Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance Company Review

Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance Company is a great choice for those looking for auto insurance. To get a better understanding about Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance Company, read this review and decide if it is a good option to fulfill your car insurance needs.

The number of automobiles in America is increasing and so are the insurance companies willing to cover them. There is no reason to expect automobile insurance companies’ growth to slow down with so many customers. Experts predict a steady increase in market share over the next few years. It is hard for an automobile insurer to win all customers due to the diversity of customers. There are many large-name insurance companies that offer coverage. Liberty Mutual is one of the most popular insurers in the United States.

Liberty Mutual was created in 1912, when the Massachusetts State Legislature passed legislation requiring employers to have employee compensation insurance. They gained instant fame and launched their first advertising campaign five year later, in 1917. They grew so quickly that they were able to expand through all 48 states in 1937. In 1972, they reached $2 billion in premiums. They now serve 42 states in the United States and many other countries. Based on 2006 revenues, they rank 95 on the Fortune 500 List of the Largest Corporations in America. They have an estimated $85.5 Billion assets and more than 40,000 employees. There are an estimated 900 offices worldwide. Apart from automobile insurance, the company also offers workers compensation, general insurance, general liability, and fire insurance.

Liberty Mutual only offers one policy, called Liberty Guard Auto Insurance. This plan includes everything including liability, comprehensive, collision, theft, and other services if you need them. This policy provides liability coverage that covers damages from an accident up until policy limits. It also protects you against being sued if the accident is your fault. Some states require that you have medical payments coverage, but they are generally optional. These policies cover you for an injury or accident. The comprehensive and collision portion of your policy covers you for repairs to your vehicle after an accident, or if your vehicle is damaged by fire, flood, or other causes. Towing and labor coverage can be added for an additional fee.

Liberty Mutual is also known for the discounts they offer and the money-saving options that they provide their members. Their discounts are not the same as other auto insurance companies. This means that what one member might consider to be money-saving options may not apply to another. Liberty Mutual Automobile Insurance Company offers discounts including: Accident Prevention Course; Anti-Lock Brakes; Anti-Theft Devices; Mature Driver; Good Student, Multi-Car Policy, Driver Training Discount. The company offers basic money-saving tips to all their members in addition to these discounts. Liberty Mutual recommends that safety be your main concern when shopping for your next vehicle. This is because cars with more safety features will receive a lower rate, as it protects its diver better. Also, it is generally less expensive to repair.

Another piece of advice is to consider a higher deductible when you are deciding on an auto insurance plan. Higher deductibles are better if you have the funds to pay it. This will result in lower monthly premiums. It is important to remember that if your deductible exceeds $500, you are more responsible financially in the event of an accident. Liberty Mutual advises all potential customers of their automobile insurance to keep a clean driving record. Liberty Mutual gives these drivers the best rates because they have the lowest number of driving infractions.

Liberty Mutual also offers Personal Liability Protection (PIP), which is worth discussing. Liberty Mutual created this plan to help their customers protect themselves from potential lawsuits worth millions of dollars. This coverage extends the coverage of personal injury, protects members against liability caused by an accident, and pays for your defense wherever you are.

Liberty Mutual is a great company to insure if you are looking for great service at a low price. A.M. Best has awarded them an A rating due to their outstanding customer service and financial ratings. They continue to grow tremendously. Liberty Mutual’s rates are variable based on coverage type, deductible, and discounts. This makes them a great choice for those looking for financial stability and a national presence.