Love – Don’t Freak Out, Take the Challenge


What happens if we fall in love

Most people consider falling in love and being in love a high-point of their lives.

Consciousness undergoes significant and sudden changes when there is love. It expands. Our consciousness is freed from its bodily limitations by expanding. It expands into the vast open spaces of the heart and soul. It is almost immediate that soul connection, communion, blending, and even blending occur.

Git’r undone! – From being in love to loving yourself

Unfortunately, these wonderful interludes rarely last and can often lead to broken relationships. They should. Love is not temporary, it’s eternal. It is possible to “fall in love” or “be in love” and become Love. It’s possible because the honeymoon experience is more than just a romantic getaway with another person. It’s a time of blessed resonance with your soul nature, who you truly are. We are never going to “come back to earth” because we are constantly expanded and intertwined in our true nature. We can remain in love. Not in the usual sense of “being in love”, but in the feeling of being in love, as an expression of God’s love and conduit for His love to flow through everything.

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Being who you are is very similar to falling in love. But it never ends. It’s not just limited to one relationship. It is part of one’s higher nature to expand and towards others, and to experience the psychic experiences people often have in the honeymoon phase of a relationship. We know what our beloved thinks, we know when they are about to call, etc. These uncanny experiences are a result of our devotion, our desire and our fiery communion with this person.

These things are what we experience when we’re in love. We feel so attached to the person we love that we forget about our “defenses” and presumptions. It lasts for a while, but then we open our hearts to allow ourselves to flow towards the person and let them flow into us. Our energies suddenly increase in intensity and frequency, and we experience a new level psychic awareness. We are expanding our consciousness beyond the confines of our isolated, habitual state. It’s no wonder that we feel lost at times like this!

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The ego attacks back

This blending and flowing experience can be very positive. However, ego makes harsh judgements about it. Ego is a hateful and vengeful creature that hates the vastness of who we are. Even though the spirit rejoices, it still needs to thank God. I’m home!” The ego’s interpretation borders on panic.

Ego’s beef? It feels abandoned. This is true at the moment. Therefore, it wants to return to the familiar status quo. The ego also notices nervously that love can elevate the couple to a higher level of consciousness, which is the whole point of the spiritual search. The ego will attempt to make us fight for our individuality every time we begin to blend.

Negative interpretations are the main tool of the ego to break the elevating cycle love. They make positive things negative, just like negative variables in a mathematical equation. They “negativize” other positive experiences, even blissful ones.

We all experience some soul overlap, or blending when we are in love. This truly magical experience is fought by the ego, which creates fear. Fear of losing oneself; fear about losing oneself; fear that one will become dependent; fear that one might be “polluted” with another. The ego’s fears may be unfounded. It is impossible for anyone to lose their sovereignty or their absolute free will. However, if we feel threatened or still strongly associated with our ego, then we will believe the lies that the ego is telling us. Then suddenly, we feel desperate to regain power and control. We snap back into our little cage, the ego is delighted and the love is derail.

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Friends, it’s all a huge misunderstanding! Love is perfect and never harming or threatening. Love is perfectly compatible with who you are. We should cherish love for what it is. Love is only what it is before the ego corrupts and twists it out of its natural, beautiful form.

People are often disturbed or scared by the spiritually profound revelations of love. This is because their ego has distorted them. Ego can bring its negative judgments into a relationship and divert the energy to cause or exacerbate huge problems. This is something that people fear, and it’s understandable. They rarely manage to control their ego from a higher spiritual position. If they don’t, they will be forced to reject love and deny its reality.

This triumph of the ego leads to a loss of soul awareness and a self-limiting refusal of being in the expanded state. How tragic! How debilitating! How limiting! We feel flat-footed, crestfallen, despite the huge victory our ego believed it was to return to “being me” – which is to be able to return to our true soul nature, free from any constraints.

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A great, mystical experience of the blending of souls

Many things are natural to love, such as blending, connection and intensified energy. The ego is afraid of these things. These are your friends, the way home! These things are loved and celebrated in spirit even though they are hated and feared in the worlds of ego.

Accepting their spiritual reality makes it easy for human beings to feel at ease in the blending. The blending of souls happens naturally, and is “the way it delightly IS” on another side or at the next level. It’s a wonderful joy, a beauty and a healing. If you wish, this is the new way to love. It is the true healing. This is how we can become truly whole, or at least more whole.

Blending is a great way to heal. Blending helps us to complete each other in many ways. It’s all about broadening, it’s all about deepening for us, it’s all enriching and in some important ways it is balancing for us. This is what happens when you’re in love. You feel like you can talk like, be like, or see like your loved one. It’s amazing! It’s amazing! Further, I am actually blending the two perspectives in such a manner that my perception problems and my inability to know are being corrected and enhanced by complementary qualities in the other. This works in the mutual benefit of both.

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Every person we have ever loved lives within us. We like to call them “a part of us” but in reality they are part of us. They aren’t just in our feet or in our hands; they are part of us, and we are part of them. Forever, we have contributed something of immense value to one another. We have contributed selfhood to their advancement, and they have advanced due to our contribution to selfhood to them.

This blending is the key to evolutionary ascent for the ones in heaven. These individuals, who are otherwise isolated, may have certain peculiar character flaws. However, they will be able to blend their souls and become a harmonious whole. It is amazing to witness the harmonious merging of man and women in an intimate relationship. They are, in a very important way, complementary. There is a faint echo of this recognition in the ego’s reverence of the idea of “soulmates”. The ego’s notion of a special, exclusive, and forever “ordained” relationship is threatening to obstruct the true purpose and character soul matehood.

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There are two ways to look at the love experience

You can see that the ego (and spirit) have very different views of love. They are based on completely different experiences of blending and lead to dramatically different results. The ego sphere of power and control has everything valued, treasured, idolized and idolized. This is what is considered greatness. In the same way, everything that is considered greatness in the ego-sphere of consciousness is a threat and bane to existence and sovereignty.

Although it sounds simple, the lines between reality and fantasy are dangerously blurred. Ironically, the ego’s love agenda has become the ultimate idol in spirituality. It is now that I should be alone, that I should feel content being alone, and that I should be happy being apart. This is the most dismal result for the true spiritual path, as it is marked by the most intimate and loving relationship, harmony, love, and tenderness. It is more than cooperative. It is also appreciative, mutually devotional and mutually respectful. And, it is most importantly, mutually delicious.

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There is joy, lightness, and mutual expansion in that sacred space of spirit. It is an amazing experience to dance with each other, to exchange ideas and to share our experiences. Everyone can appreciate the great source of their mutual creations and find it to be a joy. This is the experience of the simultaneousness and blending souls. In it, the soul feels blessed to be able to revel in the wonder and beauty that is truly there.

Do not worry about your ego, celebrate your love

Now we have seen the polarization between spirit and ego, and how it manifests in love. We now know what happens to people when they panic, and why you shouldn’t. It’s a difficult task, I know. These egoic tendencies are not you, so don’t be alarmed. Accept it as truth because it is. Acceptance allows you to move past egoist anti-love and anti-life reactions. While you may still be influenced by some old patterns and tendencies but continue to walk forward knowing that “I am spirit.”

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