Spin A Big Web To Get More Life Insurance Leads

Did you know that spider webs are more common in colder weather?

These webs appear larger than any other time of year. Some of these webs are actually huge. This is a strange thing until you consider the reasons. It’s possible that you live in areas with a pleasant climate all year. You can take my word for this.

Spider webs are rare in summer. Could this be because spiders don’t like heat? It’s not true.

Winter is a time when there are fewer insects to catch, which means you will see more spider webs.

They can easily eat in warmer weather. The spiders must work harder in winter to achieve the same results as they did one month ago.

Insurance Agents Must Spin Webs If Leads Dry Up

This natural phenomenon reminds of my business. I have had many times in my career when the life insurance leads, prospects, and clients were abundant one minute, and then disappear like lightning.

You have probably experienced the same ups/downs throughout your career.

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There will be times in your life when you experience something similar. You suddenly find yourself in the middle of financial trouble.

How can you deal with this kind of adversity

What have you done in the past to deal with it?

Do you retreat, sulk in your misfortune, or do you follow the example of the spider and continue to work harder, accomplish more?

W.C. Fields

W.C. Fields was a comedian from Vaudeville who lost all of his money during the Depression. He found himself without an income, no job and no means to make a living. He was also over sixty years old.

He was so determined to make a comeback, he offered to work for free in a new industry, motion pictures. He also fell and inflicted a neck injury. Most people would have given up at this point.

He persevered.

He knew that if his persistence was constant, he would eventually get the “breaks”. He did eventually get the breaks. He persevered and not by accident that he got the breaks he needed.

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How to Get More Clients and Leads

The bottom line is that you must get up every day and meet new prospects and clients (physically or through the media). In all situations, money moves around and changes hands. It gravitates towards the person who has a system to attract it (ie the person with the largest web).

The task can be difficult at different times and in different situations. In the difficult times, be like the spider and increase your efforts… and make the web bigger. Watch your commissions rise.

There are many things you can do in order to grow your business. While some things are free, others may cost you a lot of time and produce minimal results. While some things are more expensive, they can bring you a 10–20x ROI. Bottom line: The more you do things, the better you’ll get.

Keep moving forward. Always try new things. You will soon be exactly where you want to go. Let’s get started on building a larger web.