Discount Dental and Vision Plan – Find Out How to Save a Bundle of Money Without Health Insurance!

You might be thinking, “If I cannot afford health insurance, how can I afford a discount vision and dental plan?” How is this going to benefit me if it costs less than I can afford? Do you think discounting means that I will get less than the best care?

The same thoughts were always mine. Before I began researching the topic, I knew about discount dental plans. However, I didn’t know it often included other services. After losing my job, my insurance coverage ended and I couldn’t afford to pay the large premiums that were required to keep it. I had to find some help.

You know enough to realize that just because you don’t have insurance doesn’t mean you won’t get sick. What do you do if your tooth hurts? If you have children, they should be seen every six months. Even if you think that you don’t need to visit a dentist every six-months, children are different. What can you do to get a little rest?

Skeptic as I am… It was a shock to me that a discount vision and dental plan is an affordable and practical option. I must have been proven wrong. I’ve been burned way too many times! Lucky for me…

I had previously broken a tooth a few months ago, but it was only a minor inconvenience. But that all changed overnight. It was terrible… I thought Orajel was giving me time, but I knew I had to make an appointment to fix the problem. SOON! And I was panicking because I didn’t have insurance. That is approximately one to two thousand dollars. Hello, it seems that some people were not able to understand the fact I had no job and no health insurance benefits.

This is when I began my huge search for help to find a reliable company that could provide the assistance I needed. There is an abundance of information online about ANYTHING you want… Did you notice that? That was true when I searched for “discount dental plan over 250,000 results” This was going to take me a lot of time, as I expected. Before I handed over any money, I wanted to find a company with a long history.

It was a small number of companies that I chose to narrow down. One company stood out because it had vision, prescription, as well as chiropractic benefits. You could choose to have individual or household plans. It didn’t matter if you were related or not. As I mentioned before… But, as I said before…

After my initial consultation, I was given a prescription for pain relief. I wouldn’t normally be able to fill it but I had a discount code. Before filling the prescription, I asked the pharmacist technician what my out-of pocket cost would be. The card would have saved me more than half the price of the medication, which sounded amazing to me.

The big test was the dental bill… They accepted my vision and discount dental plan card and I was able to save almost six hundred dollars. Wow… Wow!