Getting the Right Motorcycle Insurance


Every person who has owned a motorcycle will hold it in their hearts. A motorcycle is something that’s almost more magical and treasured than any other vehicle. Your first ride is always a memory, and you are always looking forward to the next one, no matter how small.

It’s not enough to be safe out there in the vast, wide-open world. Many bikers feel oppressed by various factions of society and the establishment. Motorcycling has become more than a hobby. It is a necessity for financial transportation.

Motorcycling is dangerous because of the inherent risks involved. This is usually caused by car drivers riding in their cocoons. Many people have had to file a claim. It can take years, often resulting in medical bills, lost time from work, and other hassles. Good insurance policies can help.

Many policies include legal coverage, breakdown (recovery), protection for uninsured drivers, riding in Europe, Protect No Claims Discount (NCB), and other features. You should compare quotes from all companies in order to get a fair quote. Also, it is a good idea to check out what the insurer offers. Legal cover is widely considered to be a standard thing and industry leaders are asking for it to become mandatory. Many policies include breakdown cover at a lower rate than what you would get from the Clubs (AA, RAC(TM), Green FlagTM etc.). It is important to check what policies are included in any quote.

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It is important to ask what the “Excess” will be. What percentage of the bill will the rider/owner have to pay if the bike is stolen or damaged? Some insurers will allow the policy holder to raise the Excess’ in exchange for a lower policy. But, be aware that there is a ‘Crunch! The rider might have to dig a little deeper into their pockets.

There are many types of insurance, including ‘Third Party Fire and Theft only’, ‘Third Party Fire and Theft’and ‘Fully Comprehensive’. If the policy buyer isn’t sure what the differences are then they can ask the quoter to clarify. Although the differences aren’t huge in terms of financial costs, they can have a significant impact on claims. You should check to see if you can protect your NCB (No Claims bonus). A small accident such as dropping a bicycle on your driveway could ruin six years worth of hard-earned NCB.

Your insurer will need to know if the bike has been modified from its original model. This way, if you have to file a claim they will give you the fair value of the bike as well as any additional’s. In this case, the insurer could say that the bike was not described in the policy. This could cause problems in proving that the bike is insured or in submitting a claim. Honesty is the best policy for obtaining a policy.

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All insurance companies will ask you where your bike is kept, whether it is on the road or in the garage. Also, inquire about the security features installed on your bike. Also, inform your insurer if the bike is equipped with an alarm, a ground anchor, Smartwater(TM), Alphadot(TM), or any other security device. These devices may reduce your premium.

Always read all terms and conditions before signing any contract. If you have any questions, contact the insurance company. It is worth taking a little extra time now to save time in the future.

It can be helpful to keep a pen and paper handy when you are looking for insurance quotes. You can take notes about the different policies, their premiums, perks and excesses. What insurance companies offer legal coverage, breakdown coverage and what insurers don’t?