Food Insurance, Do You Have Any?


You may be wondering what food insurance is.

You are not alone!

Insurance is something we have all heard about, and it has become a part of our lives as responsible adults. It becomes apparent how important it is. These are some examples of insurance that you may be familiar with …..

* Heath Insurance – Our Government is currently trying to pass bills to provide medical care for many Americans who do not have the right coverage. We are not going to take sides on whether these policies are correct or not. This website is not political. However, we want to emphasize that you cannot get good health insurance without it. Many of us cannot afford the high-priced prescriptions and medical care that we require every day.

* Home Insurance – Although not all people own homes, I recommend that those who do not have Renters Insurance take out this policy. It is a common term that home owners have heard about, or at the very least their Banker or Mortgage Broker has made sure you have it before you can buy that beautiful castle you call home. You should not have paid cash for your home, or care if it falls apart tomorrow. Home insurance is something you have heard about and understand.

* Auto Insurance – If you own a vehicle and drive it legally, then you should know about Auto Insurance. I don’t know many people who could afford to have their car repaired after a collision. You can still get Auto Insurance if your car is in an accident. For the sake of paying for medical bills, you could lose all your possessions.

* Life Insurance – This insurance is the most important and neglected of all. How many times have you seen a family left in grief after the loss of a loved-one? Many times, the primary or sole provider of income for the household was what left them in pain. It’s not uncommon to find yourself with a mountain of bills and debt, without any income to cover them. Get Life Insurance ASAP if you don’t have it. This could be your only option for your loved ones and family to pay expenses until you can get a new plan. I know this for myself, in that awful time. It would be a terrible thing for my family to wander aimlessly through the streets looking for their next meal.

Next, let’s move on to the one that we haven’t heard of: FOOD INSURANCE

* Food Insurance – Many people don’t think about Food Insurance. Some people may believe that Food Insurance doesn’t need to be a necessity. Please see our (Reasons To Prepare) page NOW if this is true.

When it comes down to it, humans are the most basic species. To survive, we only need three essential needs. Water, Shelter, and, of course, FOOD are the three most important things we need to survive.

It is our responsibility to ensure that every one of the 3 essential things you need to live a normal life in today’s world is covered. We don’t want you to ignore your payments for your home, car, or health insurance premiums. We want people to know how important it is to ensure that you are covered in times of emergency. This is a common area that we all neglect. However, if everyone works together to inform our families, friends, and all other people about the importance, it will be a lot easier. One person at a given time, we can make the world better.

We encourage you to look deep and see that a year’s worth proper food storage is not any different from the $10,000 you might have saved for an emergency.

You really need to think about how valuable $10,000 dollars would be if you didn’t have any stores where you could spend it, computers that told you it was still there, and no phone or communication so you can call someone who cares about you or your $10.000. When it comes down to the truth, it is a really terrible situation that we all hope never happens. You have what you have right now. We don’t know how long it will take to get there, whether that is a day or a month, or even a year. Is food insurance really so important?

We think YES!