First Time Driver Insurance

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Because of the higher risk, first-time driver insurance can be expensive. Statistics show that younger drivers are more likely than older drivers to be in an accident. It is therefore important that you have the right coverage. We have the lowest prices on the market and are the most affordable.

It can be expensive to insure your first driver. We have found the perfect provider for you!
First-time driver insurance money-saving tips

Insurance Money-Saving Tip – Tips for young drivers and first-time drivers on how to lower your insurance premium

You’ve focused, learned your highway code and spent your savings on multiple driving tests and exams. Now you are ready to pass! You are excited and full of enthusiasm. Your parents promised you a car if your went to college or university. Now you have to overcome the most difficult hurdle, First Time driver insurance. How do you get your car off the driveway?

Here are 5 tips to help you lower your insurance premium if this is your first car. We’ll give you the best quote possible if you follow the above tips.

The bad news is that young drivers, especially if they are male, pose a greater risk to the insurance company. They will be charged a significant premium just for this reason.
The good news is that

Why you need First-time driver insurance

You can’t leave home without insurance
This is our recommendation list to keep your premium as low as possible.

Types of cars

We all grew up wanting a supercar as teenagers. If you want to lower your First Time driver insurance premiums then avoid a luxury car, high-powered engine, or ‘Hot Hatch’ (2 door VW Golf, Peugeot), as your first vehicle. Insurance companies will be more likely to insure expensive cars with large engines. We recommend that you buy a car with a smaller engine, which is a standard model and has no modifications. A hatchback with 3 or 5 doors that has a 1 Litre engine, or a car of the insurance group no. You may prefer 4

Get your premium

Don’t buy an older car.
Your First Time driver insurance quote won’t be lower just because your car is older. Older cars require a lot more care and attention. This can often leave First Time drivers out of pocket for repairs. Your insurance will go up if you buy an older car with a large engine.

Third party fire and theft coverage is available. Third party coverage is the minimum level of protection you must have in order to legally drive on the roads. This coverage will cover you for any damage or injury that you might cause to the property of others.

It does not cover accidental damage to your vehicle.

Clean is Good

Keep safe and sensible driving habits. Your premium will be affected by any points or convictions related to speeding, insurance violation or dangerous driving.

You will receive a discount for safe driving for the last year if you are accident- and claims-free for the term of your insurance.