3 Myths About SaaS Insurance Software Solutions

Cloud computing provides the ability to access the cloud and run selected solutions via an on-demand platform. This approach combines industry-leading security with significant innovation in virtualization and rapid deployment to simplify business operations and improve business profitability. SaaS/Cloud platforms have no need to be installed or purchase additional hardware. This offers many additional benefits such as reducing […]

Learn About Basic and Optional Life Insurance Coverage

FEGLI offers two types of coverage: Basic and Optional. FEGLI coverage is the same regardless of whether the employee is covered by CSRS (the Civil Service Retirement System), or FERS (Federal Employees Retirement System). The employee is entitled to Basic FEGLI coverage as soon as they start work. However, the employee may choose to add one or […]

There Is No Way To Eliminate “Mandatory” Auto Insurance

When and where did insurance begin? China and Babylon were the first to have insurance more than two thousand years ago. It was also used to control income in the society. It is clear that such sophisticated insurance systems were created by a well-organized society whose leaders were able to gather statistics about the society using censuses. They […]

Points To Remember Before Buying Term Insurance Policy

You can’t be certain of anything in this life except death. There are always unexpected twists and turns in life, which require proper planning. You can protect your family and friends from sudden life-altering events before they turn your loved ones’ lives upside down. The simplest and easiest way to make sure your family is taken care […]

Purpose of NTL

TL clarifies Gulf of Mexico OCS Region’s (GOMR) method of implementing the requirements for general lease security bonds, which are contained in 30 CFR 256, Part I. These securities are required to ensure that you comply with all regulatory and lease requirements, including rents and royalties that aren’t linked to oil spillages, abandonment or site-clearance and […]