Killer Instincts Only Insurance Professionals Have

Do you have the ability to sell insurance? Your future is bleak if you feel powerless, exhausted, or defenseless. Learn what sets the pros apart from the inept insurance agents.

A weak insurance agent who aggressively sells is a very weak one. An insurance representative who is caught up in objection traps is also a weak one. Both are vulnerable and defenseless because they cannot adapt to the prospect. It doesn’t matter if your prospect is even your friend. Talking can help you to build trust.

Only a few successful reps have the ability to lose their fear of prospect control and develop a killer instinct. Most prospects know when it is time to buy. It is rare for an insurance agent to know when to sell or when to solve problems. Too many insurance representatives are problem-makers. They make it difficult for prospects to buy. A sale is never made through pressure, hope, or lack of control.

Are you looking for a buyer or are you just going to spend a few hours with a tire-kicker? You can adapt to your killer instinct. You must be ready to leave any evasive prospects behind as quickly as possible. Accept no ifs, buts or see you later responses. These people will rarely do more than to string you along for months and years. Don’t be a fool, just call their bluff and act dumb. Ask them to repeat the objection. Next, ask them to repeat their objection again. Then, reply “Fine”.

Even if you don’t get a positive answer, remember that this prospect is more important than you are to him. You might hear him say, “I will call you in a few days.” But immediately reply, “I always help new clients, but I only return if there is a claim situation.” Your prospect is no good for a sale. If your prospect doesn’t feel that he has a problem, you can end the appointment within 15 minutes. This prospect is probably not real, so you should be commended for being able to recognize it and leaving quickly. You can get rid of annoying telephone solicitors that you don’t need, so dump these types of rejected prospects as soon as possible.

The problem solvers in the sales world are called Killer Closers. They get prospects to admit to them that they have a problem. They have the ability to tell prospects why they are the best rescuer. Your product will solve their fear. It is your responsibility to make your prospect feel the pain. Ask them to explain how they can solve this problem. Are they willing to find a solution? Are their weak instincts showing? They don’t know that you have the skills of a professional and they are only trying to get your information. Prospects are encouraged to ask tough questions and not follow-up questions.

It is much easier than you might think to apply the killer close. Keep your prospect’s eyes open. Your prospect should understand that you don’t intend to sell them anything. Instead, you want them to find the perfect solution for their problem. Your insurance product will best solve the gap that you and your prospect know.

The time is right now to be an insurance representative. You must have the ability to solve problems and offer advice. It is not a goodbye forever. You are not the welcome caravan on a mission to make friends. Your clients are your true insurance friends.