MetLife Auto & Home Insurance Reviews & Ratings

Review of MetLife auto insurance

MetLife rates are slightly higher than the average for any coverage level. MetLife’s drivers are not exempted from the surcharge associated with an accident. However, MetLife isn’t the most expensive option if you have been in a car crash. MetLife offers few discounts for car and home customers, but those who are eligible for an affinity or employer discount may see a significant reduction in their rates.

MetLife’s customer service is mixed. Its home insurance service is highly regarded, but its car insurance service is not as good. Customers who value high-quality customer care when searching for coverage are likely to be happier with other providers in both cases.

MetLife Car Insurance Features and Coverages

Uninsured motorist, bodily injury, and property damage liability are all included. MetLife offers a variety of features that are not available elsewhere, as well as common upgrades that can be useful for drivers who want to maximize coverage.

For an additional cost, drivers can add the following protections to their MetLife Insurance policies:

Major parts covered by replacement cost coverage Without taking into account the car’s decline, the insurance company will replace the vehicle’s brakes, tires and batteries.

Replacement for a new car The entire replacement cost of the insured vehicle is paid, assuming the vehicle is less than 1 year old and has been driven less than 15,000 miles.

Coverage for custom sound equipment Any aftermarket sound system that has been added to the car is covered

Glass repairs without deductible The deductible is waived for the replacement of a broken windshield or window.

Gap coverage Pays the difference between the amount owed on the car’s loan or lease and the current value of the vehicle after it is totaled.

Insurance for rental cars Additional protection for damages incurred while renting a car

Rent-a-car reimbursement The insured car will be repaired or replaced by a rental vehicle.

MetLife offers auto insurance discounts

MetLife’s network is made up of many affiliated organizations and work places that could offer policyholders significant discounts.

MetLife offers affinity discounts to hundreds if not all organizations in the country. Associating with public and private employers of all sizes, labor and credit unions, and other organizations could result in discounts up to 30%.

Metlife Insurance can help drivers save even if they don’t qualify. Shoppers could be eligible for lower rates by:

  • You can choose to have automatic monthly payments
  • A defensive driving course
  • Bundling MetLife car insurance with a life or home policy
  • A high grade point average is maintained
  • Continue to be completely claim-free for five more years
  • A vehicle equipped with safety or anti-theft devices
  • MetLife’s MyJourney(r), and a high driving score
  • Driving as an older driver

MetLife offers a $50 credit towards a future deductible for drivers who have not filed a claim in consecutive years. This perk can reduce the cost of your deductible up to $250

MetLife MyDirect

MetLife MyDirect is an option for drivers who prefer to manage their car insurance online. MyDirect customers agree to pay a lower rate than those who are covered under a standard MetLife auto policy.

MyDirect is not easy to use, according to user reviews. MyDirect customers expressed frustration with the site’s stability and ease-of-use, as well as the difficulty in getting assistance from MyDirect representatives when needed. Both for Android and Apple devices, the service received low marks.

Comparison of Metlife car insurance quotes

MetLife rates and those of some other companies were compared for full and minimum coverage car insurance. MetLife offers competitive rates for drivers who need any level of coverage. However, they are generally slightly more costly than the average.

MetLife was also more expensive for drivers who have had one accident than its competitors. Despite this, MetLife’s premiums are still affordable for most drivers. MetLife rates are comparable to those of its competitors, so even those not eligible for discounts, MetLife rates may be a good option for drivers who want to add coverage to their policies.

Geico vs MetLife

MetLife was more costly than Geico when it came to full coverage and minimal coverage. Geico’s rate hike after an accident was much more accommodating than MetLife’s. MetLife charged a six month premium that was hundreds more than Geico for one bodily injury claim.

MetLife offers coverage options and discounts that are similar to Geico. MetLife’s custom-sound equipment coverage is not available at Geico. MetLife’s affiliate discount can help reduce rates. This will make it easier for drivers to choose MetLife. For most drivers, however, the deciding factor will be price.

MetLife auto and home reviews and ratings

Although the service isn’t terrible, very few drivers would consider MetLife’s customer service to be a strength.

MetLife Insurance policyholders have different opinions about the customer service of the insurer, depending on whether they are homeowners or auto insurance customers. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners, (NAIC) states that MetLife insurance’s auto policy receives more complaints than the median insurer. However, its home insurance gets fewer complaints. Policyholders blame MetLife for the high fees they received.

J.D. MetLife’s products were also rated differently by J.D. Power. MetLife’s auto coverage is average when compared to other national insurers, but the home product line was far below the average. MetLife’s auto coverage was consistently rated below its competitors at the regional level.

MetLife’s financial position is stable, however. MetLife received an A.M. Best “Excellent” rating, which means that MetLife will likely be able pay customers’ claims.

MetLife home insurance reviews

MetLife Home Insurance

MetLife offers three types of home insurance coverage. Each level of coverage includes a few endorsements as well as other perks. As such, homeowners cannot purchase endorsements separately like they can with MetLife auto insurance.

The homeowner has the option of choosing betweenStandardPlatinum And GrandProtect Plans. MetLife’s standard plan provides coverage for your home and personal property as well as liability protection and reimbursement.Loss of use expenses.

MetLife offers comprehensive coverage that includes the following perks

Protection for replacement costs The policy covers the loss of the insured structure or its contents, but not monetary depreciation.

Water backup protection Up to $10,000 in damages for a back-up sump pump/drain

Plus Values Increases the protection offered to high-value items such as jewelry and precious metals, as well firearms.

Protection of your personal identity The policyholder is enrolled in identity fraud monitoring services. Professional support is provided in the event of a breach.

Excessive liability Homeowners who are subject to lawsuits can receive up to $1,000,000 in liability protection

MetLife Home Insurance Discounts

MetLife Home Insurance customers receive fewer discounts than its auto policyholders. The following are ways applicants could lower their rates:

  • Bundling auto or life insurance policies with home coverage
  • Five consecutive years of claim-free status
  • Installing safety and security features in a home, such as a burglar alarm or sprinkler system, is important.
  • A home less than 20 years old

Comparison of Metlife home insurance quotes

We compared MetLife’s home insurance rates to those of its biggest competitors and found that MetLife’s policies were comparable with theirs. Many policyholders will have to consider the additional cost of the Platinum and GrandProtect packages, which are the most basic features in a MetLife home insurance policy.

Questions frequently asked

MetLife still offers insurance.

MetLife no longer sells home or car insurance. Farmers bought this portion of its business. MetLife home and car insurance customers who are still with MetLife will see their policies transferred within the next few months. MetLife also sells other types of insurance.

Which MetLife company is responsible for auto insurance?

MetLife sold its home and auto insurance businesses to Farmers Insurance. Farmers will eventually transfer all MetLife homeowners and car insurance policies to them. MetLife retains all its businesses, including life insurance and dental insurance.


MetLife auto insurance quotes were gathered for both minimum and complete coverage. We also looked at how an accident could affect the cost of coverage. To get this rate information, we used the profile of a 30-year old man who drove a 2015 Honda Civic EX.

We also obtained information from New York for our home insurance rate comparability. Rates were obtained for an insured house that was built in 1961 and is worth $314,500. This is the median home value in New York. The sample home measured 2,100 square feet.