Convicted Driver Insurance

A motoring conviction, or any other non-motor related criminal conviction, can be extremely stressful. This can affect your ability to drive again and your insurance contract. In certain cases, insurers may charge higher premiums than the average or decline to quote.

We are here to help! Specialist insurance providers offer affordable coverage for all types of convictions. They recognize that a conviction doesn’t necessarily make you more likely to be covered and will do everything in their power to help you get back on the road at an affordable rate.

The type of conviction you have will affect how much your insurance premium increases. A conviction means that you are a driver if you are convicted of a motoring offense. This can include the most serious such as dangerous driving or drink, as well as minor offences such as speeding. Penalty points are the most common penalty for driving offenses in the UK. A higher number of penalty points on your license means that you are more at risk to an insurer and therefore will pay a higher rate. A drink driving conviction will result in a higher premium than a single speeding offense, which may only slightly increase your premium.

Insurers may not be able offer third party coverage for some people who have been convicted of more serious offenses. Although many specialist insurers will be able offer full coverage, this can be costly.

There are some things you can do when looking for Convicted Driver Insurance.

Shop around – Compare insurance quotes from several companies. Focus on those that specialize in Convicted Driver Insurance. While comparison sites can be useful, they may not be the best choice for this type insurance. Comparison sites can sometimes be misleading or inaccurate for serious convictions. Make sure you contact your insurer to confirm the rate. Talking to an insurance broker or insurer directly will allow them to answer more questions and better understand what your needs are.

Full disclosure of convictions – According to the Rehabilitation Act 1974, all convictions within the last five years must be disclosed to insurance companies. This could cause your policy to be invalidated. After five years, all driving convictions are considered “spent” and will not affect your insurance premium.

A Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course is available to anyone convicted of drinking driving. This course can reduce your premium and could even decrease the length of your driving ban.

Many insurers offer discounts for adding a spouse/partner to your policy. Avoid policies that cover ‘any driver.

Accept a higher voluntary excess. The lower your premium, the higher your excess will be.

Reduce your annual mileage. Insurers consider that the farther you drive the more likely you will be in an accident. Your policy may be cancelled if you drive beyond the agreed distance.

You can improve security by parking your car in a safe place such as a garage or driveway. If you have a Thatcham-approved security system, your insurer may offer a discount. This should be discussed with your insurance company.

Buy a car with a low insurance rating – A car in the “low insurance” bracket will not only lower your insurance costs but also make it more affordable to own.