How to Establish Rapport and Build Credibility With Your Online Prospects

It’s difficult to build rapport with prospects online as well as in person, regardless of whether you are on the phone or online. Your video tools can make this much easier. Use them often and early in the sales process. They will be more likely to connect with you faster than the 8 other agents trying to chase their business. The ideal position is one that’s a consultant, not a salesperson. Asking questions is the best way to do this. It is important that you explain to your prospect why you are asking them each question. It is likely that you will have to ask some personal questions. The faster you can move from someone who is unfamiliar to someone who is trying to help them, the greater your chances of winning their trust. Online work requires you to control the conversation. Asking the right questions can help without annoying the prospect. The questions you ask will make you an expert and establish credibility online. Here are the questions I ask in order to gain trust and credibility.

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Mary, I am here to help you find the best plan for you at the lowest rate. I need some information from me to tailor the coverage.

  • What are you doing to get life/health insurance? This question will give you an idea of the urgency with your prospect, and tell you a lot more about this opportunity.
  • Are you protected now? Which company and what plan are you with?
  • Is your premium increasing in recent months? What? (That’s how you find their current cost).
  • Are any members of the family currently taking monthly medication?
  • What do they want from them? (Even if you are aware of what Lipitor is, they can still tell everyone that’s wrong).
  • Are you planning to have any more children? When?
  • We all want to lose 10-15 pounds, but are there any family members more than 50 lbs overweight?
  • Is there anyone in the family who smokes?
  • Do any of the children participate in sports like softball, soccer, or football?
  • Is there anyone who has died from cancer, stroke, or heart disease on either side?
  • The person doing your taxes has told you how much money you could save each tax year by setting up an HSA. They don’t want to save any premium, but they do not want to call it a HSA. I am just trying to find out if they know what the acronym means.
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Although it seems like a lot of questions to ask, it should only take 5 minutes if done correctly. It sets the tone for the entire sales process. A lot of agents don’t do this. I explain to prospects how much I make! Example: Mary, my job is to not sell you insurance. My first job is teaching you how to distinguish between plans. Once you are familiar with what to look out for, it’s very easy to do. Once I’m done, you will be able to easily evaluate all types of health insurance plans. My second job is to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the underwriting process. It is also important to understand how much I am paid. I don’t get paid anything. The insurance company you choose pays me. In reality, I only get a portion of your premium each year. If I want to keep getting paid, I have to ensure that you are happy and taken care of. You can’t save money if you don’t use an agent. Most people will pay more for me than they would if they did not use me. They wouldn’t know how best to structure the plan to get maximum coverage at a low premium. Although it might take longer, this approach is essential when building trust and rapport online.

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Rick Liuag worked for over 20 years in executive positions at various telecommunications companies and technology companies, before he started his own online insurance agency. Since 2005, he has been a top producer for multiple companies. In 2008, Mr. Liuag established Integrated Resources Inc. to mentor and train insurance agents about how to sell more life and health insurance online. He authored “How to Create Your Own Online Insurance Agency” in 2009. This ebook is an interactive guide that explains the best web-based strategies and tools for agents to succeed in today’s internet economy.