantage of State Farm discounts to reduce their premiums. This includes insuring a vehicle with safety features and taking a approved driving course. Although the insurer doesn’t offer many add-ons options, drivers who desire more protection could choose to have full coverage and get roadside assistance.

Washington, D.C. driver’s minimum coverage requirements

Washington, D.C. drivers must have at least the minimum amount of insurance in order to operate a car. Insurers must offer personal injury protection (PIP) to D.C. residents, although drivers can choose to waive this coverage. D.C. is considered a no fault area. The 25/50/10 remaining limits are:

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability per individual
  • $50k bodily injury liability per accident
  • Ten Thousand Dollars per accident property damage liability

Drivers must also have at least the same amount of uninsured motorist coverage for bodily injury liability. Uninsured motorist coverage must include property damage coverage, at least $5,000, and a $200 deductible.

Minimum coverage insurance is usually the most affordable option for drivers. Most drivers will benefit from having more coverage than is necessary. Although there’s no guarantee that your full coverage will cover all costs of an at-fault collision, higher coverage limits can provide financial backing and coverage for any damage to your vehicle. In comparison, minimal coverage often is not sufficient to cover the full cost of an at fault accident. Drivers who cause an accident that exceeds their policy’s limits must pay any excess out of pocket. Leasing drivers may be required by lenders to buy full coverage.

How to find cheap Washington, D.C. car insurance

Washington, D.C. drivers have a number of options to help them get cheap car insurance. These are some of the most common ways to save:

  • Compare: Not all insurance companies offer the same level of service. Do not choose the first provider that you see. Instead, do some research and compare quotes from other companies based upon your criteria.
  • You can increase your deductible. The higher your monthly payments, the lower you will pay. This can lead to a higher out of pocket cost in the case of a claim. Insurance experts advise policyholders to only increase their deductible when they are able to afford it.
  • You can pay your annual policy in full. Many car insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who are able to pay in full.
  • Discounts: There are many discounts offered by insurance companies. Consider insurers who offer multiple discounts that you are eligible to save the most.

Questions frequently asked

What is the best Washington, D.C. car insurance?

Washington D.C. has many car insurance providers. Drivers need to shop around and compare providers to find the best company for them. Each driver will have their own preferences about the best car insurance company.

What is the average cost for car insurance in the United States?

An average American driver will pay $1674 per year for full coverage car insurance policy. The average Washington D.C. driver pays $1855 per year for the same insurance. This is significantly higher than the national average. The average Washington D.C. driver pays more for car insurance than the average American driver. Due to Washington’s high rate of car accidents and heavy traffic congestion, this is likely to be a result. Your rates could be higher than the average depending on your driving record, age and other factors.

What is full coverage car insurance?

Car insurance that covers full coverage usually covers liability, uninsured or underinsured motorists coverage, as well as medical payments and collision (sometimes called “other then collision”) coverages. Insurance companies may also offer endorsements such as roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement for full coverage policies.

What is Washington’s insurance claim rate?

In Washington, D.C. , accidents have caused 133 injuries and 17 deaths since January 2021. These incidents are likely to have resulted in costly lawsuits and insurance claims, so it is important to get affordable and appropriate coverage. Car insurance can’t prevent major accidents, but it can help to cover losses that have occurred with minimal financial strain.