Childcare Costs Continue To Rise But What About Nursery Insurance?

According to the Daycare Trusts Childcare Costs Survey 2007, pre-school childcare costs in England continue to rise. For children under 2 years old, the average cost of a nursery place in England has increased by 6 percent to PS7900 per annum (or PS152 per wk).

The cost for an out-of-school club in Wales is PS34, while it costs PS38 in England and Scotland for 15 hours.

If parents have to pay more for child-care facilities, it seems logical that child care providers and nurseries would try to make sure they are competitive by constantly reviewing and maintaining control over their expenditures.

Reduced nursery business insurance premiums are one way nurseries can save money. This could help them to pass savings on to customers. Despite the fact that there are so many insurance companies and brokers trying to get business (with low-cost insurance), it can be difficult for nursery owners and nurseries to figure out where to go to find the right insurance company to provide the best premium, as well as the right coverage, service and experience.

Nurseries can now get help from Northern Counties Insurance Brokers by purchasing specialist nursery insurance products. Nurseries can benefit from tailored business insurance that is tailored to their specific needs through specialist nursery insurance policies. This allows nurseries, daycares, pre-schools and kindergartens to choose the coverage they need, rather than being stuck with the same old cover. This allows them to save time as an insurance broker such as Northern Counties searches the market for them, and ultimately save money on nursery insurance.

A specialist nursery insurance broker can also offer advice and guidance regarding health, safety, and risk management. This could help reduce your risk exposure and reduce your premiums.

Northern Counties has dedicated claims managers who will help you to file a claim if your nursery is damaged or loses its insurance.

Nurseries can now get quick quotes online and over the phone for nursery insurance. You can save huge on your insurance and get expert advice quickly and efficiently by visiting a website or calling.

While other types of insurance are often decided on price, the advantage of using a nursery expert to insure your child’s nursery is that you don’t have to compromise quality for a lower premium. The opposite is true, as nursery experts are knowledgeable and have years of experience in the pre-school industry so that you can be high quality.

Parents are looking for better service and quality in nurseries. There is no reason that nurseries can’t look for the same from service providers.

The cost of childcare is on the rise, but that doesn’t mean your nursery insurance should be. Shop around, get advice and find out how your nursery can profit.

Mark Burdett is Northern Counties Insurance Brokers’ Marketing Manager. Mark has more than 17 years of experience in marketing the Financial Services industry. He has been involved with campaigns for companies such as Norwich Union, Kia, and Zurich.

Mark is now based in Newcastle upon Tyne and works as Marketing Manager for Northern Counties Insurance Brokers, one of the UK’s leading insurance brokers.