Driving From Canada to Mexico Without Mexican Insurance?


Many Canadians are unaware that Mexico doesn’t accept foreign auto insurance policies until it is too late. Your Canadian coverage may cover all cars and people involved in an accident. However, Mexican car insurance policies are not valid in Mexico. Police will take you and your car to the accident scene. Mexico’s Napoleonic system makes you guilty until proven innocent. If you are found to be at fault for injuries, you will be responsible for paying medical bills and financial support to the injured person and their families until they recover. You must buy Mexican insurance from an authorized Mexican company.

To get the best rates and services, Canadians who travel to Mexico need to choose their Mexican Auto Insurance policy and company in advance. There are many vendors that offer coverage near or across the Mexican border. However, it can be difficult to determine if the provider of the policy has been approved and is able to pay any claims. It is also difficult to determine if coverage is required and what the fees and price would be.

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How to Find the Best Mexican Insurance for Canadians Driving to Mexico

Mexico Auto Insurance can be purchased online. This is the fastest and most convenient way to get Mexican auto insurance. Mexican auto insurance websites must have verifiable references and offer more than one policy. You can also compare and customise quotes. You should only choose companies with customer service numbers that you can call directly for any questions. If an accident happens while you’re in Mexico, you can call and trust the company.

What to look for in a Mexican insurance plan

Like Canadian law, Mexican law requires that liability coverage be in place. Liability coverage is not sufficient for minor traffic incidents. The severity and location of an investigation by authorities will determine whether liability coverage is sufficient. Look for Mexican insurance plans that offer minimal coverage when you are looking for Mexican insurance.

– Third Party Liability (Civil).

– Medical expenses for driver and occupant

– Travel and Medical Assistance

– Total Theft and Physical Damage to Vehicle

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– Legal Assistance and Bail Bond

Mexico has Approved Claim Adjusters

Roadside Assistance

– Vandalism and Partial Theft

– Urgent Message Services

You may also want to consider the following policy considerations:

– The maximum number of passengers that can be covered by an accident

– The monetary limits for each service that is covered under the policy

– Exclusions that may be applicable (Please note that not all areas of Mexico are covered by your insurance policy. Extended coverage may be required if you plan to travel to these regions.

Mexican Car Insurance companies offer policies that provide coverage for short trips to Mexico. These policies can be used for daily, monthly or annual coverage. Make sure you are covered for your entire stay before you make a purchase. The coverage period will usually be longer, so the overall policy will likely cost less.

Mexican Insurance Policy Proof While in Mexico

As with Canadian proof of insurance, your Mexican insurance provider should provide you with the following form:

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Mexican Auto Insurance Policy – A genuine and well-recognized policy

Instructions on what to do after and during an accident

A complete list of phone numbers for contact (look out for availability 24 hours a day)

– Proof of payment via a receipt for premium payments

These items and your driver’s license should be kept with you while you travel in Mexico.