How a speeding ticket impacts your insurance in New Mexico

According to Bankrate’s 2021 study on annual premiums, a speeding ticket has increased New Mexico’s average car insurance cost by 17%. This is likely due to the increasing number of accidents caused by speeding in New Mexico each year. On average, about 9% of all crashes are because of speeding. This is a substantial number for insurance providers and could be used to pay claims.

New Mexico drivers who are cited for speeding can expect higher premiums. However, there are ways to avoid further problems.

What is the cost of a New Mexico speeding ticket?

What does it cost to raise your insurance after getting a New Mexico speeding ticket? It depends.

The speeding ticket cost in New Mexico varies between $25-$200 depending on which speed zone a driver is in and how fast they are going. New Mexico is the only state with “absolute speeds limits”.

  • School zones require 15 mph
  • Businesses and residential areas 35 mph
  • Highways require 75

Drivers could still be issued a New Mexico speeding ticket, even though they obey the absolute speed limit. New Mexico state law essentially requires all drivers to use their best judgement when determining speed. Drivers should slow down if they feel the speed limit is too high for an area (due to weather conditions or pedestrians). Drivers could be ticketed if they do not slow down.

Each ticket includes license points, sometimes referred to as New Mexico insurance points. The point system is as follows:

  • Three points: 6-15 mph
  • Five points at 16-25 mph
  • Eight points for 26 mph and more

A driver who receives 7-10 points within the same 12 months, may have their license suspended for three months. A driver who earns 12 points or more in a single year could lose their license for as long as a year.

How does a speeding ticket affect your New Mexico car insurance?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted a multi-year study and found that men are 50% more likely to speed than women. In another study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, it was found that a staggering 71% of all passenger vehicle deaths were male in 2019. This data can help to explain why males pay more for speeding than women.

The rates are more striking at younger ages. However, they begin to balance around 40 years of age.

After a speeding ticket, 40-year-old women and men generally pay the same rates for insurance. While women may pay slightly more for insurance before an incident, men are usually penalized more after a speeding ticket. Many insurance companies believe that the higher accident risk warrants a steeper increase.

How to reduce your car insurance following a New Mexico speeding ticket

New Mexico’s speeding tickets can result in higher premium costs. To avoid any penalties, most speeding tickets in New Mexico will need to be dismissed in court. There are many ways to reduce your insurance costs, even if you have a speeding ticket.

Get estimates from other car insurance providers

Some insurance companies penalize drivers for speeding tickets, but not all. Although every provider will increase the price of a premium for drivers who speed, the exact amount depends on which company they are working with. It is important that you shop around to find a better rate after receiving a speeding ticket.

It might be worth paying attention to the average price of a company, J.D., when rating companies. The Power Score for customer satisfaction and online reviews. This information can be used to determine how reliable a company and how easy it is to work with them when they file a claim.


No matter if you’ve been cited for speeding, it is possible to save money by using the same company to handle all your insurance needs. It is up to the individual to decide whether to bundle homeowners insurance, life insurance, or any other type of insurance. You will usually get a substantial discount if you use the same company to cover all your insurance needs. Bundling can save you a lot of money, but it depends on which provider you choose. While rate shopping, you can talk to an agent about your insurance needs.

Your deductible should be increased

A higher deductible will result in a lower payout once you file a claim. You also pay less monthly or annually if you have a higher deductible. You don’t have to choose the highest deductible option to save money. Most providers offer a variety of deductible options. You should choose a deductible that you can afford to pay out of pocket in the event of a claim.

Learn how to be a safe driver.

To have a ticket removed from you file, contact your local court. Some tickets may not be eligible. The severity of your speeding ticket will determine whether you are approved. The fees are usually small, but the courses can be accessed online. This makes them easy for most drivers.

Additional speeding ticket considerations

Speeding 26 mph over the speed limit in New Mexico may be considered reckless driving. Penalties could include $100 in fines and up to five-90 days imprisonment. There may also be more severe consequences for repeat offenses. Six to eight New Mexico insurance points could be imposed on a conviction of this nature. With a single reckless driving conviction, your license could be automatically suspended.

Questions frequently asked

Which insurance company is best for drivers who have been cited for speeding?

The best insurance companies to work with after a speeding ticket is the one that offers you the best rate. This will be different for each driver. There are many providers that offer speeding rates at a lower rate, so you have many options.

What is the average price of car insurance?

The average cost of car insurance in the United States is $1,674 per year. It is $1,419 annually in New Mexico. Every driver pays a different amount depending on their driving record, vehicle type, and ZIP code.

Which New Mexico insurance policy is best?

There are several great car insurance companies in New Mexico worth considering, and many of them are nationally trusted. You might also consider the J.D. of a company when deciding on it. These are useful indicators for assessing insurer reliability. You can also find the most affordable price by going through each company’s quote process.