Neutralize Negative Self Talk Before it Paralyzes You

Which person is most influential in your life?

We are the ones who have the greatest influence! We are the only one who can have greater influence than others. Self-talk is a way to influence yourself. Your words and how you talk to yourself have far greater impact than we can imagine.

The following self-talk is by an insurance agent.

“I should not have said that to my prospect!” What a fool! My boss is crazy. I won’t reach this month’s sales goal. It’s better to quit!”

It doesn’t take long before you start to see yourself as a lethargic, gloomy or miserable person. This is a very sad sight to see. The depressed look will drain your energy.

An insurance agent would not say such things to himself. Insurance agents are used to dealing with the harsh reality of hearing more “no” than they hear “yes.” Each “no” can prove to be a difficult blow and may cause emotional damage that will take time to heal.

Negative self-talk can lead to anger, depression and guilt. Negative self-talk can also be triggered by emotional turmoil. It’s like a vicious cycle.

Negative self-talk is as dangerous as factory waste, and as deadly as plague. It needs to be treated immediately. There are many ways to get rid of negative self-talk.

(a) Rewording, rephrasing and inverted

Negative self-talk can be rephrased, reworded and reversed. Eliminate the “apostrophe “t” in disabling words like “can’t”, ‘couldn’t”, and “wouldn’t”. Transform “what if” to “I am going”, “I don’t know” into “Let me learn”, and “I doubt” into “I believe”.

(b) Shift time paradigm

Negative self-talk focuses on the past and bitter experiences. Now, imagine the solution being found. Imagine the possibilities for the near future. We see success, not failure.

(c) Get involved with positive thinkers

Positive thinkers inspire you with their positivity and ability to face challenges with confidence and smiles. Their radiant energy will inspire you to be more positive. To give yourself the assurance that everything will be okay, learn to shine with enthusiasm.

(d) Unplug your negative environment

Get rid of stress-infested environments. Remove yourself from negative feelings and the environment that encourages them. Get out of the binds that afflict your soul. Get some fresh air. Enjoy a panoramic view right in front of you. The environment can change your spirit.

(e) Positive vibrations from motivational songs

Inspirational and uplifting songs can be a great way to get your mood going. The right music can make us happy and cheerful. Upbeat music can make you feel upbeat. Use stimulating music to disintegrate negative self-talk.

(f) Read motivational quotes

You can rediscover your vision and mission by immersing yourself in inspiring phrases from great leaders from different fields. To see further, you must stand on the shoulders giants.

(g) Light Activities

You can free your mind from any thoughts by doing simple things like taking a deep breathe or drinking water. You can go for a walk, and the negative self-talk will disappear by the time you get back.

(h) Affirmations

Positive affirmations can be used to reprogram your mind and increase self-esteem and confidence. You can think of past accomplishments that you can use as a testimonial to your ability to overcome fear and reach new heights.

Negative Self Talk is our evil twin, which is designed to undermine our success. Negative Self Talk is your most formidable enemy. You won’t be hurt by enemies from the outside if you don’t have an enemy within.