How a speeding ticket impacts your insurance in Illinois


Speeding tickets may not seem like a major issue to many drivers but it is an offense that can have serious consequences for your car insurance policy in Illinois. In 2018, speeding was responsible for 33.7%, 36.1%, and 38.2% respectively of all crash-related injuries in Illinois. Drivers who drive more than the speed limit by even one mile could face a $120 penalty and increased insurance costs.

Drivers who are cited for speeding in Illinois should understand the impact this violation has on your status with car insurers. Also, what steps can be taken to increase rates.

What is the cost of a speeding ticket for Illinois?

Speeding is a serious offense in Illinois. It all depends on the circumstances. The following chart shows what drivers might expect to pay depending on how fast they drive above posted speed limits.

The cost of speeding violations can vary depending on the location. A driver who is caught speeding in school zones will be subject to a $150 minimum fine and $300 per subsequent offense. For violations of construction zone, a minimum $250 fine is imposed for the first offense and $750 for every subsequent offense. In certain cases, drivers may have their license suspended for driving recklessly or street racing.

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How does a speeding ticket affect your car insurance in Illinois?

A driver’s insurance premium can see a dramatic increase after receiving a speeding ticket from Illinois. In addition to the speeding offense, insurers will consider gender and age when determining the exact premium increase that Illinois drivers will receive at policy renewal. Because certain drivers are perceived to be more at risk than others, this is why insurers will consider gender and age.

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that male drivers between 16 and 19 years old are almost twice as likely to be in a motor vehicle collision than female drivers. The premiums for young male drivers who are caught speeding are usually higher than for drivers older than 40 years and lower than for female drivers.

There are steps drivers can take to lower their rates and regain their good standing with car insurance companies, even if they have been cited for speeding.

How to reduce your car insurance following a speeding violation in Illinois

Although the financial consequences of a Illinois speeding ticket may seem shocking at first, there are many ways drivers can reduce their car insurance rates once they have been cited. Drivers who have received a speeding ticket can lower their premium cost by researching providers, taking advantage discounts, and making adjustments to their coverage.

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Get estimates from other car insurance providers

After receiving a speeding ticket, one of the best things drivers could do is to start researching rates from other providers within the area. A current carrier might not be the best option. Below is a table that shows how Illinois’ most well-known carriers typically charge policyholders for speeding tickets.

You may not only save money on your auto insurance, but you might also find other benefits to switching to another provider. A different provider might offer better coverage options, discounts, or provide more customer service reviews than your current carrier. Before making a decision, make sure you carefully weigh all options.

Get the best discounts available

You don’t have to get a speeding ticket on record. Numerous insurance companies offer discounts that don’t depend on your driving record.

  • Members may qualify for discounts through their provider if they belong to certain groups, employers or organizations. GEICO gives you up to 15% discount on certain auto insurance policies if your military service is completed.
  • Driver’s Education Discounts – To show your insurance company that you have made improvements in your driving habits, you might be eligible to take a qualified driver’s education course and receive a discount.
  • Students with good academic records may qualify for discounts on car insurance. This depends on the provider.
  • Vehicle Equipment Discounts
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There are many types of discounts that you can avail, so make sure to compare all offers to find the best deal.

Take into account your auto insurance coverage limits

Illinois is no exception. Each state has its own minimum coverage requirements for car insurance. Illinois drivers must have at least the minimum coverage required by law:

  • $25,000 to cover the death or injury of one person as a result of an accident that was caused by the policyholder
  • $50,000 for any injuries or deaths that result from an accident caused directly by the policyholder
  • $20,000 for property damage to other people in an accident that is the responsibility of the policyholder

Although you may see a short-term benefit from having minimum coverage, it can end up costing you more long-term. An accident can quickly surpass minimum coverage limits and leave you liable for expensive vehicle repairs.

Additional speeding ticket considerations

Speeding violations in Illinois can lead to increases in insurance premiums. According to the circumstances, speeding can be considered a serious offense and even a misdemeanor in Illinois. Drivers could have their licenses suspended, revoked, or subject to fines and rate increases. Drivers may be required to appear in court.

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Depending on the circumstances, a speeding violation can be made a “reckless-driving” conviction. Reckless homicide charges could be brought against a driver who is speeding and kills another driver. This is a class 3 felony and can lead to up to two to five years imprisonment, as well as up to $25,000 in penalties.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Which insurance company is best for drivers who have been cited for speeding?

Your age, gender, location and coverage requirements will all play a role in choosing the best car insurance company. It is important to do thorough research on each provider to compare rates, customer reviews, coverage options, and discounts.

After a speeding violation, can I be dropped from my insurance plan?

Your insurance provider could decide to cancel your policy or deny you coverage depending on how many speeding tickets or traffic violations your driving record has. Drivers may have to look for car insurance through the surplus market or their state-run plan if this happens.

What should I do if I get a speeding ticket in Illinois?

After receiving a speeding ticket for Illinois, the best thing is to follow one of these options:

  • Plead guilty and pay the fine to receive a conviction.
  • Plead guilty and pay to attend traffic safety class to avoid conviction.
  • You can plead not guilty and ask for a court date so that you can fight the conviction or negotiate a fine.
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