How Much is Renters Insurance in Houston?

Houston renters are up to 57% without renters insurance. This is a very affordable policy that costs only dollars per month and provides protection for several thousand dollars against theft and fire. We reviewed the top Houston renters insurance providers.

Houston’s lowest renters insurance rates

In Houston, we found American Mercury has the cheapest renters insurance cost, though not by much. American Mercury provided a quote for $154 per year for our sample renter. Asi was the next most affordable at $175 per annum.

These quotes are based upon a Houstonian who has a 1,000-square-foot apartment and is entitled to $25,000 in property coverage and $100,000 liability coverage. The sections below discuss which company is more qualitative.

What is the difference between Houston’s rates for different neighborhoods?

Prices in Houston are the same regardless of where you live. You can expect to pay between $320 and $335 per annum for $25,000 of coverage, regardless of whether you live in the downtown area or the suburbs.

How does Houston’s renters insurance rates compare to other cities in Houston?

Houston is one of the more expensive places for renters insurance in Texas. Houston’s neighboring areas are more expensive, with Pasadena being slightly more costly than Houston. Renters insurance is a very expensive product. It is important to shop around to get the best rate.

Houston’s best renters insurance companies

Renters insurance companies that offer the best value are the ones that provide the highest level of service. We will discuss below a few companies that we believe offer the best value.

State Farm

Even though its a little pricier, State Farm is one of the top insurance company for renters in Houston. State Farm offers the financial stability and security of the nation’s largest insurer. J.D. State Farm customers would receive above-average service if they used their Power survey. J.D. rated the company above average for customer satisfaction. Power. You can get a quote from State Farm and then purchase the policy at an agent.


We recommend that you make USAA your renters’ insurance company if you are eligible. You must be either a military veteran or have a family member who is. USAA is a cheaper option and offers coverage that is unmatched by other companies. With a USAA renters policy, you also get flood and earthquake coverage, which are not a part of anyone else’s standard coverage. USAA flood coverage is a great way to save hundreds of dollars each year if you live in an area that is prone to flooding.

Houston renters insurance:

Only 43% of Houston renters have renters insurance. That’s close to 600,000. However, no renter is immune to calamity. How likely is it that you will be a victim of calamity in the Magnolia City


Houston has between 40,000 to 46,000 fire-related incidents each year, which is roughly two fires per 100 Houstonians. You could lose thousands of dollars of your belongings if you’re one of these renters who is affected by fire.


There were nearly four cases per thousand Houstonians of theft, burglary, and robbery during April. You could be responsible for replacing several thousand dollars of your items depending on the type of theft. Renters policies will protect you from the possibility of losing your items.

Water Damage

An internal flood is another common calamity. This can be caused by a burst or leaking pipe, an AC leak, an overflowing tub, and many other things. These claims are estimated to cost around $5,000 each, according to Allstate. It is not only possible for water to cause damage, but it can also lead to mold infestations that are more costly to treat. Although renters policies do not cover mold, they cover mold prevention. If your home has been flooded, you can call a mold remediation company to help prevent further infestations.