Ink Business Unlimited vs. Chase Freedom Unlimited

If you own a small business – whether freelance work, an online side hustle, or selling products online – that employs freelance workers or has online aspects, then this card could be right for you. Approval does require good credit but should you qualify, the approval won’t impact your Chase 5/24 count negatively.

This card provides an attractive welcome offer and rewards you with 1.5% cash back each quarter. Plus, you can combine it with other Chase cards to maximize rewards and travel perks!

1. Unlimited 1.5% cash back

While many business credit cards feature bonus categories and spending limits, Ink Business Unlimited stands out by offering unlimited 1.5% cash back on all purchases – ideal for business owners looking for no hassle tracking rewards or hitting caps! Plus it comes with a generous sign-up bonus of $900 after spending $6,000 within three months of opening it – unlike many of Chase’s business cards which charge annual fees!

Though the Ink Business Unlimited card may not offer you as many rewards if you travel for work, it still makes an ideal choice for small business owners who prioritize simplicity and user friendliness. With generous sign-up bonuses and an introductory 0% APR period plus other perks that help make cash back rewards easy to achieve, this card makes an excellent option.

This bonus represents a substantial upgrade to an already generous offer and stands out among our year’s most attractive credit card welcome bonuses. Use it for cover expenses or redeem it for statement credits, cash back or gift cards; plus pool your cash back with another eligible Chase Ultimate Rewards card belonging to the same account owner to expand redemption options further.

Which Ink Business Unlimited card best meets your needs will depend on how you spend, what your priorities are and whether or not you prefer earning rewards through bonus categories or simply receiving cash back in form of statement credits or redeemable points. If you frequently travel for work, a different card like Ink Business Preferred may provide more lucrative earning rates on specific categories without incurring foreign transaction fees.

If you’re curious about this card, applying online is your best bet. In order to be approved under Chase 5/24’s criteria and have an established checking or savings account will ensure approval. As there’s room for up to 10 Chase business cards at once, before settling on one specific option it would be wise to explore other cards as well.

2. No annual fee

If you’re seeking a no-fee business credit card that offers unlimited 1.5% cash back on all purchases, the Ink Business Unlimited may be worth your consideration. Though its rewards don’t compare directly with others cards’ offerings, its simplified rewards structure may appeal to small business owners who’d rather consolidate all their spending onto one card rather than spreading it across several cards with different categories of rewards.

For your Ink Business Unlimited card application to be approved, your Employer Identification Number (EIN) will need to be provided when applying. Your EIN can help determine eligibility depending on how long you’ve been in business and reported gross sales volume, while good to excellent personal credit – generally defined as having an FICO score of 690 or higher – will also play a factor.

This card is tailored for small business owners of any size. Apply as either a sole proprietor using their Social Security number, or apply with an EIN and apply with either. If approved, it will appear on both your personal credit report and score simultaneously – though its impact should not have as great an effect as some of the other Chase business cards do.

The Ink Business card does offer some travel perks, including primary auto rental collision damage waiver. These perks can save you significant amounts when renting cars on business trips abroad where car insurance coverage may be expensive or hard to access; however, this card should not be considered a comprehensive travel credit card solution.

If you own a small business with strong credit, the Ink Business Unlimited card could be an ideal way to finance daily purchases. Offering a generous sign-up bonus and straightforward rewards structure, this card may help ensure smooth operations without running afoul of any 5/24 rules if multiple applications come within two years.

3. No cap on cash back

If you want a business credit card that provides a flat cash back rate without caps or tiers, the Ink Business Unlimited may be an ideal solution. But to maximize rewards further, pair it with another card offering bonus rewards in categories where your business spends most – for instance if you spend $25,000 annually at restaurants alone then using Ink Business Cash might be more profitable as its bonus rewards offer up 2% back or 2x points on those charges instead of its 1.5% flat rate on Ink Business Unlimited cards.

The Ink Business Unlimited card features an outstanding sign-up bonus of $900 after spending $6,000 within three months of opening an account, an outstanding offer when considering that most no annual fee cards don’t even provide such an impressive incentive.

Apart from its sign-up bonus, the Ink Business Unlimited card comes with many other advantages. These include no annual fee and redemption options that meet purchase protection needs as well as business features that enable adding employee cards at no cost; plus it features a zero percent intro APR for 12 months on purchases.

Other business cards without an annual fee typically feature intro APR offers of six or nine months at most. The Ink Business Unlimited card provides an easy, user-friendly alternative that makes running your business simple.

While the Ink Business Unlimited card’s cash back rate exceeds the industry standard of 1% for most rewards cards, its no-fee equivalent, the Blue Business Cash card from American Express offers a superior rate with its annual 2% cash back reward on spending over $50,000 annually.

If you already possess several Chase cards, the Ink Business Unlimited could be an easy addition. As it doesn’t appear on your personal credit report, taking out this card won’t impede future eligibility for other Chase products.

4. No fee for travel insurance

For business owners looking for a straightforward card with generous rewards and no annual fee, the Chase Ink Business Unlimited may be just what they’re after. Offering unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase made for their company with no rotating bonus categories or caps attached, as well as no annual fees to pay, this card stands out as being ideal.

As with other Chase credit cards, the Ink Business Unlimited comes equipped with many attractive benefits – such as zero liability protection, purchase and extended warranty coverage and rental car insurance coverage. Plus, its rewards can be used towards travel bookings through Chase Ultimate Rewards portal and you may receive up to 1 cent per point!

Spend $6,000 within three months after opening an account and receive a sign-up bonus of $900; redeem them either as statement credits or direct deposits into most U.S. checking and savings accounts. Plus, real-time fraud monitoring allows you to monitor transactions more closely while protecting from possible fraudulent activity.

Chase Ink Business Unlimited stands out as an attractive option for small businesses, thanks to its generous welcome offer and 1.5% cash back. Other benefits that make the card attractive include cell phone protection for you and your employees; purchase and rental car collision damage waivers; trip cancellation/interruption coverage and trip cancellation/interruption coverage; as well as being able to transfer rewards between Chase Ultimate Rewards cards such as Sapphire Preferred or Reserve for added value as they can be redeemed against hotel/airline travel.

To be eligible for Ink Business Unlimited, your business or sole proprietorship must meet certain income requirements. When applying, you’ll need to provide revenue, employee numbers and employer identification number (EIN). Chase may also pull your credit history when making their decision – opening more than five new credit cards within the past 24 months may impede being approved for this card.