Specialist Car Insurance Schemes Will Save Classic Car Owners a Fortune!

Perhaps because of the recession, more car owners are buying the classic car or performance car they always dreamed about owning when they were younger. They may not have the money or they might be too busy to buy a car they want.

The times have changed. Sports cars and classic cars are now in fashion with baby boomers. They can be seen driving around in cars that they used to push around as matchbox toys or dinky toys when they were children.

The big kids, who once might have invested in shares on the stock market, are now investing in tangible property. Classic cars and performance motors are the preferred investment choice for collectors. As a result, car insurance has become more expensive. There are many money-saving opportunities available that weren’t possible before online underwriting.

It is important to have a comprehensive policy from an independent specialist insurance company for those who have finally achieved their dreams and purchased the classic car or modified sports car they always dreamed of.

Specialized car insurance providers can help you save money by offering you unique coverage options that have been tailored to your vehicle.

These custom policy types are also known as classic car insurance. They are usually first created by an underwriter in response to a large pool offered by a society or club of classic cars. There will be multiple member clubs for each manufacturer, and many schemes may be available for a specific car model.

The policy language of classic motor and sport car insurance policies often includes elements specific to a car’s make, model and type. These insurance policies often offer additional benefits such as helplines or approved specialists who can be contacted as part of the claim package.

You can save money by getting specialist car insurance that covers high performance, prestige and classic cars.

You may be charged higher premiums if your car isn’t a standard-issued vehicle but has special modifications or accessories.

The argument of wholesale insurance companies is that it can be more expensive to handle claims and arrange specialist parts for repairs and replacements, which results in higher premiums. Many mainstream car insurance companies do not want you covered for a long time. They will attempt to dissuade and exclude you with high-priced premiums and expensive coverage.

Even worse, if you have to file a claim, you might be sent to the wrong workshop by your standard insurer if your motor or classic vehicle requires special tools at the main dealer, or the makers garage.

Switching to a specialist provider for classic car insurance could result in a lower cost of your classic coverage. If your current policy provider charges you extra for certain elements of coverage, or if your risk profile is not suitable for their insurance business, switching to a classic plan could help you save hundreds. You will also find exclusive discounts that are not available at mega insurance stores more often than not.

These schemes offer the opportunity to purchase a product that is completely tailored to your needs and tailored around your performance or classic car’s specific insurance requirements.