The Ink Business Cash Credit Card vs The Ink Business Preferred Credit Card

The Ink Business Cash Credit Card is an ideal solution for small businesses that rely heavily on office supplies, internet, cable and phone services as well as sign-up bonuses of $900 after spending $6,000 within three months.

This card also earns Ultimate Rewards points that can be redeemed for travel and merchandise, or transferred between Chase cards for increased value.

Sign-up bonus

The Ink Business Cash Credit Card boasts an attractive welcome offer and rewards, making it a worthy consideration for small business owners. Furthermore, flexible redemption options and robust shopping and travel protections make this credit card even more desirable; however, potential pitfalls should still be taken into consideration before applying.

Chase Ultimate Rewards allows cardholders to collect points that can be redeemed for gift cards, merchandise and travel rewards through Chase Ultimate Rewards. Point values of these redemptions depend on how and how often you use your points; redemption value also varies based on spending activity over the year. In addition, the card offers up to 120-day purchase protection policy against damage or theft.

Before applying for a credit card, it’s essential that you understand your business spending habits. This will allow you to determine whether the Ink Business Cash Credit Card is suitable. For instance, if your business spends little money on office supplies and internet, cable, and phone services; then this card may not be the most cost-effective choice as its capped rewards in these categories could make it less competitive with large spenders.

A significant feature of the Ink Business Cash Credit Card is its free employee cards. Cardholders can request cards for employees with set spending limits. Furthermore, useful business reports allow cardholders to track expenses and maintain detailed tax records; furthermore, the card is compatible with popular bookkeeping software packages.

The Ink Business Cash Credit Card stands out amongst small business cards as one of the best, offering excellent returns in popular spending categories and an attractive welcome bonus. Furthermore, this card provides valuable shopping and travel benefits – such as great returns on dining and airline purchases – though there may be drawbacks like annual fees and foreign transaction fees associated with its use.

To qualify for the Ink Business Cash Credit Card, it is necessary to possess both valid business operations and excellent credit – typically defined by having at least 690 as your minimum credit score; however, your card issuer will also take other factors such as personal income or existing debt into consideration when assessing eligibility.


The Ink Business Cash provides small business owners with excellent credit an excellent opportunity, as its welcome offer and no annual fee make it an attractive choice. Furthermore, its rewards program is extremely flexible, enabling you to redeem points for gift cards or travel purchases up to 1.25 cents per point at very competitive exchange rates. Furthermore, your Ultimate Rewards points may even be transferred over to partner airline and hotel loyalty programs for even greater value!

For businesses that spend heavily in bonus categories such as telecom services and office supplies, this card may offer great value. For businesses spending on other categories like gas or dining, however, this might not be their ideal solution due to spending caps and foreign transaction fees that can make this option less than ideal.

But the Ink Business Cash card also offers many other great perks for business owners. For instance, it comes equipped with primary auto rental collision damage waiver protection and roadside assistance, purchase protection and extended warranties on eligible purchases, transfer of Ultimate Rewards points to Chase airline and hotel partners at a 1:1 ratio allowing greater flexibility when redeeming them for flights or high-value items.

Consider also The Ink Business Unlimited card, with its higher earning rate and no annual fee. However, its 3% foreign transaction fee might make it unsuitable for business owners who spend overseas regularly and only earns 1% cash back on all other purchases. Perks include auto rental collision damage waiver and roadside assistance but do not cover trip cancellation/interruption insurance or cell phone protection as well as no introductory APR offer on purchases; nevertheless it remains an effective tool to maximize earnings potential for those wanting to maximize earning power.

Annual fee

The Ink Business Cash Credit Card is an ideal solution for small businesses that rely heavily on office supplies and telecom services, offering an attractive cash back rate, generous welcome bonus, shopping protection features, travel protection features and no annual fee.

The card’s generous sign-up bonus is one of its major assets; earning points through Chase’s Ultimate Rewards platform that can be redeemed for cash, gift cards or travel purchases is another advantage. Furthermore, cell phone coverage comes standard so as to protect your business against theft and damage when paying your monthly bill with this card; up to 99 additional employee cards can also be added without extra cost and individual spending limits can be set for each one of them.

The Ink Business Cash Credit Card stands out from its competition by not charging foreign transaction fees, making it ideal for importing goods and services from abroad. Furthermore, its competitive 5% return on up to $25,000 spent across its two highest earning categories is comparable with similar cards without an annual fee. Furthermore, additional perks such as purchase protection and extended warranty coverage make this card particularly desirable.

One drawback of the card is its lack of an introductory APR period of 0% on balance transfers, which may prove costly when financing large expenses. Furthermore, its low 2% return for gas stations and restaurants doesn’t compare favorably to similar cards that provide this reward.

The Ink Business Preferred Credit Card may be ideal for businesses that travel frequently, as it offers three points for every dollar spent in its bonus categories compared to two points on all other purchases. Furthermore, it features an attractive sign-up bonus and travel perks, making it more appealing than many competing cards for some small businesses. However, its annual fee may not make this worthwhile in all circumstances so it is crucial that businesses carefully weigh up all potential benefits and drawbacks before choosing one credit card over another.

Other fees

The Ink Business Cash Credit Card stands out among no annual fee business cards for small businesses by offering great rewards across multiple spending categories and an excellent welcome bonus, not to mention not charging a foreign transaction fee – saving 97% when your business travels overseas! Plus it includes free employee cards as well as an excellent rewards program!

This card is ideal for business owners with extensive office supply and telecom expenses. Its 5% cash-back rate makes it difficult to beat, while you’ll earn up to $25,000 of cash-back per year on these expenses – plus earn an hefty sign-up bonus and 0% APR offer by meeting an initial spending requirement of $6,000 within three months!

Other card perks may include purchase and rental car collision waivers, as well as extended warranty coverage. It should be noted, however, that business cards don’t typically come equipped with the same consumer protections. Issuers of business credit cards can raise interest rates even before an account becomes 60 days delinquent, unlike consumer cards which must wait at least 60 days before raising rates on such accounts.

Apart from its features, the Ink Business Cash Credit Card can also provide valuable support to small businesses with substantial travel, shipping and advertising expenses. It offers 3X Ultimate Rewards points in certain categories which can provide an added boost to a small business’s bottom line when paying for airfare or hotels.

Like with any credit card application, applying for a business credit card requires excellent personal credit. Because business cards are considered unsecured debt, credit card companies consider your personal history to decide if you qualify for their card or not. Check your free credit score on WalletHub before applying and make sure it is high enough.