Ink Business Cash Card benefits guide

The Ink Business Cash Card provides small businesses with an exceptional set of advantages to help save money and ensure their survival. With strong earning rates in categories like office supplies stores and telecom services as well as travel protections, this card provides many cost-cutting advantages for small businesses.

Includes cellphone coverage, primary rental car insurance for business rentals and purchase protection. In combination with cards that allow points transfer between airlines and hotels, card rewards become even more valuable.

5% Cash Back on Office Supplies

The Ink Business Cash card provides one of the best rewards returns for office supplies. You’ll earn 5% cash back on spending of $25,000 or more annually at office supply stores and internet, cable, and phone services — plus an additional 1% cash back after that! Set autopay for these vendor services to maximize earnings potential; this card makes an ideal fit for businesses that make extensive use of these categories.

This card earns 2% cash back for gas and restaurants spending, up to $25,000 in annual spending – making it a good option for businesses that routinely fill up company cars or take clients out for meals.

Though the Ink Business Cash Card lacks a sign-up bonus, its introductory rate of cash back rewards after spending $6000 is impressive; NerdWallet estimates this reward at $300. Additionally, its purchase protection program covers costs associated with damaged or lost equipment repairs or replacement, and you can extend manufacturer warranties by up to a year – unlike many business credit cards which charge foreign transaction fees.

2% Cash Back on Gas & Restaurants

This card offers more generous cash-back earnings in gas and restaurants (up to $25,000 combined annually, then 1%) than many competitors, making this card ideal for businesses spending heavily in these categories. The generous 2% rate makes this an excellent fit for companies relying heavily on them.

This card offers Ultimate Rewards points that can be redeemed at the rate of 1 cent per point, making them a fair valuation. But you could gain even greater value out of them by transferring them to Capital One’s travel partners – World of Hyatt stays, cheap flights with ANA or Virgin Atlantic flights, as well as experiences worldwide can all be redeemed with these miles!

Capital One Spark Cash Select* may be an attractive reward card option if you prefer more straightforward rewards cards, with no bonus spending categories or annual fee, and offering an initial welcome bonus of $500 when spending $4,500 within three months of opening it. While its 1.5% cash back offer falls short of Ink Business Cash’s 5%, it remains an excellent choice for most small businesses.

1% Cash Back on Everything Else

With an attractive $750 sign-up bonus and one of the highest cash back rates available to business credit cards, Ink Business Cash stands out as a solid choice for companies spending in its 5% earning categories. But it is essential to be aware of its limitations before determining if it is right for your organization.

To qualify for the 5% cash back offer, you must spend at least $25,000 each year in office supply stores, communications, gas stations or restaurants as well as internet, cable and phone services on your card’s bonus categories – or switch cards that offer greater rewards in accordance with your spending patterns.

If you use your card for purchases outside its bonus categories, 1% back is awarded on everything else; however, other Ink family cards offer higher earnings rates and additional perks, including travel-related perks with no annual fee charged and being able to transfer Ultimate Rewards points between different Chase cards for greater flexibility. For example, consider switching over to Ink Business Preferred for its higher sign-up bonus and larger travel-related perks while charging lower annual fees; it even lets you transfer Ultimate Rewards points between cards for increased flexibility!

Purchase Protection

Purchase protection is a key benefit of all Chase Ink cards, providing protection for purchases up to 120 days after making them against damage or theft. This could save you thousands if an expensive item needs replacing or repair within this period.

The Ink Business Cash card also offers primary car rental insurance (though this feature isn’t offered on all Chase business cards), meaning if you use this credit card company will cover damage to a rental vehicle up to its policy limit.

The Ink Business Cash Card stands out as one of the premier no annual fee business credit cards, featuring an attractive earning rate and suite of card benefits for small business owners whose spending fits within its 5% and 2% earning structures and accessing Chase Ultimate Rewards transfer partners. However, if your spending falls outside those categories eligible for earning structure 5% earnings then American Express Blue Business Plus (review) might be better. It offers similar earning structures but with primary rental car coverage as well as no foreign transaction fees to consider when considering alternative cards with similar earnings structures but additional benefits like primary rental car coverage as well as no foreign transaction fees applied upon acceptance!

Roadside Assistance

The Ink Business Cash Card offers many attractive features that make it an excellent choice for small business owners, including its attractive 5%-back categories and primary rental car coverage, purchase protection features that aren’t often found among business credit cards, and an impressive welcome offer that doesn’t count toward your 5/24 limit for new Chase accounts.

Chase Ultimate Rewards points earned with your card can be redeemed for gift cards, cash back, travel and travel partners such as Chase Travel. Their value varies based on how and when they are redeemed; but can add up to 1.25 to 1.5 cents when transferred onto one of Chase’s premium consumer cards like the Sapphire Preferred and Reserve Cards.

Roadside assistance for business-related expenses is another perk included with this card, making it a stand-out feature. Available 24/7, this benefit connects you with companies offering towing, jumpstarting, tire changing and lockout service providers – we value this perk at $25 as is standard among similar cards that offer this as a perk.

Rental Car Coverage

The Ink Business Cash card offers various shopping and travel protections, such as purchase protection and rental car coverage. Purchase protection covers purchases made on your card that may be subject to theft or damage up to their cash value (up to $10,000 per claim and $50,000 total on one account), while rental car coverage provides primary rental car insurance when paying with your Ink Business Cash card and declining the rental company’s collision damage waiver (typically valued at $150). These benefits can save significant money on car rental costs during business trips.

Chase offers roadside assistance services that are dispatched when your vehicle breaks down or requires jump starting, both domestically and abroad; their charges for these expenses will appear on your card statement.

This card is one of the best no-annual-fee business cards available, and even better when combined with another Chase card that lets you transfer Ultimate Rewards points to travel partners. However, other cards may provide greater savings or provide you with additional travel benefits such as earning 5% back on office supplies and telecom services or extra travel benefits.

Warranty Coverage

The Ink Business Cash card is an ideal solution for small-business owners whose expenses fall within its bonus categories, and offers generous rewards earning opportunities that can be maximized when combined with another Chase card that earns Ultimate Rewards points, such as Sapphire Reserve or Preferred.

If you use this card to pay for rental cars, you’ll receive primary rental car coverage (up to the cash value) in case of theft or collision. Furthermore, 120 days purchase protection covering up to $10,000 per claim and $50k total cover purchases made on card – as well as one extra year of manufacturer warranty coverage on items already backed by three year manufacturer warranties or less are also included as benefits.

The card also comes with roadside dispatch, which provides access to local services like battery jumps, tow trucks and lockout assistance. While this service is quite useful when travelling abroad, we would like it expanded further with access to legal and medical referrals abroad as well as a 24/7 travel and emergency assistance hotline that provides accommodations, medical referrals and even relocation support services while you’re away for business.