Insurance Sales Tips Analysis – Top Professional Ideas & Tips Fill Insurance Graveyard Trash


Naturally, you would think that top industry professionals would have a wealth information on insurance sales tips and other relevant topics. My analysis shows the opposite. They are viewed as professional leaders by many, but they should be considered misleaders. Learn how super-sales ideas can hinder your career.

Recently, I spent six hours and $25.00 on a book that covered over 200 sales tips and tricks. This book covered many areas, including prospecting, presentation, closing strategies, and referrals. These ideas were the “best” from an ongoing sales magazine. I was immediately drawn to the writing on the cover. It highlighted the importance of a quick closing, which can be achieved using field-tested strategies and painless prospecting.

Over the past 26 years, I’ve spent a lot of time analyzing the career characteristics and responsibilities of life and health insurance agents. Agents need to be open to new ideas and changes that will improve their career stability. A mortality rate of 93% in four years isn’t healthy. These tips were not intended for ordinary, hardworking sales agents who are able to create new ideas that increase their income and prolong their lives. The article writers were instead titled chief marketing officers or executive marketing representatives, director, director of sales and regional sales managers, firm heads, and more.

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Evidently, my conclusion was not as positive as I expected. Sincerely, one of my top tips was to flip your sales message upside-down in order to get more attention. There were many ideas about getting involved in as many businesses or social groups as you can. These were promoted as the keys to easy referrals. You can quickly become a career killer by scattering yourself in 200 directions. These tips were a confirmation of what I already believed to be true.


The quality of the idea resulting from a company sales tip is almost always lower than the rank of the person giving it. High-ranking sales executives have difficulty giving advice on a topic they don’t know much about making sales. Take a look at the 100-year-old advice that sales managers have given for effective calling. It didn’t work back then and it doesn’t work today. Sales managers encourage obtaining free leads, particularly referrals that have 50 unproven methods to obtain them. LOOK INSIDE. Insurance companies and other sales managers don’t want to spend money on quality leads. All the mental illusions, hock us-pocus and other tricks are used to make this happen.

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Be aware of where to look for the information. My most important tip is to ensure that the idea is provided as free information. It is often given by company salespeople, who are promoting their latest sales materials as the best since the beginning. Find independent writers for sales articles and insurance topics. These pro writers are straight-forward and do not try to deceive. Don’t try to revive 50-year-old sales strategies that didn’t work in the past.


Selling success requires constant improvement in ideas and skills, including those related to prospecting, closing, and presentations. It is equally important to pay attention to your personal traits and strive for higher levels. None of these topics were addressed in the book that I read. It is important to have self-confidence and overcome fear. When you learn how prospects buy from your products, selling reaches a new level. This is where your time and talents should be spent.

Don Yerke is a published author who likes to focus on the things you don’t know and what no one else dares print. It’s okay to tell it as it is.

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His new paperback book will be available on Amazon in the early part of this summer. This book is full of great information about insurance marketing and recruitment.