Ink Business Preferred vs Amex Business Gold

Both cards offer excellent earning potential within their respective fields, while Amex Business Gold stands out in terms of redemption value over Ink Business Preferred card.

Both cards also offer numerous valuable benefits and protections, such as cell phone protection and year-end spending summaries.


Both cards offer various benefits, protections, discounts and statement credits that can make managing cash flow and expenses easier for businesses. For instance, Chase Ink Preferred features travel-related protections like trip cancellation coverage, auto rental collision damage waiver insurance and extended warranty coverage as well as year-end spending summary for easy tax preparation and expense analysis as well as offering employee cards free employee cards online and mobile account management with account alerts – some of these benefits could help your company save time and money with each purchase!

The Amex Business Gold card allows your business to earn 4x Membership Rewards points in two select categories where it spends the most each billing cycle (up to $150,000 annually in combined spending). These categories may include dining, gas stations, advertising, transit purchases, U.S. wireless providers, electronic goods retailers and software/cloud system providers – unlike with Ink Business Preferred cards this category structure is automatically determined and doesn’t require any action on your part to reap bonus points.

However, Amex Business Gold card’s points redemption policy differs significantly from that of Chase Ink Preferred card – for instance offering a 25% airfare redemption bonus using Pay with Points is a fantastic feature for frequent business travellers who utilize this card!

Both cards offer generous welcome bonuses, but it is wise to carefully compare current offers before selecting either of these credit cards. While the Ink Business Preferred has a higher annual fee, it may provide greater value for certain small businesses. Furthermore, you should carefully consider whether Amex Business Platinum’s additional perks and benefits justify their additional cost; ultimately you should select the card which best meets your business spending habits and requirements.


Both cards offer competitive rewards structures, yet each offers unique benefits that could appeal to different business owners. The Ink Business Preferred card offers 3x points on travel and select business purchases while the Amex Business Gold card provides 4x Membership Rewards in two categories each billing cycle (this could include dining, gas stations, advertising purchases transit purchases U.S wireless providers electronic goods retailers software & cloud system providers – however bonus points are capped at an aggregate spending total of $150,000 in any year). Both cards also give access to Amex Open for tracking expenses management.

The Amex Business Gold card features a higher annual fee than its Ink Business Preferred counterpart, yet remains lower than other top-tier business credit cards like Chase Ink Plus or Capital One Venture X Business. It is designed for small businesses that make significant spending across a range of categories or travel frequently for work; bonus offers can help offset its higher annual fee; however if this card doesn’t apply to you or if spending falls outside its scope then this card might not be appropriate for you.

Both cards offer generous welcome bonuses, but the Ink Business Preferred stands out with its impressive 70,000 point welcome bonus – equivalent to nearly $800 when redeemed through Amex Travel or one of its airline and hotel partners. Membership Rewards points may also be redeemed for statement credits, gift cards and other benefits; however their true value lies when used towards premium travel experiences.

The Ink Business Preferred offers new cardmembers an attractive bonus offer, but it’s essential that they understand its bonus categories before applying. Chase recently reduced this spending requirement from $15,000 in the first three months down to $10,000 to make it more attainable for many small businesses. Furthermore, additional benefits such as Dell/HP credit offerings as well as trip cancellation/delay coverage add considerable value.

Annual fee

Both business credit cards have annual fees, with the Business Gold Card charging slightly higher annual charges of $295 than Ink Business Preferred’s $95 annual cost. Though not an deal-breaker, keep this distinction in mind when selecting your card of choice based on your spending habits and potential needs.

Both cards offer valuable benefits, protections, and discounts to help your business save money. Ink Business Preferred stands out with its extensive travel benefits like cell phone coverage and trip interruption/cancellation protection that could add significant value.

Additionally, the Ink Business Preferred card boasts an exceptional sign-up bonus that far outstrips that of Amex. Which card is better for you will depend on your spending habits and travel needs; only then can an accurate decision be made regarding which card best meets these criteria.

As two of the top business credit cards in the US, Ink Business Preferred and Amex Business Gold offer a host of rewards and perks to enhance your business’s potential earnings and benefits – both cards are great options for small business owners looking for additional financial support.

Although both cards offer outstanding rewards and benefits, Ink Business Preferred may have the edge if you spend over $150,000 across its five bonus categories in a calendar year. Amex Business Gold provides more comprehensive benefits, with bonus categories such as dining, gas stations, advertising purchases, transit purchases, U.S. wireless providers, software & cloud system suppliers among them. American Express Business Gold Cards feature lower minimum spending requirements, making it easier to reach their $150,000 spending cap. Both cards allow you to choose which of two categories to receive 4x points each billing cycle, giving your business spending maximum exposure and reward potential. Both cards also enable Membership Rewards redemption through gift cards, statement credits and Chase Experiences as well as Amex Hotel and Airline Partners – providing additional flexibility in how and when points can be redeemed.

International purchases

The Ink Business Preferred card boasts numerous advantages that make it a smart choice for businesses. Earn valuable Ultimate Rewards points on expenses across your entire operation while taking advantage of various redemption options that add real value to your bottom line. Plus, its welcome bonus may help offset its annual fee!

This card also comes equipped with additional benefits that can save both time and money, including purchase protection, cell phone insurance, extended warranty coverage, year-end spending summary reports that can assist in tax preparation as well as expense analysis.

Both the Ink Business Preferred and Amex Business Gold cards provide access to a selection of expenses that can earn bonus points, with the latter offering higher earnings potential; its 3x earnings on travel purchases surpassing 2x earnings on travel and restaurant spending from the Amex card. Moreover, this card does not count against Chase’s 5/24 rule when opening and using it;

Though both cards offer generous earning and redemption options, it is essential that you select one that aligns with your spending profile. Furthermore, it’s wise to evaluate other factors like annual fees in order to decide which card best meets your needs.

Are You an Amex Business Traveler? The Amex Business Gold card may be perfect for you if you travel frequently for business. Not only can you earn Membership Rewards points with it, but these points can be redeemed for travel, statement credits, gift cards and more – even transferred to airline partners to increase the value of your rewards!

Amex Business Gold card provides business travelers with several other perks that are invaluable when traveling for business purposes. You gain access to Amex Travel services that allow them to book flights, hotels, rental cars and airport lounge access at no additional charge, with priority boarding for free airport lounge access available as an added perk – in addition to earning up to $100 property credit every time a stay of two nights or longer is reserved with this card!