Grange Insurance Review

Grange Insurance Company, based in Columbus Ohio, offers home, auto, and life insurance. It has been providing this service since 1935. Individuals who reside in 13 states such as Georgia, Illinois and Indiana, Iowa Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota Ohio, Pennsylvania South Carolina, Tennessee or Virginia can purchase Grange homeowners insurance.

Grange Car Insurance

Grange auto insurance is one of the most sought-after products the insurance company offers. You can find almost every type of coverage you need to protect yourself and your assets, regardless of whether you need basic auto insurance to drive legally in your state.

Types of coverage

Grange auto offers more than just basic coverages such as liability and collision coverage.

  • Underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage: Steps in to cover your damages if the other driver wasn’t properly insured.
  • Rental car reimbursement: Covers the cost of your car while it is being repaired.
  • Leasing/lease coverage with gap coverage: If the value of your vehicle is lower than the amount you owe on the loan, the lender will pay gap coverage.
  • Coverage by original equipment manufacturer (OEM). You will be reimbursed for original manufacturer parts if you are covered during a repair.
  • Pet Injury: Covers your vet bills for your pet if they are traveling with you or have been in an accident.
  • Roadside assistance is 24 hour service for those who need towing, flat tire repair, or fuel.
  • Full windshield repair: Covers the cost of repairing or replacing your windshield.

Grange car insurance: What is the cost?

Grange offers affordable car insurance. Compare the annual cost for basic coverage of the minimum state-required liability insurance to the full coverage that includes comprehensive and collision insurance.

Average Annual Premium for Minimum InsuranceAverage annual premium for full coverage

Get Discounts

  • Accident forgiveness You will get your first at-fault car accident written off. This will save you money on vehicle insurance premiums.
  • Multiple policies: Combine home and auto with Grange Insurance for maximum savings.
  • Multiple vehicle coverage: You’ll get a discount if you insure more than one vehicle with Grange.
  • Legacy loyalty The lower your annual premiums, the longer you are insured with Grange Insurance.
  • Full payment You can get a small discount by making a single, in-full, annual payment.
  • Request an advance quote Schedule your new policy in advance to receive a discount
  • OnTrack Telematics: Download Grange’s OnTrack App and get discounts based upon your safe driving habits.
  • Safety tech: All vehicles equipped with driver safety features are eligible.
  • Safe driver: Drivers who have not been cited, sued or injured can be eligible for lower premiums.
  • A good student: Full time students with high grades get a discount on Grange car insurance.

Grange Home Insurance

Protecting your property is essential if you rent, own, or lease a condo, apartment, or home. Homeowners Insurance covers your home and all of your personal belongings. Your personal property is covered by renters insurance in the event of theft, fire, or damage.

Types of coverage

  • Replacement cost – You will be reimbursed for the replacement of items with new versions.
  • Underground service line: Payments for repairs to underground electrical, telecom and plumbing systems, including internet cables.
  • Drain and sewer backups: This coverage is often overlooked but could help you save thousands of dollars from flooding caused by a backup.
  • Cyber protection for your home: Protects you computers and devices against identity theft, fraud online, hackers, and viruses.
  • Artwork, jewelry and collectibles endorsement. Insures higher-value items at their actual value.
  • Equipment breakdown: Repairs or replacements of your home’s systems such as the HVAC or pool equipment, or water heater.
  • Assisted Living Care: Protects the belongings of your loved one while they are in an assisted living facility.

Get Discounts

  • Multiple policy: Bundle-Grange car insurance with home protection.
  • Paid in full: A single payment per year in advance is enough to get a small discount
  • Request an advance quote Schedule your new policy in advance to receive a discount
  • Home maintenance: Policyholders with a history of home maintenance can get a discount.
  • Home inspection by DIY: Regular home inspections can uncover neglected maintenance issues, and you could get a discount.
  • Smart Fire Alarm: A smart fire alarm can notify you and the fire department about a possible fire. This will save your home and lower your premium .
  • No claim required: Not filing a homeowners’ insurance claim can save you money on your home insurance.

Grange Life Insurance

Grange claims that many customers purchase more life insurance HTML than they actually need. Grange offers life insurance through independent agents. These agents can help you determine the right amount of coverage to suit your needs. Grange’s life insurance options vary depending on where you are located.

Different types of policies available

  • Term Life Insurance: This is the simplest and least expensive type of insurance. You can choose from a term such as 10, 15, or 30 years.
  • Permanent type of life insurance: This permanent type is available for as long you pay. You can get a cash value increase and a death benefit to your loved ones.

Grange is a great option because of these reasons

Grange is an excellent choice if you are looking for a full-service insurer. You can save time managing your insurance policies by bundling car, home, and life insurance together. You’ll receive a discount on all of your policies, which is the best part. Grange’s only drawback is its limited availability. You won’t be eligible if you aren’t a resident in the Central region of 13 states that it serves.

Ratings, reviews, customer satisfaction, and complaints about Grange

Grange Insurance reviews are mostly positive. Grange claims are easy and quick. Grange auto insurance was ranked #7 by customers in the J.D. The Power Customer Satisfaction Study. Grange Insurance reports that there are fewer complaints than the average number of insurance companies. The carrier is financially sound and has been awarded an A+ rating by AM Best, a credit rating agency.

Grange Insurance Reviews
AM BestA+ (Superior)
J.D. J.D.Auto for North Central: 832 1 of 1000
Home NR

Questions frequently asked

What information do I need in order to receive a Grange quote?

Online quotes are not offered by The Grange Insurance Company. For a quote, you will need to speak with an independent agent. Grange has an agent locator that will help you locate the nearest office.

How can I file a claim against Grange?

You will need to log in to your online account to file a claim or call 1-800-445-3030.