Finding car insurance in Montana after a DUI


Montana DUIs are more prevalent than other states. Drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs have one of the highest death rates in this country. According to state reports, more than half (58%) all vehicle-related deaths were caused by drunk drivers in 2019.

In most cases, a DUI in Montana can be very costly. After a DUI in Montana, you might have difficulty finding affordable car insurance. A DUI conviction in Montana can increase your pre-conviction rates up to 68%. The average cost of car insurance for a DUI in Montana is $2915. Understanding Montana’s DUI laws and the consequences is key to avoiding a DUI conviction.

Montana DUI laws

Both DUI or DWI can be used interchangeably to refer to driving while impaired. Driving while impaired in Montana means that you have an inability to drive safely due to the use of alcohol, prescription drugs, or marijuana. This applies even if your cardholder is a registered marijuana card holder. A DUI is a conviction for driving while under the influence.

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Montana’s official blood alcohol levels (BAC) are determined based on your occupation or age.

  • Adult drivers of noncommercial vehicles must have a BAC >= 0.08%
  • Commercial vehicle operators must meet a minimum threshold of >= 0.04%
  • Drivers younger than 21 years old must keep their driving record below.02%
  • Marijuana-related blood levels of 5 ng/ml of Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol or greater

State legislation is designed to reduce alcohol-impaired driving deaths by 2025. Montana DUI penalties can be severe. Depending on the severity of your offense, you could spend 24 hours to six month in jail if this is your first conviction. Montana DUI penalties range from $600 to $2,000, and include a six-month suspension on your driver’s licence. Multiple convictions can be considered a felony, and may result in severe penalties such as fines up to $10,000 and imprisonment for up to one year.

What a DUI can do to your Montana car insurance

Your car insurance rates may rise dramatically due to penalties and fines. A DUI is a risky behavior that is statistically higher likely to result in serious injuries and fatalities.

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Driving under the influence is responsible for more than half the Montana road deaths. After a DUI, your insurance provider might flag you as a high risk driver. The most common action is to increase your car insurance rates. However, there are some providers that may deny coverage or prevent you from renewing it.

Your car insurance rates are likely to increase if you don’t receive a notice of cancellation/nonrenewal following a DUI conviction. Bankrate compared quotes from many carriers to determine the average increase in your premiums. Although Montana’s premiums are not as high as the national average for the year, the difference in annual increases is significant.

After a Montana DUI, you can find car insurance

Some carriers might cancel your coverage or refuse to renew it, but others will insure drivers with DUI convictions. It is important to shop around for the best car insurance rates. You could end up paying thousands more annually for the same coverage depending on which carrier you choose.

Below is a list of some of the most prominent national carriers, and how their rates compare to Montana DUI-convicted drivers. Based on annual premiums quoted, Progressive is the most cost-effective. USAA is second. USAA, however, is an insurance company that members can only access. You must be a member of the military, a veteran, or a spouse in order to qualify for coverage. These providers have lower rates than the average national rate, which includes a DUI.

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These average car insurance rates are based on Progressive, USAA State Farm Farmers, Geico, and State Farm. There are many factors that could affect your quote. Rates can be affected by your location, your level of coverage, your age, and even your credit score.

Questions frequently asked

What will a Michigan DUI do to my criminal record?

Your criminal record will be kept for ten years if you are convicted of DUI in Michigan. As long as your conviction is on your criminal record, it will most likely impact your insurance premiums. You could be charged with either a misdemeanor, or a felony depending on whether the DUI was a first offense. Felonies can be more severe convictions that could have a negative impact on your life and affect your ability to apply for new jobs or travel.

What is a DUI in Montana?

Montana has different blood alcohol thresholds for different drivers. Drivers under 21 years old have to drive under.02%. Commercial vehicle drivers must keep under.04%. All other drivers can be charged with DUI if they have blood alcohol levels of.08% and higher.

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What is the cost of car insurance for a DUI?

According to Bankrate’s analysis of annual premiums, a Montana DUI will result in a 68% increase in your premiums. For full coverage, the average annual pre-DUI insurance rate in Montana is $1,737. Full coverage rates in Montana start at $2,915 after a DUI.