Consider Safety Factors For Cheapest Teen Car Insurance

It’s almost a custom that teens get their driver’s license when they turn 18. Many parents are glad to give up the chauffeur role and will help their teen drive. However, most parents don’t know what kind of car their teenager driver will drive.

The cost of the car is something that most people will be concerned about when they go to a car dealership. It is understandable that teenagers are concerned about the price of a car. However, the fact that they will be driving the vehicle almost all the time makes it more important than the cost.

You can find a used late model car for as low as $17k to $118k. This is if the car has not been extensively repaired, will get good gas mileage and won’t be in constant repair. Any car salesman will point out that you can get a brand-new car for a few thousand less than a used vehicle.

Take into account their motivation. Their motivation is to sell cars and to point out value to customers. The more money they get from you, the better they do their job. This is what the dealership pays them. Is it the best choice for your teen driver though?

Typically, no. You should consider other factors, especially for teens. The safety rating of a particular car is first. This includes details such as the engine, 4 cylinders versus 6 cylinders, or 8 cylinders, and many other factors. What is this vehicle’s crash safety rating? To find out, you can contact your car insurance company. You may be surprised to discover that a model with a higher price tag than the one you are considering has twice as much crash safety rating. If your teen is killed in an auto accident, no amount of money will replace them. Make sure you check the crash safety rating for any car that you are interested in.

Also, you need to think about the cost of insurance. This is directly tied to the car’s crash safety rating. The results you’ll find might surprise you. You may be surprised at the cost of insurance for a car that is sporty and fast, which may be something your teen wants.

It is a fact that teenage drivers pose greater risks to car insurance companies. Teen drivers between 16-19 years of age are four times more likely to be in an accident than older drivers. No matter how responsible and safe your teen is, statistics show that they are more likely to get into an accident than older drivers. This point has been proven time and again.

Consider the safety rating and then the number of safety equipment that is installed in the vehicle. Next, consider the cost. You should not make the decision about the cost of the car for your teenager.

After you’ve chosen the right car for your teenager and considered safety ratings and equipment, you will most likely find that the car insurance you pay is reasonable. Or at least, it’s much less than if you didn’t consider those factors.