Is the Citi Custom Cash worth it?

Citi Custom Cash credit card provides 5% cash back in one of your top eligible spending categories each billing cycle (up to $500 in spending; after this limit 1%). In addition, it features a $200 welcome bonus and offers a 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers.

Citi Custom Cash Card allows you to select from among a list of predetermined bonus categories; however, certain wholesale/warehouse clubs and retailers are exempt.

It offers 5% cash back in your top eligible spending category

Citi Custom Cash card is designed for people looking to maximize their rewards potential. It offers 5% cash back in one category each billing cycle up to $500; these categories include restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, select travel and transit providers, home improvement stores, fitness clubs and live entertainment events. Furthermore, 1% cash back applies on all other purchases – making this card ideal for people searching for reward cards without annual fees.

Citibank Credit Card also provides cardholders with free FICO score access and $0 liability on unauthorised purchases, along with no cost for adding authorized users and fraud monitoring through Citi’s Fraud Early Warning service to detect suspicious activities that could negatively impact credit scores.

Another advantage of opening the card is earning a welcome bonus. Cardholders who spend $1,500 in the first six months after opening it can receive 20,000 ThankYou points worth $200 in cash back rewards as an incentive for opening it! This bonus makes the decision to open one more worthwhile!

Citi Custom Cash Card provides 5% cash back across several categories every billing cycle based on your spending habits; unlike some cards that require you to register for separate categories each quarter. It makes life much simpler.

The card’s 5% cash back reward is limited to $500 in spending each billing cycle; therefore it may not be an ideal solution for big spenders. However, its annual fee is significantly lower than many rewards cards and its benefits make it a perfect complement to other Citi ThankYou cards like Premier or Double Cash Cards.

Citi Custom Cash card not only offers 5% cash back, but it also earns Citi Entertainment points that can be redeemed for VIP access to concerts, sports events and dining experiences as well as travel or shopping rewards through Citi’s online portal.

Citi offers cardholders a special birthday present of up to $200 with no foreign transaction fees attached to it.

It offers a $200 welcome bonus

Citi Custom Cash card is a rewards credit card designed for people looking to build rewards without annual fees. Cardholders can earn 5% back in eligible spending categories (up to $500 spent each billing cycle) with ThankYou Points redeemable for statement credits, checks or direct deposits without minimum redemption requirements.

The card also offers an impressive welcome bonus of $200 in ThankYou points after spending $1,500 within three months of opening an account – making this an effective way to quickly start reaping rewards even before the introductory 0% APR offer has expired! In addition, other benefits of ownership such as FICO credit score access and Mastercard ID theft protection come standard.

Citi Custom Cash stands out from competing cards by automatically adjusting its 5x earnings rate each month based on your spending habits. Eligible categories for 5x earnings include restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, select travel, transit and streaming services – however it excludes purchases at bakeries, catering businesses or any businesses offering delivery dining services or third-party dining delivery services.

Citi Custom Cash offers another advantage with its long interest-free window for balance transfers, making it possible to clear away high-interest debt and improve your credit score without incurring additional interest charges. In addition, there is zero liability for unauthorised charges made using your card and an antifraud monitoring service called Fraud Early Warning which provides peace of mind against fraudulent charges.

Citi Custom Cash cardholders benefit from no foreign transaction fees and timely email or mobile phone alerts about payment due dates and balance levels, with cash back categories that don’t incur fees, transfer points to partners such as Avianca LifeMiles or Wyndham Rewards and access a secure online account management system for monitoring spending habits and keeping tabs on balances.

It offers a low maintenance 5% bonus category

Citi Custom Cash offers an attractive $200 cash back bonus and low introductory rate for purchases and balance transfers, making it a promising choice for millennials searching for rewards cards that meet their spending habits. Research from Citi has demonstrated that 82% of millennials’ spending varies month-to-month based on interests and priorities; accordingly they require credit cards that adapt automatically. Citi’s Custom Cash credit card does just this by automatically shifting eligible spending categories each billing cycle to keep pace with changing needs.

This card’s rewards structure stands out from others by not offering a set list of categories to select, instead offering an “anyone can win” approach wherein 5% will be awarded in your top spending category each billing cycle. This may prove useful for cardholders without the time or energy to manage multiple rotating categories and is one major selling point compared to similar cards in its category.

Citi ThankYou points can be redeemed for cash back, gift cards, merchandise or travel through Citi. In addition, your rewards may also be donated directly to charitable organizations like Susan G Komen and World Central Kitchen – Bankrate estimates that every point redeemed for cash back or travel may be worth approximately one cent each.

Citi’s Fraud Early Warning service monitors transactions to detect any possible instances of fraud or unapproved charges; additionally, cardholders are protected against fraudsters with its Zero Liability Policy.

Although this card offers many perks, there are a few drawbacks as well, including a high balance transfer fee when compared with other cards and no Purchase Protection or Extended Warranty Benefits. As a result, its best use would be for accruing rewards and paying down debt with an introductory APR offer; those looking for more comprehensive benefits should explore other Citi cards with higher reward rates or premium travel perks.

It offers a $0 annual fee

Citi Custom Cash is an ideal card for people seeking a no-fee rewards card that will do all the hard work for them. Each billing cycle, it automatically selects an eligible spending category and awards you with up to $500 of purchases made within that category, giving 5% back. In addition, earn 2% at restaurants, US gas stations, transit and select streaming subscription services as well as earning 1% back for all other non-bonus categories.

This card provides an attractive balance transfer and new purchase rate of zero percent for 15 months, making it a suitable option for individuals looking to consolidate existing debt. In addition, FICO credit score reports can be seen monthly so that you stay informed on your credit health. However, the card may not be suitable as your primary card due to its unique 5% bonus categories that require your attention each month in order to maximize them and ensure maximum rewards.

Contrary to its marketing claims, Citi Custom Cash card actually earns Citi ThankYou points. By pooling them with higher-tier Citi Premier or Prestige cards and using Citi’s wide range of redemption options – including direct deposit, check, gift cards, travel booking through Citi, and shopping on Amazon – your points may gain significantly more value.

This card comes equipped with numerous security features, such as zero fraud liability and access to Fraud Early Warning. Furthermore, Citi’s Customer Care team is available 24/7 to quickly resolve issues; and there is also an array of online and mobile tools that help manage your credit card account.

Citi Custom Cash credit card may be the ideal solution for customers with varied spending habits who seek to maximize rewards. Recent Citi research showed that 82% of Millennials reported their monthly spending fluctuates, so they seek a credit card which allows them to maximize rewards during those fluctuations. While Citi has 48 month rule between applications for cards that earn ThankYou Points, this card could still make for a good choice in certain instances.