How a speeding ticket impacts your insurance in Texas

Texas has more than 13,000,000 licensed drivers. This is the second-highest number of drivers on Texas’ roads, after California. It’s no surprise that many Texas drivers speed off the roads.

Speeding tickets can result in more than a fine and missed work day. Texas drivers who receive speeding tickets or other traffic citations can increase their car insurance premiums.

What is the cost of a Texas speeding ticket?

Different fines are assessed by each county in Texas for speeding. Travis County charges $10 per mile for exceeding the speed limit, while other counties have minimums that are based on the distance you travel over the posted speed limit. No matter where you live in Texas, speeding within a school zone or construction zone will result in double to triple the fine.

Expect to pay $100 in fines if you are cited for speeding in Texas. You’ll be fined more if you speed. You may have to pay court fees if you decide to go to court to plead the case. Texas has a point system that assigns two points per conviction and three for an accident. A $100 surcharge will be added for each year if you accumulate six points or more in a single year. $25 per additional point.

What does a speeding ticket do to your Texas car insurance?

A speeding ticket conviction can lead to fines and possible points along with surcharge fees. Your car insurance premiums could also rise. Because males have been statistically shown to be more dangerous behind the wheel than women, they tend to pay higher insurance premiums. The percentage of auto insurance premiums that are increased due to a Texas speeding ticket is the same regardless of gender.

Texas drivers may experience higher percentage increases if they have good driving discounts included in their car insurance rates. A surcharge is added for the conviction of speeding, which results in an increase in the average annual premium.

How to reduce your car insurance following a Texas speeding ticket

It can be frustrating to see Texas drivers paying higher car insurance premiums due to a speeding ticket. However, there are many things you can do to reduce the cost for car insurance. These cost-saving measures can help reduce the out-of pocket cost associated with a speeding ticket conviction.

Get estimates from other car insurance providers

Texas drivers might be able to offset increases in auto insurance by shopping for insurance companies or comparing quotes. The table below shows that some companies experience higher premium increases due to speeding tickets than others.

Consider other factors when shopping for car insurance. The financial strength of a company determines its ability pay out claims. Customers’ reviews, claims satisfaction and ratings by third parties, as well as coverage options, discounts, and other factors are important.

Get discounts

You can review your existing policy to see if there are any discounts that you may be eligible for. Bundling your home and car insurance together is a good way to offset the increased cost of a Texas traffic ticket.

Check out the coverage

To drive legally in Texas, all drivers must maintain minimum liability limits. If you don’t have a loan or lease, however, comprehensive and collision coverage may not be necessary. If your car’s book value is low and you have the funds to purchase a new vehicle, you may be able to lower or eliminate certain coverages. Talk to a licensed agent about the best option for you.

Additional speeding ticket considerations

Texas drivers have two options: they can either pay the speeding ticket fine and accept their guilt, or they can go to court to challenge the ticket. If you decide to go to court you might have to pay additional fees in addition to the fine. Fees can vary from one county to the next.

Texas’ entire state assesses points in the same way:

  • If convicted of driving violations in Texas or an out-of-state ticket, you will be assessed two points
  • Three points for being involved in an accident with a vehicle and cited

For every year that you keep at least six points, you’ll be charged $100. Every additional point is subject to a $25 surcharge. A defensive driving course can be completed within 90 days to get your speeding ticket dropped. This will allow you to lower your car insurance costs.

Questions frequently asked

Which insurance company is best for drivers who have been cited for speeding?

There will be a best car insurance company available for Texas drivers who have been cited for speeding. Your driving record, make and model vehicle, location in Texas, and other factors will all impact your car insurance rate. You can compare rates with other insurance companies if you are convicted of speeding in Texas.

What will my insurance cost to pay for a speeding ticket

It depends on your driving record, your coverages, the severity of the speeding ticket conviction, and your driving record. While some may lose their good driving discount if they were previously eligible for ticket forgiveness coverage others could see a significant increase if it isn’t the first time. Our analysis shows that a Texas speeding ticket conviction can result in a minimum of 3% increase in your car insurance rates.

Does 3 points for speeding affect your insurance?

Insurance companies use the same point system as Texas to determine their car insurance rates. The system assigns tickets a minor or major rating and then calculates points. These points can vary depending on the state from which the ticket was issued. Although a 3-point Texas ticket does not usually require a surcharge, you may see higher rates for car insurance if the insurance company has established certain criteria.