Is the Citi Rewards+ Card worth it?

Citi Rewards+ is an outstanding no-fee card designed for shoppers who prioritize cash back rewards over points redemptions, with generous welcome bonuses and perk such as 10 percent back on ThankYou redemptions for up to 100,000 points redeemed annually. It comes equipped with generous welcome bonuses and generous perks such as 10 percent points back when redeeming ThankYou points each year (up to 100,000 total redemptions).

This card also offers 2X rewards on supermarket and gas station spending, although its travel redemption values don’t compare favorably with those from other cards with higher earning rates in this category.

It’s easy to earn points

Citi Rewards+ Card is an ideal solution for households searching for a no-annual-fee card with decent real cash back rates on everyday spending, earning no annual fee and offering no annual limit in gas or grocery purchases. However, its round point system may only benefit occasional small purchases compared to many comparable cards with more valuable rewards for larger purchases.

Initial sign-up bonuses on no-fee credit cards tend to be relatively generous. When spending $1,500 within three months of account opening, new cardholders can earn 20,000 points after spending just that amount – estimated by WalletHub to be worth approximately $400 in total value. Furthermore, this card offers a 10% redemption rebate rebate on your first 100,000 points redeemed each year which makes redeeming points even easier!

One of the distinctive aspects of this card is its points rounding policy. All purchases made with it will be rounded up to the nearest multiple of 10, meaning even small, occasional purchases such as coffee or post-workout snacks can earn extra points with no minimum purchase requirement required to earn points.

Citi offers an easy-to-use mobile app and website, along with a rewards calculator that shows how many points and their cash values you could potentially earn from spending. Furthermore, you can compare this card against similar US credit cards in terms of rewards to find the ideal card for you.

Citi has an excellent online travel portal where you can redeem points for travel – this allows users to redeem them for flights, hotel stays and car rentals as well as purchasing gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon and Best Buy with ThankYou points. However, their rewards tend to have lower value compared to a premium credit card which may get you as much as one cent/PYD of travel value.

It’s easy to redeem points

Citi Rewards+ Card is an ideal choice for individuals looking for a no-fee card with flexible points redemption options and generous round-up features that help small purchases, like coffee and post-workout snacks, earn more points than with other cards. In addition, gas and grocery spending is doubled up to an annual maximum limit of $6,000 spending!

Redeem your points for travel rewards such as cash back or statement credits; these redemption options typically offer less value. Citi’s card also provides other redemption options, including transferring points directly to airline loyalty programs at 1:1 value or booking hotels, rental cars or cruises through its travel site.

However, this card’s redemption options aren’t as extensive as those offered by top credit cards in the market. For instance, this card does not provide travel protections in case of sickness or cancellation, nor a list of merchant partners accepting it online shopping; each point earned only earns half a cent when used to cover purchases.

While the Citi Rewards+ Card may offer some interesting features, it may not be best suited to everyone. Reward earnings are limited to $6,000 of combined gas and grocery spending each year and many families surpass this limit annually. Furthermore, its round-up feature only proves useful with smaller purchases, like coffee costing $2 or parking meters costing 75 cents; its rounding up feature actually reduces earnings over time and may limit rewards earnings altogether.

Owing to its ease of use, this card might not be ideal for frequent travelers. Other top cards like Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card offer much better value across a wide range of purchases: they provide unlimited 3% cash back for entertainment purchases such as streaming services and grocery store shopping (excluding superstores such as Walmart) plus 1% on all other spending. Moreover, these cards do not feature rotating bonus categories or spending caps which could affect spending decisions in certain situations.

It’s easy to transfer points

The Citi Rewards+ Card provides multiple ways for you to redeem your points, with each option giving different levels of value depending on how it’s used. You may get maximum return from your points by transferring them to Citi’s airline and hotel partners (worth up to 1.5 cents each), gift cards or statement credits (worth half a cent each), etc.

As another way to make your card more valuable, consider earning points through everyday spending and then using them for travel, dining or entertainment purposes. Doing this can help you rack up rewards on every purchase while covering annual fees through points accumulated. Just be sure to pay off the balance monthly in order to avoid interest charges!

Citi’s ThankYou rewards program offers a diverse selection of transfer partners, including many top domestic airlines and hotels. Your points can be used to book award travel on American, Delta and United as well as popular international destinations like Bangkok or Hong Kong. In addition, Citi offers many exclusive entertainment offerings such as presale tickets or exclusive experiences for music concerts, sporting events or dining experiences.

The Citi Rewards+ Card offers an easy and straightforward rewards card experience that covers most of your everyday spending needs. By forgoing rotating bonus categories and offering a solid base rate of 1 point per dollar on all purchases – which beats out most competing cards – this card makes a perfect fit for routine items like coffee or post-workout snack purchases; plus it earns extra rewards on gas purchases and grocery store shopping trips!

If you prefer more flexible rewards cards, other excellent alternatives to the Citi Rewards+ Card could be right up your alley, including Chase Freedom Unlimited which earns 5% cash back on Lyft purchases and 2% in your choice category; or Amex EveryDay Preferred which offers 3% back on restaurant and drugstore purchases while offering 6% on airfare/hotel stays.

It’s easy to pay off

The Citi Rewards+ Card is ideal for people who prefer cash back over points, with an excellent base rewards rate and initial sign-up bonus worth about $500. However, for travel rewards redemption purposes there may be other cards with greater value per point that may provide better options.

Citi’s rounding up feature is one of its standout benefits and can earn you extra points on small purchases – for instance if you spend $8 on manicure services, your purchase was rounded up to the nearest 10, giving you 10 extra points! While this feature won’t make much difference on larger expenses like groceries, this perk could help increase rewards on expenses like coffee or post-workout snacks.

Even with its impressive base rewards rate, the Citi Rewards+ Card may not be suitable for people looking to redeem their rewards for travel. Its rewards redemption options aren’t as generous compared to some of Citi’s other cards; one standard ThankYou point only yields approximately one cent when used through travel portal or gift cards; using it instead for statement credits or cash back can significantly lower point values to as little as half cent.

This card charges a 3% fee on foreign transactions and doesn’t provide many of the protections found with other credit cards, including auto rental coverage and identity theft protection. But, you do receive a 10% rebate on redeeming up to 100,000 ThankYou Points each year!

If you’re seeking a no-fee rewards card, there are other more suitable options out there. The Wells Fargo Active Cash Card for instance offers an attractive welcome bonus of $200 cash back when making purchases of $500 or more within 90 days; its annual fee is also significantly less than what the Citi Rewards+ Card charges; additionally it comes equipped with an introductory 0% APR for 12 months when balance transfers occur, making debt relief much simpler.