How a speeding ticket impacts your insurance in Louisiana

In Louisiana, driving faster than the posted speed limit is an offense. Drivers who are caught could face severe penalties including increased insurance rates of up to 16%. Drivers in Louisiana who are pulled over for speeding can face a fine and a higher premium on their car insurance. It is crucial to understand how speeding tickets can affect your car insurance premium in Louisiana and the possible consequences.

What is the cost of a Louisiana speeding ticket?

How much does a speeding ticket cost? Louisiana drivers are more likely to be fined for speeding. Louisiana drivers are more likely to face expensive speeding tickets than those in other states. The actual cost of a speeding ticket will vary depending on where it occurred and how fast the driver was driving.

For example, in Iberia Parish and St. Martin Parish, a standard speeding ticket comes with a fine between $287-$362. Louisiana is one of few states that doesn’t use a points system. This can result in a license being suspended after a certain amount of violations.

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How much will a speeding ticket affect your Louisiana car insurance?

Is your insurance going up because of a Louisiana speeding ticket? It is possible. A Louisiana speeding ticket could lead to a rate hike for your car insurance. The actual rate hike will depend on several factors such as the driver’s gender and age. On average, young drivers will experience a rate rise of 16% while adult drivers will experience a rate hike around 20%.

The table shows that 18-year old drivers pay much higher car insurance rates than drivers aged 40 and older after getting a speeding ticket in Louisiana. In general, younger drivers tend to pay more for car insurance due to having less road experience and being a higher risk. Male drivers also pay higher rates than women in both age groups.

How to reduce your car insurance following a Louisiana speeding ticket

A higher car insurance premium could be imposed if you are pulled over in Louisiana for speeding. Even if your driving record is perfect, it’s possible for your rate to increase. There are still ways to lower your car insurance rate, even if you get a speeding ticket.

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Get estimates from other car insurance providers

Each insurance company in Louisiana has a different rate of coverage. Consider getting quotes from other companies to see if there is a lower rate. You can usually switch insurance companies at any time during your policy period, without having to pay cancellation fees.

In the table below, you can see the average rates before and after a speeding ticket from some of the biggest car insurance companies in Louisiana:

Cross-shopping car insurance companies is a great way to compare prices. Also, consider other factors such as coverage options, endorsements, and discounts. You should also look into customer service reviews and ratings from financial institutions like J.D. Power and AM Best.

Check your coverage

You often have the option to add endorsements, such as accident forgiveness or custom part coverage, to your car insurance policy. You can lower your rate by reviewing your coverage and dropping any endorsements you don’t need.

Credit score improvement

Drivers with a good credit score are often rewarded with a lower car insurance rate because they statistically pose less risk to the insurance company. Your credit score can be raised by a few points to help you save money on your monthly premium.

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Additional speeding ticket considerations

A Louisiana speeding ticket can lead to significant fines and higher car insurance rates. The driver can pay the fine online, or request a hearing in order to contest the ticket. Traffic court can allow drivers to request a lower fine, a monthly payment plan, or to replace their monetary penalty with community service.

Questions frequently asked

Which insurance company is best for drivers who have been cited for speeding?

There is no single best car insurance company for drivers with a history of speeding tickets. No matter your driving record, each person’s best choice for car insurance is different based on their needs, location, and budget. Amica, Nationwide and State Farm are some of the best-rated providers for car insurance.

How much does Louisiana car insurance cost?

The average cost of car insurance in Louisiana is $2,724 per year for full coverage insurance and $975 per year for minimum coverage insurance. According to Bankrate’s rate samples, Louisiana is the most expensive state in which to purchase car insurance. The national average rate for full coverage policies is $1,674 annually.

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What is the minimum amount of car insurance required in Louisiana?

Every driver in Louisiana is required to carry a minimum amount of car insurance. The minimum requirements can be abbreviated to 15/30/25. This includes $15,000 per person in bodily injuries coverage, $30,000 per accident bodily injury coverage, and $25,000 property damage liability coverage.