How To Make Sure That The Motor Trade Insurance Claim Is Approved


Many customers have had their claims cancelled by motor trade insurance companies. Many reasons can lead to a claim being denied. You can take certain precautions to ensure that your claim is approved. You must remember that insurance companies are only in it to make money. Insurance companies will seek out loopholes in policies that can lower the amount of claims they have to cover. Be alert to ensure you are able to fight rejected claims and get the claim paid on the first attempt.

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully

The first step in determining whether the policy has been properly read is to review the terms and conditions. These are where the majority of hidden fees and complicated terms are found. You should take the time to understand every detail of the contract. This will allow you to fight any rejected claims. You should consult an independent agent or attorney to ensure there aren’t any loopholes in your contract before signing it. This can be a very important tool to help you get the money you need in times of claim.

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Take note of all details and be alert during an accident

You and your employees should be able to take down all details in the event of an accident. These are the most critical moments in an accident. This information can be used to help you win your case in court. Consult an insurance attorney to get the details necessary for claim sanctions. Note all details such as the time and location of the accident, who was involved, what vehicles were involved, how many people were involved, what the accident looked like, and who was driving the other vehicle. You can greatly increase your chances of winning a claim by being alert within the first few minutes after the accident.

Notify your insurance agent immediately after the accident.

Another thing to remember is to notify your insurance company immediately after an accident. Insurance companies will often visit the accident site and inspect the situation for themselves. The company will also need to know details about the accident and how it occurred. This will allow both the trader as well as the insurance company to assess the accident and file a claim.

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False claims are not allowed

False motor insurance claims are not something you should do. In many cases, motor insurance claims will be deemed false, such as when the driver of the vehicle is not licensed, impaired by alcohol, or speeding, and if the vehicle is used to transport passengers. Motor trade insurance is also invalid if the equipment and accessories used in the workshop and garage are not approved and standard. Before you apply for insurance, make sure that all of these items are in order. False claims can impact all future claims.

If you believe you are right, fight rejected claims

Do not be discouraged if your claim is denied. Half of all appeals that are rejected are granted a second chance. Make sure you fill in all the gaps from the first appeal. The chances of you winning the claim in your second appeal are greater than 50%